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3. Busted

Kaoru rubbed his fingers up and down along his erection. He flushed a little and sunk deep into his fantasies.

It was already six weeks since Hikaru and he were together. Kaoru stilled his hand for a few seconds. That didn't sound right at all. They always had been together.

He softly squeezed the head of his erection and breathed lowly, before he started moving up and down again, feeling the heat growing inside him.

It had been six weeks since they first kissed and it wasn't the last one they shared. As soon as they were alone, they took the change to taste each others lips again, like they were scared to forget it. At night when they gave each other an innocent good night kiss, they ended up making uit most of the time. But never it was more then kisses and innocent touches.

His eyes slid to the clock on the wall on his right side. Hikaru would be gone for another 25 minutes, that was more then enough to finish.

He crawled further onto the bed until he sat with his back against the wall. He closed his eyes and enjoying the sweet sensation that filled his abdomen.

Hikaru entered his fantasies, just like he had done ever since the day Kaoru caught him in the shower.

Kaoru moaned his twins name and shivered, delighted under his own touch.


It took a while before Kaoru noticed his name wasn't called out in his fantasy, but by the real Hikaru. He opened his eyes quickly and looked towards the door.

There was Hikaru, blushing from the sight.

Kaoru sat up straight and covered his unzipped pants and thus his erection with his pillow, blushing an even brighter red than his twin. His eyes turned to the clock and quickly back to Hikaru. "You're early." He stated. The embarrassment was audible in his voice.

"I was done early." Hikaru answered. That morning, he dropped his cup of tea and lucky as he was it ended on one of Kyouya's shoes. It caused that Kyouya ordered him to clean his shoes after school. He had told Kaoru he would be away for an hour, but he was done early and came back after half an hour.

Kaoru was quiet for what seemed to be an hour, but actually were two minutes. He pushed himself up, planning to leave the bed and fix his cloths again. "I'm sorry, I'll just…" Hikaru interrupt him.

"No, don't stop." He said. The blush on his cheeks didn't disappear, just like the one of his twin.

Kaoru tried to swallow away the nervous feeling that irritated his stomach. "What?" He asked him confused. He wasn't sure if he had heard it right.

Hikaru didn't look his twin straight in the eyes. "I mean…" He was quiet again and suddenly walked towards his twin.

When Hikaru sat down on the bed with one knee, Kaoru crawled, a little shocked, away from his twin. He never expected his twin to react the way he did. He had expected him to walk away and act like nothing had happened.

Hikaru stopped right away, making eye contact with his twin, seeing the doubt he felt in his twin's eyes as well. He ignored it, slowly crawled on the bed and sat down behind Kaoru.

Kaoru didn't move this time. He ended up between Hikaru's leg and was pulled with his back against his twin's chest. He tried to look at Hikaru to figure out what he was planning exactly, but the only thing he could see in the corner of his eyes, was part of Hikaru's ear and cheek.

Before he knew it, Hikaru threw the pillow next to the bed and wrapped his fingers around the erection of the younger twin.

Kaoru gasped at the feeling of Hikaru's warm hand around his throbbing member. It excited him, even with Hikaru only touching it.

"Hikaru…?" The younger softly asked. He was confused, he never would have expected his twin to ever do this.

"Hmm…?" Hikaru replied. He placed his chin on the shoulder of Kaoru, so he could see what he was doing.

Lips brushed along Kaoru's neck and it gave him goose bumps all over his back, shoulders and arms. He started breathing through his mouth and his eyes were half lidded. "Nothing." He whispered back.

When Hikaru started moving his hand, Kaoru let out out a sudden moan. His voice trembling from the pleasure. With one hand he grabbed the wrist of the elder, but without hindering him in his actions. His other hand grabbed the fabric of Hikaru's pants somewhere around the knee. He threw his head in his neck, feeling Hikaru's shoulder against the back of his head.

It gave Hikaru access to his twins throat and he gladly took the opportunity to kiss and nibble the exposed skin.

