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Chapter 6

Growing Tension

It was official.

Sakura was fucking exhausted, if the sluggishness weighing down upon her deadweight legs signified anything; it was like she was carrying cement shackles around her limp limbs, which seemed to be having a field day opposing her every demand to carry her with some degree of dignity to her assigned bedroom for the evening.

In fact, it was almost as if they were deriving some sick satisfaction out of making her cave in with the sudden weakness that all of her joints and muscles had accumulated whilst asleep in such a confined, awkward space as her car; don't get me wrong, she absolutely adored her Toyota like it was her own offspring, but there were certain limitations that even she found herself to have—those very things reverting back to her desperate need for a scalding bubble bath and a cosy bed that her aching bones could melt into.

Somehow that thought did little to cheer her up, seeing as how she remembered just how far she had to go yet before she'd even made it up the first flight of stairs.

'Remind me again why I let that Uchiha bastard take care of distributing rooms?'


He'd probably done this on purpose, knowing full well that she was far too tired to even register the colour of her hair, something that she of all people had to have known; in situations like this, where she was subjected to the cruel subjugations that were obviously done with the full intention of prolonging her suffering, and when she was too tired to argue or complain, Sakura just wanted to throw herself out of an eighty story building.

Although that scenario wasn't feasible in the least, thanks to the new security system that automatically locked the windows the moment any of the sensors are alerted to an unrecognised presence; damn that faggot who committed suicide and stole the chance for many others in the process (some people could be so selfish sometimes, always thinking of themselves rather than the benefits of others)!

The rosette highly doubted that she would even make the stairs, let alone up them to get to the elevators (why they couldn't have any on ground level was beyond her) that were necessary for the other seven floors, and yet he had skilfully slipped away and (most likely) smooth-talked his way into getting the private seventh floor all to himself—and, well, herself and Hinata, but that was besides the point.

The point was, how the fuck did he manage to get so much money, anyway?

It just wasn't possible that a hitchhiker like him (stingy, uptight, conceited, egotistic, sexy—definitely not! Focus, Sakura, FOCUS!) had on him a whopping ¥2, 460, 947.19 (the exact cost for an entire level of that grandeur)!


That's pretty much the equivalent of all of her life's savings with debts left over in her destituteness!

How was that fair?

And wouldn't he have been robbed for that sort of money whilst travelling amongst strangers? Hell, it was possible he could have (could being the key word; dammit, why did she have to be so nice as to extend her offer out to that bastard as well?) ended up butchered and flayed for a chance at such a large sum of cash!

And he had handed it over like it was an assignment due to one of his sensei; laidback, calm, indifferent to the fact that he held her entire life's inheritance in the palm of his hand. That man could pretty much buy her soul at this point.

Ugggghhh, why was she so broke right now?

Oh, right, 'cause she had been paying for their every necessity (although half the things Sasuke bought could be hardly labelled as such; he probably enjoyed watching her waning wallet wilt to the point where it sagged in on itself, almost as if it were as depressed as she was over the state of utter emptiness that now occupied it), vital or otherwise, in order to curry their favours her way.

Not that she was keen on having the Uchiha male in her good books, but it was more out of common courtesy than anything else (Hinata could have whatever she wished because Sakura liked her; the same could not be said for Sasuke, whom had tortured, terrorised and delighted in her growing attraction to him like it was his only real joy and purpose in life, and he fulfilled the role diligently) that she offered him a means of quelling his boredom on the road.

Unfortunately, crude, vulgar, unsanitary porn magazines were not what she had made ideal on her list of BARELY ACCEPTABLE ITEMS, to which had inevitably resulted in an argument so obnoxiously embarrassing (detailing certain events that she would rather not replay, especially to the public ear) that she had caved almost immediately in order to salvage what was left of her tattered reputation; he had smirked the entire way to the counter, dark eyes glowing with residual mirth at Sakura's utter mortification as she handed over the rather scandalous (and that was putting it nicely) collection (more like stack) to the cashier, whom simply raised an eyebrow and cast a knowing glance between the pair—which of course boosted Duck-Ass-Fuck-Face's ego all the more, a dark, hoarse chuckle rumbling beneath his chest as Sakura all but shoved the cash at the younger man, snatching the plastic bag before storming vehemently towards her waiting baby, eyes brewing with angered tears of frustration and humiliation as she all but slammed the door after making herself as comfortable as possible behind the wheel.

