Chapter 1: The plan of Kronos

Hello my readers! The first chapter of this fanfic will take place during the Last Olympian when Percy and Rachel were on the beach. However it doesn't end with Beckendorf arriving to ask for Percy's help. It has a different ending since it's my fanfic. But you will have read this chapter to know how it will end.

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Percy's point of view.

Dusk was coming in a beach in the south shore of Long Island. Until that event, my friend Rachel Dare and I were having a walk through that beach.

Nightfall was almost upon us but we could still see the flashing lights of the sunset reflecting the sea, one of my favorite places. That is, by the way, because my father is Poseidon the god of the sea. However I owe the beauty of this glorious afternoon to Apollo since his sun illuminates the sight.

"Percy, you seem to be in deep thought," Rachel said. "Are you worried or something?"

I looked at Rachel and then I was shocked for a moment. With the flashing lights of this twilight, Rachel's hair seemed to glow like wild red fire.

"She really is beautiful when you look at her closely," I admitted in my head.

"Well, not really," I said answering to her question. "I was just enjoying the sight of the beach."

"I see," Rachel said. "I thought that you were thinking about the prophesy," she added

I didn't need to ask which prophesy she was talking about because we have been talking about it for months now.

A war was coming between the Olympians and the Titans and it was said that the next child of the big of the Big Three who turn sixteen will make the decision to destroyed or save the world.

Since I am a son of Poseidon that makes me a candidate of the prophesy. There were other two candidates: Thalia Grace, daughter of Zeus and Nico Di Angelo, son of Hades.

The thing was that Thalia chose to become a Hunter Artemis. So she stopped aging before she turned sixteen. That leaves her out of the list.

As for Nico, he is only twelve years old and since it was highly unlikely that the war about to begin will last 4 years (until he turn sixteen) that could leave him out of the list as well.

I, however, am going to turn sixteen in a week so it was pretty possible that I am the child of the prophesy. The fate of the world is in my shoulders wherever I like it or not.

"Are you scared of what could happen in a week Percy?" Rachel asked me.

I could lie to her but, usually; Rachel knows when I am lying so I just tell her the truth.

"Yes, I am a little scared," I admitted. "One small mistake and the world as we know it could end. And, unfortunately, I would be responsible for that." I added.

"Mmm, well I suppose that I would feel the same way if I would be in your place," Rachel informed. "So I would be a hypocrite if I begin to mock at you for being scared."

I gasped softly when she said that. Rachel's personality still surprises me from time to time. I have met many people during my life and not just humans: Gods, half-bloods, monsters and many other beings but none of them gets close to Rachel's character.

Sometimes she is so… Blunt. Yeah, I think that would be a proper word to describe her. Rachel hardly ever lies. She has this courage to tell people the truth in their faces if needed be. The problem is that sometimes she crosses the line and people get pissed with her.

Still, I like that quality of her. It makes me know how she really feels. Rachel is not like any other girl I have ever known.

After a few minutes of silence, the dark veil of night covers the beach. Now it only illuminated by the full moon in the high sky.

"Maybe we should leave before your mother start to miss us Percy," Rachel suggested.

I was going to agreed but, before I could say anything, I heard a very familiar voice behind our backs.

"At last I have found you."

We turned our backs and we saw a tall blond man with a scar in one of his chins and a sword in his belt.

I recognized the body. It was our old enemy, Luke Castellan. Nevertheless, he was possessed by Kronos, the king Titan.

"What do you want?" I asked him coldly.

"Well Jackson, you are a threat to me and my plans," Kronos claim. "So, I decided to take measures so that you won't interfere in my war."

"Really? And what exactly are you planning to do?" I asked.

"I am going to use one of my powers with you," the Titan claim. "Nonetheless, I need a female with you for it to work. Now that your redheaded friend is here with you I will take the chance."

"What power are you going to use?" Rachel asked a little worried.

"I am going to send you to the past," Kronos announce. "You won't be able to bother me after that."

"Wait, you can't just do something like that!" I yelled.

"Of course I can," Kronos declare. "I am the Titan of time! That means that I can control it at will. And now… Disappear."

After those words a golden vortex appears between us and we were sucked in.

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