Hikaru's strokes were almost torturing slow, but even after the short pause in his pleasuring the pleasure he had earlier felt quickly rose in his lover body.

The ending was nearing and he wasn't sure if he wanted to end it already. It was going too fast. Wishing this feeling could last longer, he moved closer to his twins chest. Hikaru's hardened member pressed against his lower back now and made him almost go over the edge.

Quickly he pulled Hikaru's hand off of his erection, softly whining at the sudden stop of delicious pleasure.

He took a few deep breaths before he turned himself around. With one knee on each side of Hikaru's lap and his hands on his brother's neck.

Confusion was all that Hikaru's face showed him, until Kaoru pressed his lips against the older ones.

The kiss was quickly returned. Kaoru could feel his twin's tongue against his lips, begging him for entrance. He accepted and gave him the access. Feeling the tongue of Hikaru quickly curl around his own.

The kiss became more passionate with the second, while the heat within Kaoru only seemed to rise.

Hikaru's hands trailed along the younger's sides, towards the curves of his bottom. Slipping past the waistband of his pants and boxer. The older took both but cheeks in his hands, squeezing them softly between his fingers.

Kaoru arched his back a little. He pressed harder into the kiss, just before Hikaru broke it. He could feel how the older twin moved his lips over his jaw towards his ear.

Meanwhile Kaoru followed the edge of his twin's jacket with his fingertips, until he found the first button.

While opening those buttons, his twin found out about Kaoru's weakness, licking and nibbling the edge of his outer ear. A tingling spread through Kaoru's lower body, making him feel a bit limb, except for one body part that only hardened. It was a sign that told him he couldn't hold back any longer.

Quickly he removed Hikaru's tie and slipped his hand between the fabric of his jacket and his blouse, pushing the jacket off of his shoulders.

Hikaru let go of the younger's bottom, helping him with pulling off the jacket. He threw it next to the bed, before he helped Kaoru out of his clothes. He pulled off the younger's tie and jacket, before they both start unbuttoning each others blouses.

Kaoru saw Hikaru's lust filled eyes looking at his slowly revealed chest. It made him shiver in pleasure slightly.

Hikaru slide his fingers slowly down Kaoru's chest, loving the sounds his twin made, with just that feather light touch.

Because of Hikaru's touch, Kaoru became a little slower with undressing his older twin. When he was still unbuttoning Hikaru's blouse, Hikaru had already pulled off Kaoru's blouse and pulled his pants and boxers down, exposing the smooth ass to the cold air in the bedroom.

The older twin, didn't give the younger the chance to finish undressing him. He pressed his lips against Kaoru's collarbone, opened his mouth just a little and touched his twin's skin with his tongue. He traced down, towards the younger's right nipple, leaving a wet trail behind.

Kaoru gasped when he felt the warm and wet feeling of Hikaru's tongue on the sensitive skin. He closed his eyes and breathed through his mouth.

"Hikaru…" Kaoru softly whispered, enjoying the pleasurable feeling crawling through his body.

Suddenly he felt fingers against his lips. He didn't notice before that Hikaru had pulled one hand off of his buttocks. The fingers were pressed between his already parted lips, the same way Hikaru's tongue did when they kissed.

Out of reflex, Kaoru pressed his tongue against Hikaru's fingers. He sucked and circled his tongue around them. It wasn't exactly the same as a kiss, but it felt good enough to continue.

Hikaru let go of Kaoru's nipple, to trail of to the other, sucking on it. Suddenly he pulled his fingers back and rubbed them against the entrance of his twin. A moan escaped Kaoru's lips.

It was then that Kaoru understood what the meaning was of sucking his fingers.

He was scared for the pain. Hikaru was a lot bigger then his own fingers. But the fear was nothing compared to the excitement he felt. His fantasies would become more then just fantasies.

As soon as Hikaru pressed his fingers against his entrance, Kaoru quickly whispered something. "In the cupboard behind the towels." Kaoru knew that it would hurt too much with just a bit of saliva.

