The doctor slumped into his chair, feeling fatigued to the bone. Today had been a rough one. No one had seen the Androids' sudden attack on the town, especially since they hadn't been in the area for a few years. It had been a good thing he had been at the clinic when the attack had started. The basement had proven to be a very good place to lay low until the mayhem had ended.

Eventually though, the building was soon flooded with people who were injured or nearly dead. The doctor had spent the rest of the day tending to the wounded and making the final passage for the dying as comfortable as possible. A very, very rough day indeed.

The worst case though, had been a young man bringing in a recently deceased woman. He had seemed very protective of her, never being outside of five feet from her. It didn't matter since she was dead.

Yet, he had recognized the woman the moment he saw her face. She had been in the clinic earlier in the day and he had seen to it she was attended to. A slight illness was all she thought it to be until he had run some tests. It was then that he found out she was pregnant.

The doctor sighed. It had been two deaths, he reminded himself, since the fetus was most assuredly dead as well. Seeing the grief on the young man's face though had told the doctor that this must've been the father. An unaware one too.

Turning his head, the doctor looked out the door of his office, finding the room that was being occupied by the two. Well, her body was lying on a bed while he sat in a chair next to it. Though clinic policy was to make room for patients that were savable, he had felt it was a good idea to bend the rules a little. They had just enough space and available beds for everyone there, including the deceased. Arrangements for the interment would have to be done the next day, but as of right now, they could wait.

Yet, he needed to do something. This man had the right to know about his unborn baby and since he was the one who knew about it, it was gonna have to be him to inform him. Standing up, he walked over to the young man's room and knocked lightly on the door.

The young man turned his head to look at him, his eyes unfocused as he stared. "Yes?" he said in a raspy voice.

Well, this was not going to be a fun conversation. How did one start these kinds of things anyway? "Hello, Mr…Son, I believe?" Upon seeing nod, the doctor went on. "I just thought I'd inform you that your wife had come into the clinic earlier today."

For a moment, the young man looked as if he were going to say something before he changed his mind. "She had said she wasn't feeling very well lately," he finally said.

Nodding his head, the doctor replied "Yes, well we ran some tests earlier and we found out she—"

He paused for a moment. "We found out she had a bug, nothing major. I…just thought you'd like to know."

Mr. Son nodded his head slowly before turning to gaze back at the woman. "That's…good," was all he said.

Seeing as there was nothing else to say, the doctor excused himself and headed back to his office, closing the door behind him and collapsing into his chair. That man's face, it was so grief-stricken. Perhaps…perhaps it was best he didn't know about the child. He had suffered enough heartbreak today as it was; there was no need to add more to it.

Sighing once more, the doctor hoped he was doing the right thing.

A light breeze blowing caused the tree branches to move, the cherry blossums fluttering against each other as some flew off into the air. The grass flowed like a wave before settling back in its previous position as if nothing had happened.

With a somber look, Gohan stared down at the gravestone. VIDEL SATAN was carved into the stone much like lettering of her father's grave nearby.

Looking away, Gohan stared at the tree. He had thought it was best to have Videl resting here next to her father. He was sure she would've liked that. He hoped.

Two weeks had passed since that awful day had occurred. It had been the last time he had been in Ginger Town. He had been wondering around the Coast Town area for the time since, not quite sure what to do. There had been a funeral with the town's folk paying their respects. At least he thought they were the locals. He recognized Erasa and Sharpner being there, but he hadn't said anything to them. In fact, that had been the last time he saw the two.

He sighed. This had to stop, this languishing. The world was moving on, leaving him behind despite the fact that he wanted everything to slow down, if not stop completely. Gohan had lost people before, but for some reason this one hadn't let him move on as easily as the others.

Turning to look at the grave, Gohan moved to stand next to it, resting his hand on top of it. The polished stone was cool to the touch, much like the way Videl had felt the last time she had touched him. This…this was going to be the last time he visited her grave, at least for the time being. The Androids were still around and more of this tragedy would continue until it was stopped.

For a moment, the demi-saiyan felt he had to say something. People always spoke to their loved ones' graves, right? Perhaps it was worth a try.

"This is good-bye," he said. "At least until this is all over. Hopefully we'll meet again in Otherworld. I'm sure we'll have plenty to talk about then."

Time drifted as he let the moment sink in. Finally, he floated off the ground, heading high into the sky before flying off into the distance. He had no idea how long he flew or where he was going. He'd find out when he got to where he was going, where ever that was.

It wasn't until he came across another city, just freshly attacked if his eyes weren't deceiving him. Heading into the heart of it, he landed on top of the remains of a building, its shattered windows leaving gaping holes in it. It didn't take long for him to know that he was too late to do any good.

Some movement at the corner of his eyes caught his attention, causing him to turn his head and look. Standing there was Trunks of all people, looking devastated. He looked bigger than he last remembered him to be, older too. A determination in his body language was evident despite that it had once radiated innocence. When had that happened? From the look of his clothing, he hadn't been involved with the fighting, most likely arriving just as he had. He could've sworn he heard the young man ask him something, he wasn't quite sure what. A worn-out doll was right next to him, just recently dropped.

He wasn't sure how long he stood up there, just looking at the younger demi-saiyan and the destruction around them. Somewhere in that time Bulma had showed up, worried to death and smothering her son in maternal protectiveness. Before he knew it, he was at the Briefs' home again, staring out a sliding glass door as the sun set at the horizon. Gohan was hardly paying attention to his surroundings and the Briefs were content to let him work through his thoughts. Bulma was making something in her kitchen, something good from the smell of it, and Trunks was sitting at the table silently, probably in his own musings.

The world was still marching on. Things were changing; everything was changed. Despite the presence of the Androids, life was moving forward, despite the chaos they wroth. Before him, Gohan could see the maturing of Trunks as he entered adolescence, people adapting to the ever-present threat, and even he himself was changing.

And that was all the more reason to keep going, despite the urge to stop, to quit moving on. Though Trunks had never known a world without danger, a younger generation was coming into the world with that same view. It had to stop, needed to stop. And he would make sure he was the one to end it. There were people counting on him to do so and he couldn't let their faith in him be for naught. Trunks, Bulma, and so many others were just waiting for a better world to be created, much like Videl had.

Gohan could feel his resolve building. There were many things he had to do and he would make sure they were done. The future needed a warrior to save her and he'd make sure it was him. This terror would end with him. Survival was key to this and survive he would. He would make it out of this Onslaught, one way or another.

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