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My 2nd songfic. I've been dying to do this song for Raven ever since I heard it. I swear, this is top song to fit her. Every lyric, every word FITS her and her life. I dare you to tell me otherwise. This song suits her better than any song you can think of, I bet on it. (Not even Angel of Darkness is better than this song or any Evanescence song.) I mean seriously! It's freaking got her name in it! Anyways, onto the fic.

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Raven walked into the common room with a book in hand. Her hood was down, exposing her face, something the Titans rarely ever saw anymore. Lately she remained locked up in her room, never coming out for anything except the occasional herbal tea. Of course, she would always come out for missions, but she would head straight to her room afterward. She wouldn't even wait up for them to go back to the Tower. She always just left the second they had defeated whichever villain they had battled with.

Normally, the Titans wouldn't find this suspicious since she was pretty reclusive to begin with. The only reason they did start to worry about her was her sudden attitude change. She was still kept up her monotone image, but all sarcasm and coldness had disappeared. She no longer put down Beast Boy or his childish attempts at making her laugh. In fact, she hardly communicated with the team at all anymore. To say that her teammates were worried would be an understatement.

So when she walked into the common room one evening, hood down and face not as sullen as it had been for weeks, Starfire jumped out of her seat and zoomed over to her, smile splitting her face in half.

"Raven! You are out of your room of slumber!" she exclaimed. She collected the empath into her infamous bone-crushing hug causing Raven to gasp.

"Obviously," she strained. Starfire eventually let go of Raven, allowing air to flow into her lungs once more.

Starfire clasped her hands together, still beaming like a lighthouse on a pitchblack, moonless night. "Raven, I have something to show you!" she said and grabbed Raven's wrist. She dragged her over to the computer where the program iTunes was set up.

Raven stared at the screen. "So you discovered iTunes. Congratulations," she deadpanned.

Starfire giggled behind her hand before sitting down at the computer chair. "No, Raven. I wanted to show you a song that I thought you might enjoy. I was walking home from the mall of shopping yesterday and I walked by that restaurant that you love so much. They were playing a song I thought you might like and so I looked for it on the World Wide Web. I have just found it and downloaded it today." She glanced over her shoulder and grinned.

Raven gave Starfire a short nod in reply before asking, "So what song is it?"

"Ravenheart by Xandria. This is another reason I thought you might like it. The title contains your name as well as the word "heart" which is considered a good thing since it is a vital organ that keeps humans alive. Also, it is what helps people love," explained Starfire.

Ignoring the last bit, Raven set her book down on the table and looked over Starfire's shoulder. "Have you listened to this before?"

Starfire smiled sheepishly and chuckled. "I have only heard the intro music, not the actual song. I have just now found it and wished to share it with you." She typed in "Ravenheart" into the iTunes search bar and it took her directly to the song. She made sure the volume was turned up before she clicked on it, causing the song's intro to flow out of the speakers.

Raven stood there with her arms crossed, listening to the music. It soft and fluent, calming even. It honestly sounded like a song she could get into. Maybe Starfire did have her best interests at heart.

A woman started to sing softly with a high-pitched voice fitting the song nicely.

Come to me, Ravenheart

Messenger of evil

The music picked up tempo and a guitar and some drums joined in with the original tune. Raven nodded her head, liking it so far. The beginning lyrics bothered her a little, but it wasn't anything major. Sure, it included her name, but it didn't mean anything. This song wouldn't relate to her at all. Her worries weren't going to ruin the song.

The music quieted down again so the woman's voice was loud and clear again, so the lyrics were evident once more.

You shadow of forgotten dreams

You come to take away

My hope on your black wings

Okay. That stung a little. Maybe the song related to her a little more than she thought. Nah. She'd be all right. It was still a good song and so what if some lyrics were a little hurtful? Not all of them were that way, right?

Come on, Come to me, Ravenheart

Messenger of evil

Come to me, What's the news?

