The Awakening

A Dragon Age Fanfiction

By Bionca Femme

Disclaimer: I own nothing

Prelude: The Final Battle

"Stand down!" Lyna growled more forcefully.

"Lyna, let me do this! You have Zevran to think of and the Grey Wardens need you!" Alistair pushed. He could tell that he was about to get his block knocked off. But something in him would just not let this go. "Please!" he begged.

She shook her head. "Zevran knew that this was going to happen, Alistair. It-," she choked back tears.

"We were prepared. You need to stay alive, rebuild the Wardens, build Duncan's memorial, get to know those little nieces and nephews of yours and that gold digging harridan of a sister," she took a step towards him and pulled him into a tight hug. "Let me do this for you, Lethallin. My brother. My friend," she kissed him on the cheek and then stepped away from him.

"Lyn-," he was suddenly pushed hard by her, and he flew backwards landing on his backside. The next thing he knew, the figure of the Dalish woman he had come to love as a sister, ran headlong at the Archedemon. She grabbed a silverite Great Sword on the way and once she reached the beast, she dropped to one knee. Alistair watched in awe and horror as she thrust the blade upwards, propelled by her own momentum, she cut the beast from neck to gullet.

It screamed, by the Maker, he had never heard such a sound! It reared up on its hind legs and opened its mouth and shrieked. It thrashed and narrowly missed Lyna as it collapsed back down upon the stone roof of Fort Drakon. Alistair scrambled to his feet and was about to rush forward and stop her from striking the final blow when he was restrained by Wynne. "No, Alistair!" she shouted.

"Let me go to her!" he cried out desperately and wrenched his arm from Wynne's grasp. All too late however, because as he started forward again, Lyna's blade slammed into the base of the dragon's skull, her war cry piercing the night in triumph. She struggled with the blade as blinding light burst forth, causing her companions to shield their eyes. One more hard tug on the blade and the head was sheered from the long scaly neck and the force of the blast as the Archedemon's soul was released threw Alistair back. It was over and he had failed. Lyna Mahariel lay dead.

A/N: So here is the Prelude of the new fic. Melismo is editing Chapter 1 as we speak. So I will update with that when I receive it. I might not update with this as often as you're used to, but it should pick up once I've finished "The Tainted Knight". Thank you to Melismo for undertaking this and for being such a great beta.