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Smashing. Breaking. Screaming.

What was happening? Why couldn't I see? Why was everything so loud, so very, very loud? What was breaking? Why was it breaking? Wait-

"No, no, this shouldn't be happening! Not now, not after everything…! "

Silence. What happened to the noise? Where did it go? Why won't it-

Oh, there it is. Crying? Was that… the sound of a person crying?

Why was the person crying? Why did it sound so familiar? So heart wrenchingly, achingly familiar? Why wouldn't they stop crying? Please, please just-

Light. So much light, flooding my senses. Why was it so bright? It was blinding, where did the darkness go? Why won't it come back, and stop the light hurting me? No, wait, I can see-

A woman. Curled in the corner of the room, dark tresses obscuring her face. Why did it look so familiar? That hair… I know I've seen it before… why can't I remember? Shouldn't I know this? Oh, she's stopped crying. Good.

No, not good. Screaming. Again. So much noise- too much noise, hurting my ears! Someone make it stop, anyone! No, she won't stop anytime soon. She's in pain, so much pain… no, more than pain. Agony. Why was she in agony?


Oh, someone's left something on the ground- no, not just something. Something special. A small piece of… I don't know. I can't tell what it is.

More, there's more of it everywhere. So many pieces, scattered all over the ground. I have to pick them up; maybe that's why she's crying. No, wait, this isn't….

A heart?

Why was there a heart here? Was it hers? The pieces are frozen… they've been here a while. Why won't she pick them up and fix it? I can't fix it- I have no glue or sticky tape. Maybe she does?

No, no. If she did, surely she would have fixed it. But… what if she can't fix it? Shouldn't I help? No, that would be meddling. She'll be fine on her own. This pain- agony won't last forever… will it?

Yellow? I can see yellow… and red? Yellow and red? No, those colour's shouldn't be together… no, too much red! Why won't the red go away? It shouldn't be here, on him! Anyone but him!

Blue. Vibrant blue, now dim in death. The man was dead, was that why she was in agony? Was it the red splashed across him the cause of this? Was it the emptiness of his eyes, the paleness of his skin? No, no no no… this man should not be dead! That woman should not be crying!

Why won't it stop? The screaming and the red… so much red… they should not be here! This was all wrong! Why… why couldn't I do anything? Why couldn't I help, in any way at all? I have the woman's heart in my hands, I need to fix it. But… how? I don't know how to fix hearts… but maybe… just maybe…

His blood. It could glue it together.

Oh, cold… so very, very cold. Slimy, slithery, squishy.

But glue, it was still glue.

Her heart, now it's together again. It isn't perfect, though. I can't get the pieces to stick together properly, they keep sliding apart again but it'll do, for now. Just along as I can help this woman, then I've done okay.

What do I do now? Do I hand it to her? Do I just leave it here, next to him? I can't go to her… I'm covered in blood- his blood. A stranger in this man's blood. No, no. She should not have to see me like this. I should not have to see her like this. We should not have to see him like this.

But… we have. We have and we can't change it.

No, I should hand it to her. That's the least I can do, haphazardly fixing her heart so it won't fall apart again. No, no… it was sliding apart again. Why wasn't there any glue? I should be able to do a better job than this, but…

She looks so small there, cowering in the corner. Screaming… where was the screaming? Sobbing... sobbing instead of screaming? My legs… why won't they move faster? So sluggish… must move faster!

There. Finally. I'm in front of the woman, her hands covering her face. Slowly, carefully, I have to peel them off. No, no, don't look down. Look up, up!

There, she has her heart. It may be bruised, broken and missing a few pieces, but it's still there. It may be sliding apart and threatening to fall to pieces again, but surely she can find something else to fix it soon?

Oh- she was looking up. Finally. Her eyes- pain, so much pain, but recognition. Recognition? Why?

Me? Those are my eyes… my hair… my… No, this isn't right… She can't be me! I can't- won't grow up into this shattered woman!

That blond hair… the bright blue eyes… where have I seen them before? Flashing… so much flashing! No, no! This could not be-

It was.

It was him.

The outcast, the shy boy.

The one with the unruly blond hair.

Why… why did this happen? Why…



"Miss Lockhart?"

Light. Voices. Numbness…

"Tifa? Sweetie, are you awake?"

Father? Why was he here, waiting for me to wake? Wasn't I just… falling? Then… fixing with blood…

"Tifa, can you hear me?"

Response… he's waiting for a response.


"Tifa, what were you doing up there with him? You know how dangerous it is!"

What? What was dangerous? Him? Who's him? Why is it so white-

Hospital. I'm in a hospital. No… I was just with that woman. And at Mt Nibel before that…

Blonde spikes. Falling. Pain, so much-

"Honey, you've been in a coma for a week, I was so scared. It was all Cloud's fault… filthy ruffian."

Cloud… ruffian?

No... no… not his fault! Anyone's but his fault!

"No… my fault. Cloud tried to-"

"No, I don't want to hear it Tifa. I don't want you going anywhere near him, understand?"

If that woman was me… and the man was him… maybe it was best to stay away?

A nod. Just a single nod. Father understood what I meant, I heard his sigh of relief. I hope, that by doing this… I've saved myself even just a little bit of pain. I don't want to become that woman, I don't want to end up like that. But… somewhere inside me… something's telling me I will. I hope with all my heart it's wrong… especially for him.