A/N: Just a warning before we begin: This WILL get weird.

Disclaimer: I am neither Christopher Paolini nor John Flanagan, who are the owners of the Inheritance Cycle and Ranger's Apprentice, respectively. Just sayin'.

The Setting: A sunny clearing in a forest on a summer's day. Birds are singing, the sky is blue, yada yada. Enter characters from opposite ends of the clearing.

Will: [yelps and ducks behind Halt] Who are you?

Halt: Will, stop hiding.

Will: [sheepishly comes out from behind Halt's cloak]

Eragon: I assume you are speaking to us?

Will: [nods]

Eragon: Well, I'm Eragon. And this [points to each person as he names them] is Arya Dröttningu, Oromis-elda, Islanzadí Dröttning, Murtagh Morzansson, and Angela.

Arya: [nods regally]

Oromis: [touches his first two fingers to his lips]

Islanzadí: [regards everyone coolly]

Murtagh: [just plain nods]

Angela: [smiles and waves hello]

Eragon: Now, if I may ask, who are you?

Halt: [looks at Will like, "Dude, this is your problem, not mine"]

Will: [turns his puppy-dog eyes on Halt]

Halt: [rolls his non-puppy-dog eyes and faces Eragon] I'm Halt [jerks thumb at himself] and this [indicates everyone as he mentions them] is Will Treaty, Horace Altman, Alyss Mainwaring, Gilan, and Crowley.

Will: [smiles embarrassedly]

Horace: [nods a warrior's greeting]

Alyss: [smiles and doesn't wave]

Gilan: [smiles and does wave]

Crowley: [tugs the cowl of his cloak like the brim of a cowboy hat]

Everyone: [is awkwardly silent]

Cricket: [chirps]

Halt: [glares in general direction of cricket]

Cricket: [shuts up]

Angela: So...Why are we here?

Eragon: Wait...[eyes widen] You don't think...

Murtagh: [closes eyes] I do think...

Crowley: Would you mind, please, explaining what exactly it is that you're either thinking or not thinking?

Murtagh: [whispering, almost as a curse] FantasyNerd101

Crowley: [scratches head] Umm...who?

Dautr abr du Sundavar: [falls from above right between the two groups] Me. Kinda.

Everyone: [jumps]

Gilan: Who are you?

Murtagh: [at same time as Gilan speaks] What do you want?

Angela: [at same time as Gilan and Murtagh] What do you mean, kinda?

Dautr abr du Sundavar: [grinning] Gilan first. I'm Dautr abr du Sundavar. Murtagh, I want what I always seem to want when you see me. Angela, I mean kinda as in, I changed my name. I'm Dautr abr du Sundavar now, which is much more of a pain to write. [glances around at everyone] Now, any more questions?

Eragon: [mutters] Daughter of the Shadows, my foot.

[Horace, Murtagh, Angela, and Islanzadí raise their hands]

Dautr abr du Sundavar (or, as she shall be henceforth known, Sunda): [points] Horace.

Horace: How did you do that?

Sunda: Do what?

Horace: [gestures upward] Fall from the sky.

Sunda: Oh. Magic. [as if it is as obvious as the Rangers' quivers]

Horace: Magic?

Sunda: Yup. Murtagh?

Horace: [looks confused, but remains silent]

Murtagh: What do you mean, you "want what you always seem to want when we see you"?

Sunda: [grins evilly] I mean I want to torture you, Murty.

Murtagh: Don't call me that. Why do you want to torture us?

Sunda: [evil grin widens] Because I'm crazy and evil, Murty.

Murtagh (or, as he shall henceforth be known, Murty): Don't call me that!

Sunda: Okay, Murty. Angela?

Angela: [cutting off an irate Murty] Two questions, actually.

Sunda: Okay. Your first one?

Angela: Why did you change your name?

Sunda: [opens mouth, closes it, opens it again] Cause I felt like it, I guess. I don't really remember. And your other question?

Angela: Are we here by the power of your mighty M&M pen again?

Sunda: No. You're here by the mighty power of my computer keyboard. Islanzadí?

Angela: [looks thoroughly not-helped, but stays quiet]

Islanzadí: [glares at Sunda]

Sunda: [rolls eyes] Your majesty?

Islanzadí: Release us.

Sunda: [blinks] Um...excuse me?

Islanzadí: You heard me.

Sunda: Um...I hate to tell you this, Izzy, but...

Islanzadí (or, as she shall now be know, Izzy): [glares at Sunda even harder]

Sunda: [ignores Izzy] I'm not holding you here.

Alyss: What do you mean by that?

Sunda: I mean exactly what I said. I'm not holding you here. And I'm not entirely sure how to release you.

Murty: [eyeballs bug out of his head] So you mean we're stuck here?

Sunda: [nods] Uh-huh.

Murty: [eyeballs fall onto the ground] With you?

Sunda: Yup.

Murty: [passes out]

Halt: [raises an eyebrow] Well, this isn't good.

Crowley: Thank you, Ranger Obvious.

Halt: [glares at Crowley]

Arya: I believe the shaggy human is correct.

Halt: Hey!

Arya: [ignores Halt] We must find a way out of here. Oromis-elda, do you have any ideas?

Everyone but Murty (who is still unconscious): [leans in closer as Oromis ponders the question sagely]

Oromis: [ponders the question sagely]

Fly: [buzzes]

Izzy: [glares in general direction of fly]

Fly: [stops buzzing]

Oromis: [looks at everyone] Nope.

Sunda: Toldja so.

Everyone but Oromis and Murty-who-is-still-unconscious: [leaps on Sunda in a mass attack]

A/N: Tee hee! Toldja it was gonna get weird.