Hikaru pulled away from his younger twin's nipple and looked at him a little curious. Before Kaoru could say more, Hikaru pushed him off of his lap, crawled off the bed and walked towards the bathroom.

Kaoru quickly turned around, facing the bathroom door, waiting for his brother.

Hikaru came back with a bottle of lube and a wide grin on his face. Kaoru grinned back at him, with a blush on his cheeks. He felt nervous for what would come.

Hikaru threw the bottle on the bed, next to Kaoru. He pulled off the blouse that still hung around his shoulders and grabbed the legs of Kaoru's pants that now hung uselessly by his knees, pulling them of completely. He finished with pulling his own pants off his ankles and leaving them next to the bed.

Now both naked, Hikaru crawled on the bed and pulled the younger back on his lap. He spread his twin's legs a little to ensure himself easier access. He grabbed the lube and added quite a lot on his hands.

Kaoru laughed quietly when he saw the amount. It was more then probably needed, but he was glad his twin was this careful with him.

Hikaru's lubed fingers found Kaoru's entrance for a second time and softly stroked over it, making the outside smoother.

Kaoru could feel goose bumps rising on his arms and legs because of the cold lube wasn't warmth by Hikaru's fingers yet.

The twins looked each other in the eyes, when Hikaru carefully pressed one finger into the younger.

Kaoru closed his eyes. Hikaru's finger hurt him just a little. He concentrated on the slow movements of his twin's finger. It was still slipping in deeper. The tip softly stroked the wall of his inner walls. A soft moan escaped from Kaoru's lips and Hikaru seemed to love it.

A wide grin spread on the oldest his face. "You like it?" He asked his younger twin.

Kaoru opened his eyes and nodded at his twin with a smile. "Just a bit deeper." He added.

Hikaru was still grinning and kissed his brother's throat. A second finger stroked over Kaoru's entrance, before it slowly slipped in, together with the first finger.

Kaoru flinched and closed his eyes.

"Are you ok?" Hikaru's voice sounded concerned.

Kaoru nodded quickly. He wrapped his arms tightly around the shoulders of his twin and pressed his closed eyes against his twins neck, breathing slowly against Hikaru's throat.

A little bit afraid he would hurt his twin too much, Hikaru carefully moved his fingers deeper.

Kaoru could feel Hikaru's fingers lightly brush against his prostate. "There!" He almost yelled out. His body trembling from the sudden pleasure.

Hikaru stopped his fingers right away, making sure not lose the spot. "Where?" He asked the younger. He slowly massaged the walls of Kaoru's inner walls, until the younger's body shivered a second time.

Kaoru moaned softly against Hikaru's skin, the older kept massaging the spot and it felt better then when he had ever done himself. He sunk into the pleasure of his twins fingers.

Hikaru slowly pulled his fingers back and quickly forced them back in, hitting exactly the right spot. Kaoru gasped and clenched around his twin.

"That spot?" Hikaru asked a little teasing. He pulled his fingers back out and thrust them in a second time, hitting his prostate another time.

Kaoru moaned into Hikaru's ear. "Yes." Was the only thing he could bring out before the older hit his spot a third time.

While Kaoru was pleasured by the older, he grabbed the bottle of lube. He added some of the lube on his hands and carefully took the hard and throbbing erection of his twin in both his hands. His fingers slowly moved along the shaft, covering it with lube.

Hikaru breathed soft in Kaoru's ear, making Kaoru shiver. He lifted his free hand towards Kaoru's face and slowly stroked his cheek and down to his neck and shoulder.

Kaoru opened his eyes just a little, looking his twin in the eyes. He felt Hikaru pulling out his fingers, and Kaoru quietly whined about it. He wanted his twin to continue.

Hikaru looked back at him with lust written all over his face. He slowly pushed the younger off his lap and with his back onto the bed. He spread the younger's legs a bit more and positioned himself, before Kaoru's entrance.

