It was her newest favorite possession - not that she'd let it out, but it was still second to the Star of David she had worn for years. Some things just aren't replaceable. However, the two items were swapped out on a regular basis.

The item that had wormed it's way into Ziva David's heart was a gift from her team for her birthday. Perhaps they knew how much she loved it, but they never said anything about; although they each wore a similar grin when they saw it resting against her shirt (or skin depending who you were).

It had become a habit to play with it when she was bored or thinking; the pendant just begged to be played with. It was at a moment when Ziva was playing with it that she really studied it. Sapphire, Aquamarine, another Sapphire, Diamond, Citrine, Ruby, and lastly another Citrine. It was an odd combination of gems, but she treasured it. It represented her not-by-birth Family. Ducky, Abby, Gibbs, McGee, Tony, and herself.

Abby had rambled on about how the diamond was just a 'filler' stone, but nonetheless a pretty stone.

It was a group gift, apparently. Instead of buying several small gifts that would get forgotten over time, they would give her something unforgettable. And it was. Although, they did give her something independently as well, which she found amusing as they approached her trying to be inconspicuous.

Along with the necklace, McGee had found the meanings of the stones and had printed the sheet out for her. Looking about the bullpen, she noticed that everyone was preoccupied and decided to look over the paper.

Sapphire. Ducky. Out of the list of traits, he was definitely wisdom and perhaps clear thinking.

Aquamarine. Abby. She was many of the traits. Hopeful. Beautiful. Friendly. Loyal. Perhaps perception was the right one. She could see the diamond underneath anything.

Sapphire. Gibbs. He was truth and faith without reasonable doubt. Purity just didn't seem applicable to the gruff man.

Citrine. McGee. He was courageous and strong. Even if he doubted his abilities when going against one of his team. With anyone else, it seemed that he could take down anyone, but it seemed a combat with the team would make him doubt his every move. Ziva thought it was silly.

Ruby. Tony. He was devotion and enthusiasm. She had never met a more loyal man until she started working at NCIS. But there was more to him than that. He was love. He was her love. Yes, she loved everyone on the team, but not like she loved him. Clearly he felt the same way otherwise he wouldn't have presented her with his other gift, one she couldn't wear quite yet at work. Perhaps in due time.

She hesitated about thinking about the final stone. The other Citrine. She wasn't wise like Ducky. Nor as serene like Abby. She wasn't as faithful as Tony. She didn't see herself as strong as Gibbs nor as friendly as McGee. She didn't see herself as being too provident. She didn't believe in good luck. That left her with courageous. Perhaps she doubted herself like McGee.

A soft slap at the back of her head, caused her to jump as she looked to see her boss standing beside her. "Welcome back. No work, Ziva? I'm pretty sure McGee or DiNozzo would like some help."

She stammered slightly, and looked over to the two males who ducked behind their monitors to try and conceal their amusement. "Oh...I was just thinking about a cold case, I had an idea about it."

Gibbs just looked amused as he walked off. Yes, she was courageous. Or maybe she had just spent too much time with Tony. Letting the necklace fall from her fingers she turned back to her computer, a grin on her face as she thought once more about her family.