This is a story long in the making. Before I even came up with the idea for In Your Dreams, I was working on this but encountered an extreme case of writer's block, harddrive failure, and lost chapters. So it's just amazing that this is finally being posted. And that's just the backstory.

I've seen many a Mirai Timeline fic and have always enjoyed reading about possible scenarios that could've occured in that timeline. So then came the question of what happened during the thirteen years that Gohan fought the Androids. This is my answer to that question.

I hope ya'll enjoy it.

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Time was running out. He could feel it in his gut. Running as fast as he could, the little nine year old headed home.

It had only been mere minutes ago that he had felt a change; one not for the good. He had been sent out to gather some firewood for the house, though he suspected it was just to keep him busy. For that he was thankful, if only for the few moments it allowed him to escape his reality.

And that's when it happened. His father had been sick with some illness; one that hadn't been known of until a year or so ago. From what Bulma could tell them, it was a virus that attacked its host's heart, causing the victim untold amounts of pain.

And of all the people to contract such a vicious disease, it had to be his father.

Reaching a stream, he leapt from the ground, touching down on a stone that stuck out of the water. Leaping again, he landed on another protruding stone and then leapt to another. The leap after that one finished his crossing, allowing him to continue running towards his home.

There it was! The familiar, igloo-shaped hut that was his home; the setting sun forming a beautiful backdrop. However, there had been some new additions; namely the small gathering of people in the front yard.

Everyone from Krillen, Tien, and Yamcha to his mentor, Piccolo, stood outside. Each of them had a downcast look upon their faces. That wasn't a cause for concern since everyone had that same look for the past couple of days when his father took a turn for the worst.

Closer to the door stood Bulma, his father's first friend. She held an infant in her arms, one with short lavender hair and large blue eyes. Currently, the baby was watching everyone, completely in awe of his surroundings. The country must've been a whole lot different from the city he was raised in, the boy mused.

There was one other there as well, a bit surprising to the young boy. Sitting on a rock by the stream that ran by his house, completely separated from the others, was Vegeta. At the moment, the Saiyan Prince looked as if he wanted to be anywhere but there; most likely training to become the strongest in the universe.

That was of little concern to the boy. He raced pass all of the people he considered friends, reaching the door a moment later. Grabbing the handle, he swung the door open.

In the room stood a group of people, each of them startled by his entrance. "Gohan!" his mother exclaimed.

Other than his mother, his grandfather, the Ox King, and Master Roshi occupied the room. Each man held a different look upon their faces. For the Ox King, he mimicked his daughter's look of surprise, not expecting his grandson to burst into the room unexpectedly. For Roshi, a grave look was on his face; one that told Gohan he knew the reason for the sudden appearance.

And in the middle of the room, laying on a folded out futon, was his father. Son Goku wore the colors of the Turtle Hermit School, even in his darkest hour. Then again, he rarely wore anything other than the orange gi and blue undershirt.

It was at that moment, almost as if fate had been waiting for this exact event to occur, his father began to thrash wildly, grasping his chest as he cried in pain. All the adults turned their attention to the man, rushing to his bedside.

Then, as suddenly as it began, it had stopped. His father went limp, never to move again.

Gohan's eyes widened. He couldn't feel his dad anymore, even though he lay before him. His ki was fading into nothingness. It was almost redundant when the Turtle Hermit put his hand on Chichi's shoulder and said "He's gone."

A heartbreaking cry erupted from his mother's mouth as she fell against Roshi. Anything she could've said was drowned out by her sobs.

Evidently, everyone else outside the home had heard the hermit. "Goku…" Krillen murmured as sorrow filled his heavy heart. The other three warriors merely bowed their heads, their eyes closed as they soaked in the news.

"Goku, no," Bulma said as she clutched her baby, who looked at her curiously. Tears began falling from her eyes as soft weeping left her.

However, it was Vegeta's reaction that truly captured the heavy emotions. Although he only said "Kakarot," his face was full of disbelief, like he hadn't seen this coming. The Saiyan Prince had viewed Son Goku as a dreaded rival, one that had to be overcome. It was that purpose that kept him on Earth and it was now gone, not by his own hand but that of nature.

As the setting sun disappeared over the horizon, so too did the Earth's greatest hero.

It took many months for my mother and I to overcome my father's death. He had meant the world to us, especially after he returned from space.

They say that time heals all wounds. Well, who ever said that obviously hadn't lost someone close to them. Time wasn't a factor; it was a reminder. A reminder of who was missing; who wasn't greeting you at the breakfast table and tucking you in for the night. A reminder that nothing would be the same no matter how much you wished it.

Yet, mourning was the last thing he would want either of us to do; the same with all of his friends and rivals. Eventually, the pain subsided, though not completely. Thoughts of him weren't as reoccurring as the use to be.

But the peace that my father created with his own two hands would soon be dashed. Barely a year after his death, a new terror descended upon Earth with an onslaught of terror and death following in its wake.