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"Ed, get up, Dr. Knoxs is here to see you." I slowly opened my eyes with a groan. It had been three weeks since my chemo had ended, but I still felt tired and weak. Mustang had suggested that Dr. Knoxs should examine me, since as he put it "he's seen tons of crazy shit in Ishval, he may be able to help."

Mustang gently helped me sit up in the bed and I sighed. The room was blurry, probably since I had been forced to wake up. Al was in the room as well, sitting on the right side of the bed. I couldn't see Knoxs anywhere; he was probably outside the door waiting for Mustang to let him enter the room.

"After this can I go back to sleep?" I asked, rubbing my eyes with the back of my hand.

"Sure, after you take your medication and eat something."

"I'm not hungry though."

"To bad, you need to eat to get better." Mustang said gently. Ever since we had left the hospital he had been randomly waking me up to give my medication and to force me to eat something. Normally it was a small bowl of soup or something and he would sit in the room to make sure I ate it all. It had helped somewhat, I had gained around four pounds. But I still looked horrible; I avoided looking in the mirror, terrified to look at my face, to scared to take in what had become of my body.

"So did you warn him that I look like hell?" I asked, glancing at the door to make sure he didn't randomly barge in.

"Yeah, I also told him to be careful around you. I mainly told him not to act shocked when he sees you." Mustang gently put his hand on my shoulder. I looked away; I didn't want to think of Knoxs's expression when he saw what the chemo had done to me.

"May I come in now?" A voice rough with age asked from behind the door. Mustang stood up and walked over to the door, slowly opening it.

"Remember what I told you, he looks horrible but don't act shocked."

"Yeah yeah, I'm pretty sure he won't be as bad as some of the corpses that you brought me in Ishval. Now that scared the hell out of me, I never knew someone could be burned that severely."

"We can chat about the wonders of Ishval after you look over him."

"Okay." Dr. Knoxs walked into the room, led by Mustang. I saw his eyes widen when he saw me but he didn't show any other signs of surprise.

"Damn…" He muttered, stopping to stand in front of me. He carefully grabbed my left arm, placing his fingers on my wrist. I shuddered when I saw how big his fingers were compared to my thin wrist.

Mustang sat on the bed beside me, putting his arm comfortingly around my shoulders.

"Pulse is weaker than it should be…and of course he's lost a ton of weight." Knoxs looked up at me, studying my face. "He has little to no color in his skin..." He stopped and ran a hand through my hair. I hadn't bothered to put it in a braid or ponytail; I just let it hang limply over my shoulders. It felt weird having this strange man's fingers brushing through my hair eventually he drew back, a couple strands of dull golden hair hanging from his fingers.

"Yeah you can tell he's had chemo, mainly because his hair is so thin and dull. At least he didn't lose it completely, but it will take some time before it looks better. But I'm not so worried about your hair, mainly your current health." Knoxs looked at Mustang, "could you please move for a second?" He obeyed and moved off the bed to stand beside Knoxs.

"What are you doing?" I asked, watching as he flinched at my dull voice.

"Take off your shirt; I want to see how bad it is." I shuddered but slowly pulled my shirt over my head and threw it beside me on the bed. I closed my eyes, still scared to look at myself. Ever since I had done that before my last chemo session I didn't do it again, I didn't want to have a panic attack or anything.

Knoxs hands gently felt around my ribs, slowly moving down my sides. "Does any of this hurt?" He asked as he pressed a little on my abdomen. I shook my head and he continued to put small amounts of pressure around my torso, occasionally he would asked if it hurt but it never did.

"I seems like his organs are okay, which is good. His bones feel fine, maybe a little more fragile that they should be but there's no cracks or breaks in his ribs." I sighed and moved to put my shirt back on but Knoxs stopped me. "Edward, have you looked at yourself?"

I shook, eyes widening in terror. "Once but that weeks ago, I haven't since then…" I trailed off, watching Knoxs carefully.

"Is it okay if I take him in the bathroom? He has to see what state he's in, that's the first step to him getting better."

"Why does he have to look at himself?" Mustang asked, looking sternly at Knoxs.

"It will probably give him the motivation he needs to get better. Can you stand on your own Edward?"

I shook my head, my legs were shaking so much that the thought of standing seemed impossible. He sighed and called Al over.

"You can help him into the bathroom; he may need someone to calm him down too. By the look in his eyes I can tell he doesn't want to do it."

"Yes doctor." Al moved over to stand behind Knoxs. He moved out of the way and allowed Al to gently pull me to my feet, letting me lean on his large metal body down the small hallway that led to Mustang's bathroom.

"Stand outside the door and Ed, if you happen to faint or anything fall towards Al." I nodded as Knoxs flicked on the lights in the bathroom. He moved over for me to have room to look in the mirror. I walked in front of the mirror; eyes closed, and gripped the side of the sink for support. I slowly opened my eyes and nearly had a heart attack.

