The Key to Remembrance-Summary

"It will be as if I never existed." When Edward spoke those words he never imagined exactly how true they would become. He'd left to insure Bella's safety and he'd hoped that she would move on in life but selfishly, he wished that she would occasionally look back and think of the good memories. He hoped she would think of the thrill of first love and the closeness with fond memories. In his most pessimistic moments, his best hope was that she would be angry instead of in pain. But never, once in his wildest imaginations, did he imagine how completely and utterly she would come to forget him, only months after his departure from Forks. Never had he imagined that if they came to meet again, that she wouldn't even know his name.

With a stupid mistake and one bad decision, Isabella Swan's childhood and teenage memories leaked away. Months after being cleared by the hospital, she still can't replace the memories that she lost. All she now knows about her life is what the people of Forks have deemed necessary for her to know. Yet she swears that they're holding something back. She finds herself reaching for someone in the dead of night and dreaming of a meadow that she has no conscious recollection of. No person, place or object that she has found has yet held the key that will unlock all of her memories. Something is missing, something Bella is searching for. The only problem is that she has no idea what she's looking for. So when she sees a strangers on the street who she recognizes, she does everything she can to drag the memories out of him. But like everyone else, he seems to be hiding something. He denies ever being involved with her, but why then, does she remember kissing him? Whatever he's hiding, she's sure is the key to unlocking everything, if only she can convince him to trust her with the truth.

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