She remembered distinctly the raven haired male reaching around her waist, calloused fingers brushing against the exposed flesh of her thighs as he pried the white bag from her bruising grip, his smirk glinting in the mirror and in the back of Sakura's head for the rest of the day.

That had been before the incident earlier that day, where he had not so discreetly decided to up the ante and finger her whilst she was in the middle of driving them to their next stop; if she had swerved off of the road and killed them all, then she would personally see to it that her spirit would haunt him to hell and back for the rest of his eternity—though she was fairly positive that that was his destination already, so she didn't feel the particular need to aid in his imminent descent to Satan's realm. Not that she wouldn't anyway (why pass up the chance to finally get revenge for everything he had done to her thus far on their trip together?).

Sakura felt an almost heartfelt smile tug at her lips at the thought, until it fell from its place almost immediately upon arrival to what appeared to be the most daunting flight of fucking stairs (though they could hardly be called so; they seemed almost never-ending) she had ever laid eyes upon; and he expected her to climb all the way up there?

'Did I mention that I fucking hate you, you fucking evil prick-licking asswipe? No? Well then, I FUCKING HATE YOU! DIE JACKASS, DIE!'

"Fuck it! I'll just sleep downstairs then!"

Sakura spat irately, throwing her luggage to the floor at her feet before tenaciously crossing her slim arms over her heaving bust, which moved with her fast intakes of breath; she was quickly coming to loathe and despise anything and everything distinctly Uchiha, whether it be the money, the good looks, the grimy attitude (which he could most definitely work on fixing; and by fixing, an entire section of his ego would have to be deflated and stitched to a memorial that reminds himself that he was and always will be a royal bastard with a stick lodged far too deep in his ass to be removed without complex surgery), the taste in piercings and clothes, the deep baritone in his smooth voice, and oh good lord she was ranting about how perfect (if you excluded the personality disorder [the one that made him a socially retarded retard]) he was!

The Apocalypse must be upon us all! Feeling the last strings of her temper snapping, Sakura went to make herself comfortable against the wall at the foot of the stairs, her bags being used as cushions (uncomfortable, but better than nothing), when a dark shadow inked out any light that she had been previously receiving, her dull green eyes wandering up their—very toned—figure, until she locked gazes with none other than the very man she wished to send to hell and strangle with his own ego (perhaps even ripping that awfully long pole from his rectum and stabbing him to death with it; here's to shedding any self-conceited imagery by literally killing them with it).

Uchiha Sasuke.


That name.

Even that was sexy.

And there she was again, complimenting him (and ultimately boosting his ego to inconceivable proportions, not that it wasn't already there) without her consent.

Stupid, stupid pheromones, making him so fucking appealing!

Why did that ass have to be her exact type?

Scowling darkly up at the now smirking male, Sakura tore her gaze away, instead opting for ignoring him until he magically took the hint and left her be; of course, him being a male (and therefore the inferior sex in her eyes) made him naturally persistent and oblivious (though she could hardly give him that; he was too clever for his own good, and was probably using that very weakness of hers to his advantage) to her discomfort and general loathing of him being anywhere within a miles radius of her, as he continued to close the distance between them, his tall frame dwarfing hers (not that sitting down made a difference when it came to the sheer gap in height between them) until she was obscured in shadows.

Why did it seem ironic that he was shrouded in darkness, whilst she remained in the light?

Whatever, that wasn't the immediate concern as of now—her problem was dealing with this stubborn mule.

"Kindly fuck off Uchiha. You piss me off. You annoy me beyond belief, and quite frankly, I'm too tired to get up and give you a free vasectomy. Or castration, it's really up to you which you'd prefer. Either way, this world won't have to be polluted with an infestation of miniature bastards that take after the even larger one before me. Now leave, before I really make an ass of you in front of all these people, and from what I have observed, it seems you're not all that crazy about public humiliation."

