A few days after Toushirou woke up Ichigo surprised him by bring in several wrapped packages to his room.

"What are these?" he asked giving the strawberry a bemused look.

Ichigo smiled "They're your birthday presents, I was going to give them to you on your birthday, but, well, you know why I didn't."

Toushirou looked at the neatly wrapped packages like he didn't quite know what to do. Finally, hands trembling, he reached over and unwrapped the first present, which happened to be Rukia's gift.

Ichigo's gift was the last to be opened, the boy froze when he caught sight of the spiral binding. Pulling off the rest of the paper Toushirou found himself gazing at a brand new sketch pad with more paper in it than any of his previous notepads had ever had.

"Do you like it?" Ichigo asked as he looked at Toushirou, worried by his lack of reaction. Suddenly Toushirou reached up and pulled Ichigo down into a kiss, his tough gently probing the strawberry's mouth. They only broke apart when they ran out of air.

"I take that as a yes." Ichgio whispered breathlessly.

Toushirou nodded, "This is the best birthday I've ever had, thank you."

The strawberry laughed "You're welcome, I look forward to giving you many more birthday's in the future." then he pulled Toushirou back into the kiss.

Once Toushirou was well enough to leave the clinic his grandmother came to pick him up. The judge had (wisely) ruled that she would have full custody of him , especially in light of the recent kidnapping. Toushirou was in a fragile state of mind, forcing him to move to a foster home with strangers would have more than cruel.

So still banged and with his arm in a cast Toushriou staggered up the steps to his grandmother's house, which was much larger than the house he had been living in, and much cleaner. He stared up at the house, feeling more than a bit intimidated by the size.

While Toushirou's grandmother was not rich she was on the higher end of middle class in terms of money. Her house was a fairly large two story house. To most people it was a normal house but to Toushirou who had been living in a shack, it was like a mansion.

"There are a few open bedrooms, you can pick which ever you like best." his grandmother told him as she stopped next to him. Toushirou looked over at her, wide eyed and she ruffled his hair.

"no need to be nervous, there now, lets get you inside and get you set up in your room, then I'll make some tea while you rest, Dr. Kurosaki said you need to take it easy for a while." and with that she pulled him inside, still feeling intimidated but hopeful that things would be better this time.

"So, hows therapy going?" Ichigo asked as he sat down on Toushirou's bed. The smaller boy crawled over, situating himself in Ichigo's arms before answer.

"I don't like it, I don't understand how telling a complete stranger my problems will magically make them disappear." he told the strawberry with a frown on his face. Ichigo sighed, not that he was surprised by Toushirou's attitude young prodigy had been going to therapy for about a week now and Ichigo seriously pitted whoever was his therapist.

"It doesn't work that way, therapy doesn't fix your problems, its supposed to help you fix your problems." he told his boyfriend patiently

"But I don't have a problem, I just have an abusive, alcoholic dad and no matter how I feel that's not going to change."

"Oh Toushirou, that's not the point, the point is to help you move on and to stop blaming yourself over the death of your mother."

"Alright, but why do I have to go to a complete stranger? Why can't I talk to someone I know and trust?" Toushirou persisted stubbornly.

"Like who?" Ichigo asked, trying to see what his boyfriend was getting at. A slight blush crept up Toushirou's face.

"Well, you."

Ichigo blinked at the unexpected reply. He than smiled and hugged Toushirou's tighter.

"I love you, you know that right?" he told he smaller boy. Toushirou snuggled closer to him.

"Yeah, I know, love you too."

Looking up Ichigo suddenly noticed the picture tapped to the wall across from him, it was of him with Toushirou in a position similar to they one they were in now.

Toushirou certainly pays a lot of attention to detail. He thought as his eyes roamed over the startlingly life like drawing.

"You know Toushirou, your 'useless talent' as you say, is really quite good." he told Toushirou.

Toushirou looked over at the drawing as well.

"Yeah it is, maybe it's not so useless after all."

"Maybe not." Ichigo agreed.

It was a start, slowly but surely after the long years of torment Toushirou was starting to heal, and Ichgio had every intention of being right there with him every step of the way.

Author's note:

And that is the end of Attention to Detail, but like I said there will be a sequel, I will probably post a sweet Ichihitsu one shot that I wrote a while ago next week and then start posting the sequel the week after. Thank you to all who have review and read my fanfic, I hope that you have all enjoyed it

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