I remembered what I had looked like during my chemo, but it still shocked me to the core. My boney shoulders were shaking, my thin arm gripping the sink tightly. I could still see every rib and my stomach was caved in, it seemed impossible that there were organs in my torso at all. The only thing I could see was bone, with pale skin stretched over it.

"Do you see how sick you are now? Don't hide from it; you must face it head on if you want any hope of getting better." Knoxs gently placed his hand on my left shoulder; it made me feel even worse to see how large his hand looked in comparison to my shoulder.

"I need…to lie down…now…" I shuddered as small dots of color began to cover my vision. I remembered what Knoxs had said and fell right, towards Al's waiting arms.

"Big brother!" Al cried, curling my limp body close to his. I groaned slightly, my stomach feeling weak. I knew if I had eaten anything earlier I probably would have thrown up.

"I knew it would be too much for him, let him rest for a little." Knoxs's voice got quieter and quieter as I slowly went unconscious.


With a groan I opened my eyes, taking in the bright light of Mustang's bedroom. I flipped over onto my right side to see Al sitting close to the bed.

"Brother, thank goodness you're awake." His voice echoed with relief, he carefully lift his hand and placed it on my head.

"Where are dad and Knoxs?" I asked, trying not to remember what I had seen in the mirror.

"Knoxs left and dad is in his living room. Knoxs told him and I some stuff that I think you should know."

"What did he tell you?"

"Well for one not to feed you big meals, because you'd only throw the food back up. He suggested small bowls of soup for a week like we've been doing then slowly moving to solid food."

"Okay, so is that it?"

"No, he said that your immune system is probably really weak, so we can't really take you outside around a lot of people. If you catch a cold you have a higher chance of dying from it."

"Anything else?"

"Yeah, and he suggested me helping you walk around the house to get your legs stronger. Maybe I could take you outside in dad's backyard for a little and get some fresh air."

"That would be great, can you go and get dad please? I want him in here with me."

"I understand." Al stood up and walked out of the room, closing the door behind him. I sighed and sat up in the bed, leaning on the headboard. Eventually Mustang entered with Al close behind.

"Al said you wanted to see me?" He said, sitting next to me on the bed.

"Yeah, I just really need a hug right now."

"Why not from Al?"

"Because I want a hug from my dad." I said, wrapping my arms around Mustang and burring my face in his neck.

"Edward…" He whispered, gently putting his arms around my thin waist. I snuggled closer to him, desperately wanting him near me.

"Dad, you'll help me with this right?" I asked, trying not to cry.

"Of course son, I'll help you until you're well enough to continue your journey."

"I love you dad."

"I love you, both of you." Mustang murmured. Then he began to hum my mother's song. I closed my eyes and fell asleep in his arms, already feeling better than I had before.


Two and a half months had passed by. Each week I had gotten stronger, driven by the sickly image of myself. After two weeks I could walk on my own and keep down solid food without getting sick. After three weeks I finally went out into the backyard with Al, happy to be out of the stuffy house and into the cool winter air. I didn't really snow in central, it only got really cold, and after five minutes outside I was shivering badly.

I had gotten a lot better in those two and a half months. My skin wasn't deathly pain anymore and my hair was thicker and brighter. The biggest change was that I had gained back most of my weight, even though I still looked a little too thin than before I felt good.

Mustang had been a big help, being a great father figure in Al and I's life. He supported me, when I was scared or felt like giving up he would motivate me, make me remember the goal that lay only feet away. It saddened me that we were leaving his home to return to the barracks, but I had suggested it, after all I was stronger than before and I could handle myself. I also had Al to keep me safe as well.

We were in Mustang's car, driving away from his home to the military barracks. I was sitting in the passenger seat and Al was sitting in the back seat, watching the world slowly go by. Mustang and I had agreed that it would be better if Al and I stopped calling him dad, since it would be strange to suddenly begin calling him dad when we went into his office. But as long as I thought of him as my father and he thought of Al and I as his sons it was okay.

The car stopped in front of the military building and all three of us stepped out of the car.

"I'll miss you both so much, it'll be strange in the house without the two of you there."

"You'll get used to it, and it will be strange staying in the barracks away from you."

I sighed; I knew Al and I should get inside. I really hated the cold and it was beginning to snow.

"I guess we go back to the way things were now right? You being the Fullmetal punk and me being colonel dumbass." I laughed and he smiled.

"Yeah, but remember that I love you like a father, and that will never change."

"Same here, goodbye son, see you soon."

"Love you dad."

"Love you too."

With that I flung myself into his arms, hugging him one last time. Al joined in, wrapping his arms around both of us. Mustang laughed and hugged us both.

This was all over now, but still Al and I would think of Mustang as a father. And he was the best father anyone could ever have.

The End

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