By the Mighty Lu Bu

Chapter 1 Another Life

I don't Own Xena or Barbecue Potato Chips.

Seven years after the death of Xena

(I've decided to do something a little different than what you find Fanfiction, far as post FIN stories go, and know I'm not linking gabby with Virgil so don't ask)

Gabrielle said calm and coarsely "Lyceus! Don't pick on your sister!"

The six year old blond headed green eyed boy said "But mom!"

Gabrielle replied "But nothing." The brown haired four and a half year old girl made a face at Lyceus thinking her mother wasn't looking.

Gabrielle said "Now Ephinia, don't think I can't see you."

The little girl stopped. Gabrielle walked around her house. Mounted on the wall in the living room was the Chakram, next to it was Xena's breast plate. Still blood stained from that day in Japan. A small tear rolled down Gabrielle's face. She cursed herself C'mon Gabrielle, I'm over this. Course to the left of that was Joxer's Helmet.

Gabrielle turned back and seen the toy Lucas in Lyceus's hand. A gift from Xenan who was rebuilding the Centaur nation in Dacia, which was north of the Roman border safe from attack by those who hate the Centaurs.

Course Gabrielle was still an Amazon queen, which meant that Ephinia was an Amazon princess. But she was not with them because she would have to give up her husband, Ellander. Something she could not do. Xena was her soul mate, but after he died she found Ellander in Egypt.

He had been a traveling merchant from Macedonia at the time they met. He had been their for her. In her grief. In her darkest hour. She could no more imagine life without Ellander now then she could, life without Xena over seven years ago.

Gabrielle at the time had descended into a dark life of alcohol and even a single murder, which haunted her. But Ellander saved her, just as Xena did so long before. After much struggle and even a little violence Ellander stuck by her side as she fought Alcohol withdraw and her darkness.

They moved to town called Ditrinous, a small village halfway between Potidaea where Lila lived and Amphipolis where Eve moved in and organized the revival of the town there.

Ellander opened the door. Ellander was a little taller that Gabrielle, with black hair and blue eyes. We was among other things, a merchant. Gabrielle turned to great him. He walked up to her and grabbed a hold of her and bent her down kissing her lips romantically. Gabrielle heard Lyceus say "Ew" in the back ground as Gabrielle giggled.

Gabrielle said "Well your in a happy mood." Ellander let her up.

He said "Today, I made 2000 denary, that's enough to finish paying off the house. I paid Simon the 1500 we owed him, and he was a little irate of course.

Gabrielle replied "Always liked having people owe him."

Ellander continued "We have 500 extra denary. So I got something."

Gabrielle looked at the silver necklace in his hand as he undid and put it around her neck. Gabrielle said "Now you didn't spend all of it did you, and you didn't let that merchant charge full price did you?"

Ellander said "300 denary, and no."

Gabrielle replied jokingly, "I'd of got 250. But really, I love it. Thank you."

Ellander asked "How are the little monsters?"

Gabrielle replied "Please don't call them that, but their fine."

Ellander then said "Lyceus. Come give your daddy a hug." The boy ran to him as he scooped him up in his arms.

Ellander said "Your getting big and heavy. Old enough to have a slingshot." Gabrielle bit her tongue, she knew that Lyceus would be causing trouble no time. Ellander said "Don't go shooting any jars or windows."

And Gabrielle said "And don't shoot the neighbors cat. I know you thought about it." The boy smiled slyly.

Gabrielle pointed "Don't, I'm serious."

Lyceus replied innocently "I won't mother."

Then Ephinia walked in saying "What about me daddy?"

Ellander replied "Oh I forgot you honey."

Gabrielle elbowed him saying softly, "Don't tease her"

Ellander then said "Fortunately I happen to have this Barbiecus doll."

Ephinias said "Amazon Barbiecus! Yea!" As Ellander handed her the doll, Gabrielle caught the inscription on the bottom, it said 'Carved in Chin'.

Gabrielle then said "Very nice sweetie."

Ellander said "Thanks honey." Then their was a knock on the door.

Ellander opened the door saying "Epernam what is wrong?"

Epernam said Exasperated "Where's the doctor?"

Gabrielle said "What is wrong?"

Epernam said "A wounded woman just crawled into the village, she's bad, a couple arrows."

Gabrielle said "I'll grab my things,"

She turned to Ellander who immediately said "I'll watch the kids." Gabrielle grabbed her bag from out of the Cupbard and ran out the door.

Gabrielle walked down the village road saying "Epernam where is she?" Epernam pointed to his right. On the merchant table their laid someone Gabrielle thought she would never see again. Gabrielle said surprised "Xena?" She dropped her bag without thinking.