Sakura hissed vehemently, eyes gaining a rush of colour as her anger shone through; she was tired, cranky, and just wanted to sleep, and he was bugging her. He needn't even say anything; his presence was all that was necessary for her to chuck a bitch-fit.

And again, that annoying motherfucking smirk! It grew in length, giving him an almost psychotic expression as he measured her up and down, determining whether or not it was worth the effort of challenging such a train wreck into another of his twisted mind games.

After several moments debating in silence, he shook his head, the wry sneer never leaving his face as his lips parted to speak.

"Already assuming that my unborn, un-inseminated children will be bastards, hn? Tch, I can't wait to see the vile offspring you bring into this world whenever you decide it is so fitting; if they're anything like you, it's unlikely that they'll ever date, or even get laid. A sad fate to be resigned to, but that'll be the price that they will have to pay for being yours. And if anyone here is annoying, it's you. You're so fucking predictable; easy to read, easy altogether. A spitfire on the outside, but an emotional wreck on the inside; you're probably only loosening your morals because I'm the closest thing to a real man that you'll ever get."

Sakura was appalled.

Outraged, appalled, but most of all, hurt.

Extremely hurt.

Okay, so maybe some of what she had said wasn't exactly nice or appropriate either, but this was going too far. He was pushing onto unstable grounds, and once there, there was no real guarantee that he would ever leave alive. But before she could even interject, he harshly cut her off, the smirk on his face now cold and unfeeling as he continued on with his tirade.

"And don't think that I don't know about what happens behind closed doors, Sakura, 'cause I am more than aware that you touch yourself thinking about me."

Sakura's breathed stalled, becoming uneven when she finally found the will to bother with it; it was a sign that he was going too far, and that the onsets of a full blown panic attack were sure to ensue imminently.

He knew?

About… that?

Oh fucking GOD.

"I was there when it started, till the time you would wrap up for the evening; or rather morning. You know, I never thought it possible that a woman was capable of bringing herself to her own climax on more than one occasion simultaneously, and yet find herself oddly satisfied. You must feel tainted, dirty, to have resorted to such lengths in order to appease the urges that were becoming more prominent to me day by motherfucking day."

Sasuke's voice began to rise to alarming volumes, drawing the attention of anyone who was within hearing range; if he kept going, it wouldn't matter either way whether or not she killed herself on the spot—they would hear of her disgusting, contemptuous actions.

They would vilify and shun her—she would no longer have any pride left to hang on to.

She had to stop him, now, before this went too far, before the full brunt of damage was dealt.

By now Sasuke's steely eyes were narrowed, no traces of sardonic joking left in his features as he ranted on, rage slowly boiling along with a sense of sick satisfaction; she was about to choke on her former remark of public humiliation—he was about to see to that personally, and just to spite and scare her further, he raised his voice until it was the equivalent of a rampant shout, everyone's heads now swerving toward the assumed 'quarrelling couple' in interest of a brutal fight.

Sakura suddenly felt the intense stares of the bystanders' eyes on every inch of her form, scrutinising her in an almost calculative fashion as she shrunk down in size, no longer feeling confident or prideful in the least; she was about to get owned, and it would not be pretty.

"It's a shame really; had you been a little more decisive about who you were taking with you on the road, then perhaps such humilities would not be befalling you, as they are now. Like the fact that you were putty in my hands the moment I even glanced in your meagre direction; it's gotten to the point where you didn't even fight back when I fingered you in the car."

Gasps of shock, disbelief and horror were sounded, as mothers clamped hands over their children's ears in the hopes that such gutter talk would be filtered, or at least taken to another more suitable place; teenagers roughly sixteen to eighteen all tittered and pointed at Sakura's aghast, mortified expression, eyes alight with amusement as they watched on eagerly—very few had the decency to pity Sakura, and although normally that would have irked her to no ends, right now she wanted all of the sympathy and compassion she could possibly gain from strangers, and it seemed that it was the more elderly of citizens that looked as if they were about to step in and disclose the matter entirely.

