Xena: Warrior Princess, rides again.

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After another week or more Xena had finally became able again to walk around and be her kick ass self. She had regained her strength rather quickly as she could often recover fast. Gabrielle was happy for her, and yet sad at the same time. Xena would soon have to leave. It tore Gabrielle up just a bit to know that.

Gabrielle went to Xena, with her sword and breast plate. Gabrielle said keeping her emotion in check, "I know you have to leave soon. I have your sword and breast plate."

Xena looked at them, she said, "Keep the sword, it's yours now, I can get a new one. And the breast plate, keep it to, I'll get new armor."

Gabrielle replied in shock, "Are you sure?"

Xena shook her head yes as she said, "They've been yours for seven years, plus that is the sword you used to defend the village. You should keep it." Gabreille nodded as she put the sword and armor away.

Xena exited the house as Gabrielle and her family followed her. Xena decided to speak to each of them. First the littlest one. Xena bent down, "Ephinia, you mind your mother when I'm gone, you should become a bard, it runs in the family."

Ephinia answered, "I like telling stories."

Xena smiled grabbing her cheek as she said, "Very good." and hugged Ephinia.

Xena turned to the other one, "Lyceus. Take care of her for me, learn to fish, you'll love it."

Lyceus asked, "Will you ever come back and teach me?"

Xena replied, "I believe your father will want to do that. But I will come back and fish with you sometime. I'll show how to catch a fish without having a rod or reel." She hugged Lyceus.

She got up and spoke to Ellander, "Thank you, for taking care of Gabrielle all these years. I can tell she picked a good man."

She shook Ellanders hand as he said, "I'll do everything I can to take care of her."

Xena turned towards Gabrielle. Ellander nodded at Gabrielle as he then said, "C'mon children. Let's go inside."

The kids argued, "But daddy?"

Ellander replied sternly, "No. Your mom needs some private time. Lets go." The kids relented and went inside as he followed behind them.

Xena looked deeply into Gabrielle's eyes, "Gabrielle, you could come with me. We could have our adventures again."

Gabrielle replied very carefully, "You know I can't. I need to be with my family."

Xena knew this was true as she said, "I know. Just thought I'd ask."

Gabrielle asked, "Where will you go?"

Xena answered casually, "I'd like to visit Hercules, then I'm going to spend time with Eve, she should still have Argo II. She has missed me terribly. Most of her life has been without me. Then I guess, whoever needs a girl with a chakram." Xena hugged Gabrielle.

Xena started to leave. Gabrielle was watching her go as emotion suddenly overwhelmed her. She ran out to Xena shouting, "I'm sorry Xena, I'm sorry." Xena turned around bewildered as Gabrielle continued "I'm sorry I didn't ask you stay before, I was.."

Xena tried to interrupt her but Gabrielle. "Worried about my family. I didn't want anything to happen to them."

Xena said grabing the blonde woman's shoulder lovingly, "Gabrielle stop. I know, you're a wife and a mother, you should have been worried. You were right." Gabrielle said "Oh Xena," They hugged each other tightly.

Xena said again looking into her friends eyes, "Listen Gabrielle, I love you, but I know you need to take care of your family, and if you don't want me to, I won't come around."

Gabrielle shook her head, "No, I want to come around. Come by as often as you can, and if you get hurt again, I'm here. Xena, I'll never forget our years together."

Xena replied, "Neither will I. I will come back, often. I promise." They started to separate as Gabrielle said "I love you Xena." They let go as Xena nodded. Xena turned and walked out of the village.

Gabrielle watched with a couple tears in her eyes as Xena left, disappearing on the horizon. Gabrielle began to walk in her house. As she opened her door, Lyceus said "look mom, look at what I made." Gabrielle embraced the small boy saying, "That's wonderful." She closed the door behind her as the sun set upon the cottage they lived in.


Well, now you've got here I hope you enjoyed my story. I wrote it for me of course but I'm absolutely thrilled that you all enjoyed it. That's what writing should really be about. Joy. Happiness. Sure a dark story will come along and it will turn your stomach but in the end you still say, "Wow, I enjoyed that."

But sometimes things don't happen that way. Sometimes. Sometimes we get our selves involved with disagreements and feelings get hurt. Sure we don't mean to hurt each others feelings. I've hurt a few of my fellow writers here in the past. Never meant any of it. I've had my feelings hurt by some writers as well. I hope they never meant it.

But Fanfiction is not really about the writers. Sure we post our stories and we all read those stories. But it's not about us. It's about something special. Not just Xena either. It's about keeping something we loved and cherished for whatever reason alive.

You see Xena lives on through Fanfiction, as does Harry Potter and all those others. That's what Fanfiction is really about. Whether we are writing for ourselves or other people, when we all write we write to keep our heroes alive.

I myself just love to see Xena, Gabrielle and the others in different ideas and different concepts. I'm trying to keep Xena alive. As are all the other writers. We all are here to keep Xena alive. Of course we also want to build our own writing skill, or entertain othersm or whatever. But it's still about keeping something that meant a lot to each of us alive.

I wouldn't be writing today were it not for Gabrielle. Her writing inspired my writing. Sure she is a fictional character, but it don't change the inspiration.

Sometimes however we forget that a little bit. We get caught up in politics and disputes. It happens. We are all human (unless the X-Files are absolutely right). Do we want the battle? Well I know I don't. I'm pretty confident in saying no one really wants to fight with each other.

But it happens. It has happened. Will probably happen in the future as people can't always get along. But that isn't what I want. I want to see the bickering end. I want all of us writers to get over everything that we are mad about. All of us. If that means in my case I need to apologize and change the way I do things. Then fine. I'm sorry to all that I've hurt.

Why? Because I love Xena. Writing Xena is more importantly to me than having a fight. Xena is about friendship, love, and forgiveness. That was the show.

Course some of us (me included) will write the dark stories and have the fights in the stories. But lets leave the darkness where it belongs. Inside our stories.

Don't know if my words will end up meaning anything to anyone here. I just want to convey that I want to get back to what I love. Xena and Gabrielle stories. Keeping Xena alive.

To every writer out there who has ever wrote a Xena fic, be it about Xena or Gabrielle or both, or neither but still set in the Xenaverse. To every writer out there, no matter how good or bad you may be. Thank you.

Thank you each and everyone of you from the bottom of my heart for keeping Xena alive.

The Mighty Lu Bu

David King