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Chapter 1 Scream

I am a nervous wreck! It's my first day at Forks High as a senior. I just moved in with my dad. I used to live in Phoenix with my mom. Renee and her new husband I can't think about that. I looked down at myself to check out my black skinny jeans and my favorite band t-shirt Tokio Hotel (A/N: I LOVE tokio hotel :] ). I looked at the clock. Ok good it's only 7 and I have to be to the school at 8 because I need a map and my schedule but school starts at 8:15. So I went downstairs to have breakfast and found a note from my dad:


I had to leave 4 the police station

Cuz there was a case I have been

working on that I need 2 look at

& then I am going 2 a friends but

I'll be home for dinner.



By the time I finished breakfast it was time to leave so locked the front door and walked outside, down the driveway to my BMW M3 I know it's kinda flashy for a little podunk town like Forks, Washington but I like fast cars. When I got in the car I plugged in my ipod and turned on some Tokio Hotel and turned up the bass.

(Police Siren)

Get up and somebody tells you where to go to,

When you get there everybody's tellin' you what to do,

Thank you it's been another bloody Monday and no one

Is askin' what you wanted anyway

- I started to sing-

Scream til you feel it

Scream til you believe it

Scream everything hurts til you scream it out loud(song continues)

I got to the school, got my schedule, and map and tried to find my first class. My first class was English and ugh that was so boring and very dreadful. Everyone whispered and stared as I walked in the room. "Hey I am Isabella Swan but you can call me Bella." I said as I looked for a seat and noticed everyone staring at me.

" Ms. Swan you may sit next to Mr. Crowley, Mr. Crowley please raise your hand so Ms. Swan knows where to sit." One of the guys who has been staring at me since I walked in the door, rose his hand. Now he's practically drooling as I sit down." Hey baby did it hurt when you fell from heaven?" He whispered. I laughed" Wow how long did it take you to come up with that one?" He frowned. For the rest of class he just glared at me.

2nd and 3rd periods passed by slowly and everyone did the same thing either stared or glared at me. As I walked in 4th period I was excited because this was the last period before lunch. I found a seat and got out my sketch book." Hey my name is Alice Cullen you're the new girl Bella. Swan right?" She smiled and stuck her hand out." Yeah I am the new weird girl everyone has been whispering about." She looked confused" Yeah but everyone has made you out to be this horrible black haired goth girl but your not you're really pretty" I blushed" Thanks" I went back to drawing then the bell rang and Alice turned to me" Do you wanna sit with me and my friends at lunch?" " Sure that's cool. Thanks" I followed her to the lunch room and headed straight for the lunch line.

" Come on Bella I wanna show you to my friends" She said as we walked to a table with 4 really beautiful people and they all looked at me as we walked up but the only eyes I could focus on were piercing emerald green ones that belonged to a sexy guy wearing a 3oh!3 tee, black skinnies, and a black hoodie.

"Hey" I said sitting down next to the beautiful god-like boy. He was listening to his iPod so he didn't hear me. All of a sudden he jumped and yelled "OW!" Alice smiled sweetly" Edward this is Bella Swan. And this, Bella, is my rude brother Edward."

"Hey, what's up?" Edward said smirking. "Not much just getting whispered about by everyone. How are you?" I asked sarcastically. " Yeah I heard, your not really emo or ugly at all." "Yeah and your not really depressing or creepy either." He looked at me shocked than he cracked up laughing. Then the bell rang signaling the end of lunch.

I walked into Biology and saw that beautiful head of bronze crazy locks.