Survivor: Battle of the Exes

When Bella got a call with an offer to be on the next season of her favorite show, Survivor, she never imagined that it was because her ex who had broken her heart had been accepted on the other team. Nor had she expected that the skank who he'd cheated on her with would be there too. All worries forgotten, she goes into the challenges with everything she has, not for the money or the fame, but to kick Edward's ass and if she happens to step on Lauren's fingers on the way then, oops, oh well. She has to get him voted off quickly before he realizes how much her hurt her.

Signing up for Survivor was supposed to be a fun adventure during his vacation off work. But Edward never considered that they would check up on his background and find his ex-fiancee or that they would also track down the girl who broke them up. He knew that what Bella had seen had been incriminationg but he hadn't expected her to just walk away without a backward glance and not trust him. If they both lasted until merging, how in the hell was he supposed to live with her on an island in the same camp? Not to mention if Lauren lasted too, the bitch who destroyed everything. He needed to take her down and somehow win Bella back, all while fighting for immunity and to stay on the island.

Any comments? Thoughts? Is this worth continuing?