Here I am still lonely

Raven wrapped her arms around herself. Now the song didn't seem as good as it did a few seconds ago. Now it was just kind of painful. It reminded her of. . .horrible things. Things she could never forgive herself for. Things that not many people knew about her.

Of love and hate the singers tell

But I feel more, more of both

More than heaven and hell

Raven's eyes widened. Did the writers of this song know about her something? This was no coincidence. The name, the lyrics, it couldn't be.

I take a bow to destiny

Now I have really learned my part

Once loving him, now hating love

I've made mistakes, my Ravenheart

Flashes of her time with Malchior played in her mind. He had really hurt her. He had comforted her when she was feeling insecure and self-conscious. He had helped her embrace her darkness, taught her that it was okay to be that way. He increased her strength and told her how special she was. Then, when she had finally set him free, that's when his true self was revealed. It was one of her stupidest mistakes.

So come on, Come to me, Ravenheart

Messenger of evil

Come to me, What's the news?

Here I'm still lonely

Raven squeezed her eyes shut. Now the song was really painful. It reminded her of things that had been in the back of her mind for years, things she had long forgotten. Her father, the end of the world, Malchior, all of it. All she wanted was for it to go away. To leave her memories and let her move on. But she couldn't. Not when things like this reminded her of what she was and the horrible things she did.

Starfire looked back, smiling, expecting to see her best friend enjoying the song. What she saw surprised her. There stood Raven, her arms wrapped around herself, chest wretching with sobs. The Tamaranian immediately sobered and stood up from the chair.

Will I get back the one I adore?

Thus spoke the raven: nevermore

Raven shook her head and opened her eyes before spinning on her heels and running out of the room. Starfire called out her name in desperation, but she just kept running. She couldn't keep listening to that song if it would save her life.

She ran onto the roof where the sun was beginning to set. It hadn't yet reached the horizon, but it was getting there. The cool breeze brushed across her face, making her wet face feel like ice.


Raven jerked her head up to see Beast Boy standing on the edge of the roof, his hands joined behind his back. His face held a concerned and confused expression and he turned to face her. "Raven, are you crying?"

Crap. She hadn't meant to interrupt him. He was probably enjoying life, unlike her at the moment. She didn't need to bring anyone else down, especially someone like Beast Boy.

"Sorry," she managed to croak. "I'll just leave n-now," she said before breaking down into more sobs. Why was she crying so much? Did the song really hit her that hard? Or was it because it had hit her in such a sensitive place?

"Raven, what's wrong?" he asked. He rushed over to her and put his hand on her shoulder. "Why are you crying?"

The empath sniffled and looked up at him before looking down again. "I hate that song," she whispered.

"Song? What song?"

The song that basically described her whole life without barely trying. The song that related to her worst moments she had ever expierenced. She thought about the last line she heard before she had fled the room.

Will I get back the one I adore?

Terra had stole him away. The one she truly adored. Another period of her life that she wished she could get back. One where she would go about it a whole different way.

"Just a song," she whispered and leaned into him. She rested her head on his chest causing him to jump in surprise before wrapping his arms around her.

"Are you going to tell me about?" he asked, resting his chin on the top of her head.

"Later," was all she could say as she closed her eyes.

Come to me, Ravenheart

Messenger of evil

Come to me, What's the news?

Here I am still lonely

Raven sighed. 'I am alone and I am evil as much as I wish against it. I am, as the song goes, "Ravenheart",' she thought to herself.

Come to me [Come to me], Ravenheart [Ravenheart]

Messenger of evil [Messenger of evil]

Come to me [Come to me] What's the news? [What's the news?]

Here I'm still lonely

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The ending was kind of random. I was going to go about it a totally different way, but I wanted it to be a little shorter. I never liked long songfics (although sometimes I can't help it). So here ya go. Please review! Also, I'm taking any requests for songfics (although, I know plenty of songs, but still you can try just in case I never planned on writing it or haven't heard of it ;))

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