But Sasuke was too riled up, too dangerous to be near in such a state of infuriation, and she would allow nothing to befall them; even in such a humiliating position, all she really thought about was the wellbeing of others.

Sakura snapped her attention back to Sasuke, eyes darkening with fury so concentrated that she literally shook with the effort of restraining it.

Whispers broke out amongst the fray.

"Oh my god, she's so gonna cry! Look, she's shaking!"

"What a cheap slut."

"Tch, young people these days, have absolutely no sense of shame or self-preservation!"

"That poor girl…"

"I hope she slugs him a good one for that!"

"I'm not surprised she'd go gaga over a guy that fucking hot; it defies all reason if she were to be un-attracted to him."

"She'll go to Hell for such a thing, surely. It's utter blasphemy to hand oneself over before united by the hands of God himself!"

"Someone should stop this—someone should stop him…"

"Oh deary me. Honey, look, that poor girl, she seems so upset. I honestly can't say I blame her though, had I been in her position as well…"


"Lucky bitch, getting to tap that whenever she feels like it."

Sasuke had been listening intently to the gossip that was already spreading amongst the people; what did he care if he ruined his reputation if it meant destroying her and watching her crumble before his very eyes?

It wouldn't be nearly as tainted as hers would be; the name she would be carrying around as a burden for the rest of her life would surely shame her more than anything else ever could, and that alone was motivation enough.

If she was stupid enough to play with fire, then she was gonna get burned.

Except this time, he aimed to have her scorched to ashes.

"Heh, you hear that? They're already making callous, presumable assumptions about your general character; funny, isn't it, how the human mind works in such mysterious ways, having only needed to be told one thing from one person in order for it to be true. So easy to manipulate one's mind once you know how it functions coherently, is it not? Like the fact that most of the former remarks were degrading to you as a person, defaming everything that you have worked so very hard to achieve in your twenty-one years of living; the once incontrovertible character you had built for yourself and sustained over whatever period of time has now become disputable, been called into question by fellow peers and strangers alike. How does it feel, to be publicly humiliated in such a way? If it's anything like what you had in store for me, then I can only imagine how you're feeling now will perhaps be what I would have mirrored as well. To be known as the resident 'cheap slut' of this building, the whore that'll spread her legs for the right price—what's to be sure of is you're definitely not camera shy, nor do you retain cobwebs between those thighs—"


An eerie silence settled in, as Sakura barely held back the rest of her barrage, her entire frame shaking violently as she stood tall before him, yet paling in comparison to his intimidating build; time had seemingly stopped as his face darkened, obscured by his inky raven bangs as he gazed off to the side.

The rosette was panting, thickly, heavily, eyes hastily filling to the very brim with salty, searing tears, the sprites barely remaining where they were as she glared at him with all of the hatred she could muster—and without waiting for any more of his hurtful words, Sakura took off, darting up the stairs as if her very life depended on it.

And perhaps it did, after what she had done.

But that was nothing compared to what would have happened had she not gathered herself together with enough sense to get away from him; he was radiating nasty vibes, the kind that made one's skin crawl in reproachful fear and trepidation, so Sakura simply let her feet carry her away, to the very top of the stairwell, before she all but dived into the nearest available elevator, the sound of fast approaching, distinctly masculine footsteps travelling quickly to her ears quicker than she would have liked; fuck he was fast!

As the doors came rolling to a snail-paced close, Sakura could just make out the very incensed, dark expression of one stormy Uchiha Sasuke, who's ebony orbs locked with hers briefly, just as the doors clamped shut; the look in his eyes was enough to turn her stomach completely.

It was like nothing she had ever seen before in her entire life; sure, she had seen some of her closest friends mad, hell, she'd even been the cause of it on more than one occasion, but the sheer look of promise in his eyes, coupled with incomparable lust for blood…

The pinkette suddenly wished she were back in Tokyo with Naruto and Ino and all of her other friends and relatives, rather than in the middle of nowhere where help was unlikely to be reachable in the form of the police.