Kaoru felt the nerves coming back and it seemed that Hikaru could see. "Trust me." Hikaru whispered.

Kaoru looked at him and then smiled. "I always do." He said. Lifting his head a little he captured Hikaru's lips with his own.

Hikaru quickly took over and used a bit more pressure. He pulled away and sucked Kaoru's throat sensually.

Kaoru let out a throated moan and closed his eyes, patiently waiting and enjoying Hikaru's teasing.

Hikaru leaned on one elbow and used the other hand to lead his lubed erection towards Kaoru's opening. Pressing the head against the tight muscle, he looked up to look at Kaoru just once more. "Are you sure?" He asked, just to make sure they both wanted this.

Kaoru braced himself when he felt the warm throbbing head against his entrance. He wrapped his arms around Hikaru's neck and pulled his face closer. "I want you to have me." He whispered in his ear.

Hikaru grinned after hearing the answer. He nuzzled his face into Kaoru's neck and hooked his arm into Kaoru's leg, before he carefully pressed into him.

Kaoru flinched and let out a quiet cry of pain. He felt as if Hikaru was tearing him apart. It was as painful as he had expected, but he knew that if he would bear with it a bit longer, it would feel a lot better any time soon.

Kaoru's muscles hugged Hikaru's erection tightly, almost painful and he wasn't even half way in. "Does it hurt?" He asked his twin concerned.

Kaoru nodded slowly. He couldn't lie to his twin, not even if he wanted to.

"You want me to stop?"

Kaoru quickly shook his head. "No, don't stop." He answered. If they would stop now, the next time would probably hurt even more. A small smile appeared on the youngest his face despite to the painful stretching feeling.

Hikaru thought for a short while and then bowed towards his twins face. "I'll do it slowly." He informed his twin. He nibbled and sucked Kaoru's bottom lip, before he slowly pushed in further.

Kaoru closed his eyes, bearing the pain and at the same time, enjoying Hikaru nibbling his lips.

When Hikaru managed to push all the way in, Kaoru breathed out the air he had kept in all the time.

Hikaru waited a few seconds before he slowly pulled back. Kaoru took a deep breath again, for the next push back in.

For a few minutes Hikaru just pushed into his younger twin on a slow phase.

Kaoru could feel the stretching feeling slowly fade away and made place for the strange feeling of being filled up. He breathed softly and before he knew it, he start moaning his twins name.

Hikaru pulled back, heard his twin moaning his name and this time he thrust in a lot faster and deeper, hitting Kaoru's prostate.

Kaoru gasped, arched his back and blinked his eyes open. His arms clenched tightly around Hikaru's neck, pulling him against his chest. He saw a teasing smirk appearing on the older's face.

Hikaru pulled back and thrust back in hitting Kaoru's prostate another time, before he picked up a steady rhythm.

"Haahh… Hikaru…" Kaoru moaned every time Hikaru hit his sweet spot.

Hikaru's teasing smirk turned into a lust filled grin, while he rode his twin. His thrusts strong and assured, sending them both to the point they both wanted to reach.

They both felt the heat rise within their bodies, until they heard the door opening and they stopped all of a sudden.

"Hikaru! Kaoru! We…"

Both twins turned their faces to the opening door, surprised and confused when they saw all the other host club members standing in the doorway.

Kaoru saw Tamaki's mouth fall open by the scene in the bedroom and right after that Mori covered Hunny's eyes and dragged him out of the doorway. "Don't look Mitsukuni!"

Kyouya looked at the scene for a while and wrote something down on his notepad. Then he walked off as well, leaving only Tamaki and Haruhi in the doorway.

For quite a long time it was completely silent in the bedroom. "Do you guys mind leaving? We're not done yet." Hikaru suddenly broke the silence.

Kaoru woke up from his mental shock and turned his face to his twin, only to see irritation adorn his beautiful face.

