Elena's POV.

"Merry Christmas Elena" Damon said, smiling. In his hand was a large gift neatly wrapped in golden paper. I smiled back and invited him in. Today was Christmas Eve and Jenna wanted to have a Christmas Eve party. I remember she did this every year. She would invite lots of people, play Christmas music, let me and Jeremy open some presents, and just have fun. I remember my dad would get drunk so my mother would have to drive us home. He was so funny when he was drunk. He would be trying to talk but his words would be slurred together so he didn't make sense.

"Merry Christmas Damon" I said. This year we invited Damon, Stefan, Matt, Caroline, Bonnie, her grandmother, Caroline's mom, Anna, Tyler, and Alaric. They all came and everyone was here except Stefan.

"Where is your brother?" I asked him.

"He had to go feed"


"He'll be here later"

I nodded and walked over to the rest of the guest. We were all having fun. Laughing, drinking (well the adults were) singing songs, and opening presents. Even Tyler and Damon were having fun.

"I see that everyone is opening presents" Damon commented to me.

"Really, Damon?" I said sarcastically.

"Hey, no need for sarcasm."


"Yeah, yeah. Here, I got you a gift" He said, handing me the present with the golden paper.

"Thank you!" I smiled, taking it from him. I ripped it open and everyone watched to see what it was.

Oh please let it be that painting I wanted, please let it be that painting I wanted. Yes! It's…NO! NO, NO, NO, I screamed mentally. This could not be happening. The gift from Damon was not the painting I wanted, but a big photo of him in a frame.

Tyler burst out laughing and so did a couple other people, but I was fuming. I know what you're thinking. This doesn't seem like Elena! Why is she acting like this? But I can tell you, I get very selfish on the holidays and when I don't get what I want for Christmas I get mad. But Damon looked so proud of himself, so happy, that I couldn't bear say anything mean to him. I just gave him a weak smile.

"Thank you Damon. It's just what I wanted" I said.

He grinned big. "Really? I had a feeling this was the perfect gift. Now you can put it on your nightstand and when you wake up in the morning, you'll wake up to me"

I felt creeped out at the thought of that.

"Well…thanks again"

"No problem"

I went to put the photo on my nightstand upstairs. I hate to admit it, but it wasn't a bad photo. I smiled despite myself as I put it down and looked at it. Yup, not a bad photo at all. Who knows, maybe waking up to Damon won't be so bad after all….