As the levels gradually flickered up toward the seventh floor, Sakura began to feel sick; she had a really, really bad feeling that something or someone was waiting for her outside of those elevator doors. How she prayed that wasn't the case.

At the signal of the ding, Sakura all but flew out of the receding doors, across the posh foyer toward one of the many rooms that lined the hall; perhaps if she called out for Hinata (whom had already retired; it had been Sasuke's duty to wake her and drag her ass from the car and into the somewhat expensive hotel complex—only now did she realise the error of her ways), she would—

A hand snapped out, clasping her left arm in a bruising grip that could break bones had that been the intention, before tugging her backwards, her body spinning around just in time to be met with a backlash to the face; it stung with such profuseness that Sakura was almost sure he had managed to fracture a bone or muscle tissue at the most, and she was more than positive that there would be a corker of a bruise left in his fist's wake.

Sasuke's fathomless, vehement eyes searched hers with little interest of what he found, and it grew to the point that they literally bled scarlet; the irises no longer obsidian. He was a demon; the way his eyes glowed with such malice that he had transcended 'threatening'.

He terrified Sakura. He had been right. He was dangerous, more than she would have ever have guessed.

"You should be afraid of me, y'know."

"That's what they all say, jackass."

"You... tch! You have no idea what I'm capable of, do you?"

"See what I mean? Don't make assumptions simply 'cause of outer aesthetics. Otherwise..."

"You're gonna end up in situations where you'll lose everything dear to you in one foul swoop."

"A lesson for you to learn is to never be too trusting of your companions, especially if you do not know them personally, something that I have had to keep telling myself over and over again."

And now she was going to pay the price for her stupidity and ignorance.

Sasuke dragged her along to the far end of the hallway, Sakura dragging her heels, kicking, punching and screaming at the top of her lungs in the hopes that someone would hear her and save her from his wrath.


The raven haired Uchiha easily shut her out, his grip tightening enough so that Sakura sucked in a harsh mouthful of breath; it was a warning that if she didn't shut it, and now, he was going to break her arm before she even made it to wherever he was taking her.

But that didn't detain her from lessening her attempts of escape through struggling against him, her body violently jerking as he finally came to a stop in front a set of double doors; though it wasn't for long.

Within seconds he had it open, and with that, he unceremoniously threw her in, slamming the doors shut behind him as they automatically locked; sensor recognition.

It would only open to the MasterCard holder, and that was Sasuke.

Noting that she had picked up on the doors 'key-card', the Uchiha let out a haughty, sinister laugh, tucking it away in what appeared to be another technological device, that was activated by thumbprint recognition; again, Sasuke's.

The rosette quickly observed her surroundings, hoping that there was another way out—none.

She was stuck in here, with him, who could kill her at any given notice. Well, she wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of knowing she feared him more than anything else in the world.

"What do you intend to do now then? Kill me? Do it, then. But make it quick. I'd rather not have to look into the face of my potential killer for very long."

Another sharp laugh cut through the thick, growing tension, Sasuke's eyes alight with anything but mirth; it was purely hate-filled… with undertones of something she couldn't quite recognise.

Whatever it was, she didn't like it.

"Feh, like I'd ever waste the time on something so messy and time consuming. Iie… what I have planned for you… heheheh… let's just say we'll get our fill of gratification, believe me… At least, I know I will, anyway. Not so sure about you though."

Sakura did not like where this was going, not one bit.

Step! Step! Step!

He crossed the room's expanse in three long strides, backing the rosette against the wall, trapping her there as he pressed himself flush to her, so that she could feel the prominent bulge in his strained pants pressed against the planes of her stomach; it was only then that what he was about to do to her dawned on her.

Before she could raise any cry of protest to his brash, uncalled for actions, Sasuke's mouth descended roughly upon hers, crushing her lips in a bruising kiss and stifling all the words in her mouth as the first rips, tears and shreds of clothing could be heard in the dismal solitary that was their bedding suite.


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