Isabella finally reached Candace panting "P-Phineas…a-and….Ferb…sunflowers…busting…!"

"Hm I'm sensing some déjà vu here…" Candace thought aloud "alright what's up Isabella?"

Isabella tugged at Candace's arm "You you just gotta see it…"

"Alright alright I'm coming" she sighed walking beside her "but this had better be good"

When they finally reached the two of them both of them stood in disbelief "Phineas?" Candace blinked "…why are you wearing a lab coat?"

The boys looked at themselves while holding each other that they were now dressed in starch white lab coats, black jumpers and green-grey pants

"…we don't know" Phineas shrugged

Isabella was gaping like a goldfish next to the un-impressed sister "b-but! T-they were hugging!"

"Oh Isabella haven't you ever heard of a brotherly hug before?" she said rolling her eyes "honestly don't be so paranoid" she made her way back through the sunflowers with a confused Isabella trailing with her.

Phineas sighed looking up at the blue sky putting a hand in front of the sun to cover his eyes but Ferb smiled and entwined his fingers with his "we'll continue this back home"

Phineas pecked his brother on the cheek as he sat up "Ferb…I know what we're going to do tonight"

On the way back home, Candace found that her brothers didn't really respond to her and kept their eyes on each other and even when they got home they spent all their time in their room. She just shrugged it off, boys are weird. She would never know of the acts her brother committed among the sunflowers.