I come up with a lot of weird ideas, but this might be my weirdest yet. This is just a little exercise where I can practice my creativity, writing relationships, and so on. Every couple days or so, I'll pick a random pairing and create a drabble or one-shot around it. Romance and friendships will abound, but this'll dip into all sorts of other genres as well. From canon to crack, I'll try and write for every Pokemon pairing in existence! :o

Shipping suggestions are welcome, as long as they are actually open. But please keep the below conditions in mind:

-One (1) request at a time. This is to keep the list at a manageable length.

-Any kinds of characters are fine – male, female, Pokemon, you name it.

-Only pairings, no threesomes etc. – otherwise it really will take forever. I want to at least pretend I can reach a finish line!

-Let's try not to have duplicates of pairings. If, say, I do a Pokeshipping one-shot, and somebody wants me to do another, then sorry - I'm going to wait at least a good long while before I'll even consider it, so look at the chapter list before you suggest a pairing. Remember, I want to try and do as many shippings as possible~!

-NO OC'S PERIOD. I don't want to turn this into Project Impossible :/

The RNG gods have declared that first up is a legendary pairing: Regigigas and Mewtwo. So, that said, sit back and enjoy, and feel free to make suggestions. ^_^

BAMFShipping – Regigigas & Mewtwo (K+)

This is entirely your fault, you know.

Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle.

Just sitting there sleeping … because obviously if you ignored them they'd eventually go away.

Shuffle, shuffle.

Are you even listening to me?

Shuffle, shuffle.

A telepathic sigh. Didn't think so.

Mewtwo rubbed his face with his hands, staring unseeingly through his bulbous fingers. That was just as well: only a long, unending expanse of white would have greeted him, anyway. Snowflakes poured down from a sky of flat, cold gray. They landed gently on the deep, eternal snow which blanketed the frozen earth; they also landed on Mewtwo's shivering frame, and he sneezed as one tickled his nose. With a scowl, he wrapped his arms around himself, hating every soft crunch his footfalls made.

His travel companion was humming obliviously, swinging its massive arms to and fro as if it actually enjoyed this hellish blizzard. Squinting in the unceasing snowfall, Mewtwo glared up at its lumbering form. It's all right for it, of course, he muttered viciously. The great lumbering buffoon. It doesn't have any pain receptors! Some glorious ancient Pokemon this is, without even a digestive system to its name. How efficient this "Arceus" being is, indeed …

If only those Galactic idiots hadn't shown up right then, right then, just as he was about to pry the truth away from the clumsy oaf. Oh, those secrets of creation and power this thing held, passed down to it by the holy llama herself at the Beginning! It had the potential to unmake the world's very foundations, and it didn't even know it. What a dreadful waste. If only those powers could be used at their full potential, by someone competent – someone like, say, himself – well, the possibilities were endless! And yet they were locked within this … this thing, never to be unleashed until the End of Days, or the day the thing gained its first IQ point, whichever came first.

He blinked, realizing he was staring at the thing hungrily. Shaking his head, he tried to focus on not stumbling in the deep snow. But still …

Primitive as this machine was, there was still something fascinating about it. Oh, most machines weren't much of an interest to him at all – some, primarily Giovanni's hellish armor, even aggravated him beyond reason – but this … it piqued a curiosity within him that he normally associated with his foolish, giggling mother. For all its mindless, useless bulk, it had never in millennia destroyed itself with the sheer power. It had never broken down, nor rusted. Its movements were as fluid as any living thing; one could almost imagine that it wasn't a machine at all.

Oh, what he wouldn't give to explore whatever mechanisms lurked within!

He blinked. The numbness creeping through his body seemed to be addling his senses.

What I wouldn't give to be able to teleport, he sighed, watching himself sink to his knees as if from a distance. Then we would … be able to be done with this … already …

A shadow fell over him as three long, huge fingers plucked him out of the snow. Wearily, Mewtwo lazily noticed that he was rapidly moving upward, before pausing before the machine's dot-like eyes.

"Cold," it droned.

Normally Mewtwo would make some snide comeback, but at the moment he was too cold and tired and miserable to say anything.

"Cold," the machine repeated. Then it cradled his stiff form to its gem-encrusted body, which seemed to actually be generating little waves of heat – testament to whatever mysterious mechanisms worked ceaselessly inside. "Help," it explained, though it probably didn't notice Mewtwo's expression of surprise. "Warm."

And so it trudged along through snow that barely covered its mossy feet.

Mewtwo, facing what passed for the thing's chest, wasn't sure what to think. The buffoon was, clearly, a buffoon, no matter how wondrous its inner workings might be … and yet … and yet …

He sighed again. Damn, but I'd love to see what makes it tick.

Letting himself relax in the warmth, he let drowsiness overtake him, wondering if Regigigas had a heart.