So, since my Glee story is getting so many hits, I figured why not start something else? In that case, here's my Twilight Fan fiction! :D

DISCLAIMER: I DON'T OWN TWILIGHT! It all belongs to Stephenie Meyer and her genius vampire mind! :D

I was running through the clearing as fast as my feet would carry me. The black shadows continued to approach, getting closer and closer with each step I took. My heart was racing and my curls bounced wildly around my face. The red, glowing eyes behind the shadows glared through me in my effort to escape. Then I was suddenly alone. The pitch black night had absorbed me into its arms. I was locked in place with nowhere to run if I could move. Red pairs of eyes began glowing out of the blackness, getting closer until my blood curdling scream pierced the air.

My eyes shot open. I was breathing more rapidly than normal. My mother and father were in my bedroom before my eyes could even focus on the dark surroundings.

"Renesmee, sweetie, are you alright?" My mother asked worriedly. I didn't need to tell her all the details of my grotesque nightmare. I simply replayed the dream in my thoughts while my father, Edward, watched the rerun in my head.

"It's alright love, the Volturi are finished with us." He said. My moms' expression became more stressed.

"I'm fine, Mom. Just a dream, right?" I said, trying to sound convincing. Sometimes I didn't even believe myself though.

"You're right. It's nothing. Will you be able to go back to sleep?" Mom asked. I guess I'd convinced her, but Dad could see right through me.

Please, Dad, I'm okay. You can tell Mom otherwise when I'm asleep.

"She'll be alright, Bella." Dad winked at me, pushing Mom back into the hall and shutting my bedroom door. I grabbed my clock radio and stared into the glowing red numbers. 4:40 blared from the clock. Ugh, why bother trying to go back to sleep now?

I rolled out of bed and turned on the lamp sitting on my bedside table. I pulled open the double doors of my ever-expanding, walk-in closet and shuffled through the numerous amounts of clothing, most from Aunt Alice, much to my parent's dismay. I grabbed a favorite, one I wouldn't let my aunts give away no matter what, even though donating my "out dated" clothes was one of their favorite pastimes. It was a turquoise dress that fell just above my knees. I could never put the material's texture into words but it was gorgeous, soft, and shiny. Just my style. I put on a brave face, wiping any traces of my nightmare away and wandered down the long hallway, where I knew I'd have to lie and put on a happy face for my family.