My first chapter FMA fanfic. I won't tell you what is wrong with Ed though, you'll find out in the next chapter. Yeah sorry I haven't uploaded anything in awhile, I was going to make this story just one chapter but it just got to long and I had to start over. Whatever, hope you all like it and I'm writing the 2nd chapter as we speak. ^^

Just a cold

"Brother, wake up we're here." I opened my eyes at the sound of Al's voice. The train ride to central to report to colonel Mustang seemed longer. I sighed and sat up stiffly, my back aching from the uncomfortable train seat.

"Damn I hate reporting to that bastard." I yawned, stretching my arms above my head. I had been sleeping more than normal and tiring easily. Al said that it was probably a cold, and I agreed, it was just a little strange to get a cold in the middle of summer.

"You know if you don't he'll hunt you down." Al said, standing up and taking loud clanging steps down the aisle. I laughed and got up to follow him, letting him lead the way off the train. It felt good to be able to walk now, not cramped up in a small train seat. I didn't care that the station was full of people or that the air smelt like smoke and oil, I was out of that damn train.

We began to walk out of the station, side by side towards central command. I was muttering under my breath, cursing Mustang for making me report to him with every dead end in our search for the philosopher's stone. Every time we did I could almost feel the hope draining from Al, I hated that these dumb meetings made my brother hurt so bad.

I stopped mid step, coughing slightly. Al stopped next to me, turning his head to see why I had stopped. I coughed again, this time harder. The coughing soon turned into a horrible fit of ragged coughs.

"You okay brother?" Al asked, gently patting my back, hoping to make the coughing fit end. I coughed for a few more seconds then stopped, slightly confused.

"Yeah, probably from the damn train smoke." I said simply, walking ahead of him as though nothing had happened. He followed behind, his footsteps slower.

"What if it's something else? Like maybe your cold is getting worse." I laughed slightly. I turned around to face him.

"I'm fine, seriously. A cold's a cold, nothing more, no need to take me to the doctor over it." I turned around and continued walking. Al sighed behind me and walked after me, I could feel his soul filled gaze burning into my back, keeping an eye on me.

I didn't have another coughing fit, just small coughs on the way there. I sighed when we finally reached the building. The large gray building blocked out the sun, the green banner with the presidential symbol was the only color to the dull building.

"They should paint the outside red or something." I said as we climbed the stairs. Al laughed from behind me.

"What is it with you and the color red? Seems like a morbid color to me."

"Red just seems to get the blood boiling, you know? Like with bulls, you wave a red cloth in front of them and they flip out."

"I don't think the military wants a whole bunch of pissed off bulls storming into their building."

"I'd love to see that happen." I laughed. The guards' saluted us as we went by. I did the same and walked into the building. The inside wasn't as dull as the outside, the floor was green and the walls were white. I still would have preferred the interior to have some red in it, but whatever, if I became president that would be my first act.

Then a coughing fit came over me suddenly. I hunched over slightly, covering my mouth with my hands. I could see people looking at me as they walked by, I didn't care.

"Brother?" Al was ahead of me; I heard his footsteps clang over to me and felt his large metal hand on my back. I continued coughing for about a minute then stopped, the muscles in my chest and stomach hurting like crazy.

"I'm fine, really, let's get this over with." I tried to walk past Al but he blocked my way.

"Brother, you're not fine, if this continues your going to a doctor."

"Hell no! Doctors mean needle and needles can burn in hell for all I care."

"You're just being immature brother."

"No fucking doctors!" I snarled, pushing roughly past Al and storming away down the hall, even more pissed at Mustang. I could hear Al running to catch up with me but I ignored him, narrowing my eyes in frustration.

I hated that he worried about something as stupid as a cold; no one dies from a damn cold. Al shouldn't worry about me and my cold, it only made him feel worse.

I sighed and slowed my pace, letting Al catch up to me. We didn't talk until we reached Mustang's office, sighing I pushed open the door.

"Hello Fullmetal, any leads from the east?"

"Hell no, you just sent us there to get us out of your hair." I growled, flopping down on one of the couches in his office, tired as hell.

"No, I really thought that the people there would know, maybe I was wrong." Mustang sat up more and looked at me with those dark eyes. It felt like he could see into my soul, like he was looking through me. I shuttered and leaned back on the couch, sighing.

"Are you okay Fullmetal, you don't look real good." He stood up and walked around his desk to stand over me. He placed his un gloved hand on my forehead.

"Fuck off!" I hissed, pushing his hand away. Mustang just stood there looking at me.

"You have a fever, and you look like crap." He looked at me more closely, like he was examining me.

"It's just a cold." I snarled, sitting up to glare at him. Mustang sighed and motioned for Al to come over.

"Al, you take him to the barracks, rest will help him. I don't want one of my men getting sick." I growled and stood up, my legs shaking.

"Mustang, your such a…" I broke off as another coughing fit seized me. I cursed myself that it had to happen here, in front of colonel dumbass of all people. This coughing fit felt worse than before though, as soon as I drew in a rasping breath it was forced out by another hacking cough.

"Fullmetal?" Mustang asked. I ignored him and fell to my knees on the ground, covering my mouth as more coughs escaped from my chest. Al's hand rested on my back, he was saying something but I couldn't hear him over my coughing.

I felt something come out of my mouth and into my hands. I pulled them away and my eyes widened in shock. My hands were covered in blood.

I heard voices of concern and shock from around me; by the sound of it Hawkeye had walked into the office. I collapsed onto my right side, seeing Mustang kneeling over me as I continued to hack up blood.

My coughing grew weaker and then it stopped, leaving me gasping on the floor, the world spinning around me.

"What the hell? Fullmetal can you hear me?" Mustang asked his hand on my forehead. I could see some blood spots on his hands, like he had tried to cover some of my coughing.

"Yeah…" I closed my eyes slowly; it felt like all the energy in me had been drained. I was too tired to care that I was falling asleep in the colonels office, too tired to care that Hawkeye was talking quickly to a doctor on the phone…