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Warnings: This story contains Yaoi and some rather sever child abuse

He first saw him at lunch sitting alone under a tree with his knees curled up to his chest, looking like the loneliest boy in the world. The moment Ichigo Kurosaki saw the boy he immediately knew two other things, that this kid was new and that he was also the most beautiful creature he had ever laid eyes on. He had pure white hair, pale perfect skin, and drop dead gorgeous, large, blue green eyes.

Now none of this truly registered in the idiot strawberry's head until much later, after all at that very moment Rukia Kuchiki was resting in his arms and was coincidentally his girlfriend.

"Are you listening to me Ichigo?" asked the now very annoyed girlfriend as she realized she no longer held the strawberry's attention.


Rukia sighed exasperated while their friends laughed.

"Told ya Rukia, this idiot never listens." Snickered Renji and Uryu nodded in agreement as he put his arm around Orihime's shoulders.

"It's always in one ear and out the other." Said Uryu

Ichigo glared at both of them, scowling.

"Shut up, no one asked either of you."

"Anyway" continued Rukia, now sounding slightly irritated "as I was saying, my brother is having a dinner tomorrow night, are you coming?"

Ichigo sighed, he hated going over to Rukia's house, her brother, Byakuya, seemed to dislike him quite a bit and enjoyed lording over the fact that Ichigo's family was so much poor then his own. Ichigo's dad, Isshin Kurosaki, ran a small clinic from their house and while the clinic made enough money to support Ichigo and his two sisters it could not compare to the Kuchiki family's multimillion dollar company.

"I don't know Rukia . . ."

"Come on Ichigo! We haven't hung out for weeks!"

Ichigo let out another sigh, truth be told he had been somewhat avoiding Rukia, lately their relationship had begun to feel hollow and mechanical.

"Alright, fine, I'll go, but the moment Byakuya starts going on about how important and magnificent the Kuchiki family is I'm out of there."

Rukia rolled her eyes "Fine, you're such a baby Ichigo."

"Whatever." Ichigo muttered as he turned to look back at the white haired boy only to find much to his disappointment that the boy was gone.

After lunch the strawberry split off from the rest of his friend and headed for his literature class with Mr. Ukitake. He was early as usually and was about to take his seat and pull out a book when he froze. Sitting there by the window watching him cautiously was the silver haired boy. For a few seconds they just stared at each other.

Ichigo couldn't help but notice that the boy was even smaller up close, the kid couldn't have been more than a little over four feet tall, but what caught his attention most was how damn quite that boy was, he hadn't made so much as a single noise since Ichigo came in, just stared at him with those piercing emerald eyes.

Finally as the seconds began to dragged out to minutes Ichigo took a deep breath and approached the boy.

"Um, hi, I'm Kurosaki Ichigo"

The boy just looked at a him for a few more seconds, almost as if he was deciding whether or not Ichigo was worth the effort or perhaps a threat.

"Hitsugaya Toushirou" the kid finally told him just as Ichigo was about to give up.

Ichigo grinned at his success.

"Nice to meet you, I take it you're new?"

"Obviously" Toushirou growled looking away from him. Ichigo frowned slightly at his sudden defensive tone.

"so, uh, why'd you move here?" the strawberry asked in a light tone, trying to keep the conversation going.

"My dad got a job." Toushirou told him shortly, clearly not wanting to continue the conversation any farther. Ichigo decided not to push him, he could sense that something was wrong with the silver haired boy. The bell rang causing the strawberry to jump and he heard a snicker. Ichigo throw Toushirou a scowl and then took his seat while the his other classmates finally made their way into the class room.

Ichigo smiled to himself slightly as Ukitake began the lesson after introducing Toushirou to the class for some reason he felt ridiculously happy.

Toushirou/Ichigo's note:

Hello Zx14ninja's readers, as promised she has returned with another Ichihitsu story which will be longer than any other fanfic she has written so far. She hopes that you will enjoy the story and review!

Author's note:

Toushirou: why do I get the feeling that I'm not going to like this story

Zx14ninja: Maybe because you never like my fanfics

Toushirou: True, but it feels like I'm going to dislike this one more than any of your other stories

Zx14ninja: (trying to act innocent) I have no idea why that would be Toushirou

Toushirou: (suspicious) riiiight. Sure you don't

Zx14ninja: Nope, not a clue in the world (smiles brightly)

Ichigo: (Comes running into the room) Toushirou! I just read Zx's rough draft of this story and found out that you're going to be MHP! (Zx puts her hand over his mouth)

Zx14ninja: Shhhh what's going to happen to Toushirou in my story is an ancient Chinese secret and if you tell Toushirou and my reader's then I would have to kill them and that's bad for publicity

Ichigo: (pulling off Zx's hand) so what does that mean for me?

Zx14ninja: nothing except for that I have to kill you now.

Ichigo: oh, ok . . .(thinks for a few seconds) Hey, wait a second! That's not fair!

Zx14ninja: if it will save me from being killed by Toushirou for writing this fanfic then you bet it's fair

Ichigo: (unable to argue with that) Dammit

Toushirou: (who had been listening to the conversation) I think I will just kill both of you, it'll make things quieter around here