My Shining Light in Darkness-Summary

Many minor incidents in Bella Swan's life have been classified as "hell"; when her boyfriend cheated on her, when her mom made her move to Forks, when it rained during the outdoor prom. All of the latter had been classified as "hell." Never had she imagined that she would land in a real hell that would change her life forever. When she's kidnapped, she learns the true meaning of hell is. Held captive with no will to survive, her only hope of escape is death. Resolved to kill herself, another hostage is thrown into the cell with her. A young mute girl who one of the men terrorizes with a disturbing show of sadism. Suddenly, Bella realizes that she has to survive to save this girl. In a desperate attempt at escape, she stumbles in on the torture of a SEAL. But even after the failed attempt to free him and the punishment that followed, the tormented exsistance of that man gave her hope.

It was supposed to be an easy mission. Just go in and get out with the information. But someone snitched and they knew he was coming, resulting in his capture. With nothing but his honor left, Edward refuses to tell them the secrets they want to know. When he's almost given up hope, a beautiful, ragged girl stumbles into his containment. All of his protective instincts burst froth and he's determined to save the girl. With constant torment and survalliance, he has no ideal how to pull it off, but he just waits for the right moment. All because that beautiful, brown-haired girl gave him hope.

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