Haruhi was the only one that seemed to react to it. She looked at Tamaki, who was still brainwashed by the scene. "They don't want to come with us." She said. She grabbed him by the ear and dragged him out of the doorway, pulling the door back in it's lock.

Hikaru turned his face back to Kaoru and was still irritated. "They ruined the mood." He said, even in his voice the irritated tone hadn't completely disappeared yet.

Kaoru looked at his twin, the confused look he still had on his face, made place for a loving smile. "Then get back in the mood." He pulled his twin's face closer to his and kissed him.

Hikaru's irritation seemed to flow away during the kiss. He opened his lips and slipped his tongue between Kaoru's. The moment their tongues touched, Hikaru also thrust deeply into his twin again.

Kaoru closed his eyes again and started moaning as soon as Hikaru's length stimulated his prostate again. The sensational shocks that ran through his body, slowly collected in his lower body. Piling up to reach the highest point.

The end was nearing quickly and Kaoru could feel on the steady, deep and strong thrusts of his twin brother that he was getting close as well.

"Hi-ka-ru…" Kaoru moaned. Each syllable was separated by a thrust of Hikaru and a moan of himself. He wanted to tell his twin how much he loved the feelings he gave him, but he couldn't find the words, the pleasure clouded his mind.

Hikaru growled lowly when he heard his twin calling out his name in that sensual voice. He suddenly moved his fingers over Kaoru's chest. He lightly touched a nipple and Kaoru arched his back right away, sinking away deeper in all the pleasure Hikaru gave him.

His fingers moved further down, over his twin's belly button and towards Kaoru's hard and dripping erection.

When he touched the wet dripping top, Kaoru moaned loudly. His fingers became a little wet because of the pre-cum of his younger twin. He grabbed the head in his hand and pumped the rock hard length in the same rhythm as he thrust into the younger's warm and deep entrance.

Kaoru had the feeling he was going crazy. In ecstasy of being pleasured in both ways, every single inch of his body tingled. He threw his head back into his pillow and moaned Hikaru's name over and over again.

"Hikaru, I can't hold back any…" Kaoru didn't finished his line. He threw his head back and moaned Hikaru's name a last time, cuming hard into his twin's hand and covering his own stomach in white creamy juices.

Hikaru grinned satisfied when he saw his twin cuming. He grabbed his hips tightly and pumped him faster, reaching his own completion.

Kaoru panted. Hikaru was still slamming against his prostate and kept him in heaven, until Hikaru slammed into him one last time and spilled all his seed deep inside of his twin, with a loud cry out of Kaoru's name. His arms were tightly wrapped around Kaoru's waist and his face was pressed against his twins hot and sweaty skin.

Both panted heavily, their hearts were racing in their chests. Kaoru could even feel the beat of Hikaru's heart against his skin.

Kaoru laughed soundless when Hikaru growled low against his skin and pulled their bodies even closer. The younger ran both his hands through his twins soft and silky hair. "That was great." His said, still a bit out of breath.

Hikaru slowly lifted his head and looked his twin in the eyes. He grinned a little tired. "It was perfect." He said and kissed Kaoru's shoulder. In one fluent movement, Hikaru rolled them both to the side, ending bottom with Kaoru on top of him.

Kaoru smiled and closed his eyes. His face was buried against Hikaru's neck and he placed his hands on his brother's shoulder and neck. He was certain he could lay like this for another century.

Hikaru wrapped his arms around Kaoru's waist and closed his eyes as well. He took a deep satisfied breath, before it became quiet. Not an uncomfortable silence, it was warm and filled with love.

A long time they lay there, tired and satisfied, until Kaoru broke the silence. "Should we dress and call the others?"

A few moments they looked each other in the eyes and then, like someone gave them a sign, they both grinned wide.

Kaoru bowed towards Hikaru's face and Hikaru quickly pressed his lips against Kaoru's lips, before Kaoru could. "Let's take a shower first." He said after breaking the kiss.

Hikaru was still grinning. "Just let them wait."

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