Chapter 53: Reward

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Percy's POV

We watched as the Trojans took the horse to Troy. None of them aside from Cassandra had a clue that the content of the horse will bring the downfall of the city. However, since no one believes her prophecies, they just ignored Cassandra. Joy was written in the faces of the Trojans. They couldn't believe that they had fought this war for 10 years and that they had won.

They were right to don't believe it, though. They hadn't won. They are about to lose. And, unfortunately, it will end bloody.

Once the Trojans entered the city with the wooden horse, I lifted the invisibility spell on the ships and the fleet. They knew the next part of the plan. They are going to win this war. And… that means I have no business here anymore.

I looked down. I may have screw with history; caused the doom of many people, exhausted myself with magic, and gain new enemies but this was one of the best weeks of my life.

I know by experience that adventures are dangerous most of the times but this one in particular must be the most exciting, important, and dangerous one I ever had.

I have no idea of how will the future be now that I have change history so much. I don't know if it will be for the good or the better but I made a lot of good friends here.

And I will never see them again.

I sighed and looked around. We were in the clearing where we found Zoë. I know that she shouldn't have met me in this time, let alone know that I am from the future but I just couldn't leave her alone.

I loved her before she died and when she did die I felt so guilty that I never told her how I really felt. When I saw her again, it was as if I was given a second chance.

Maybe I shouldn't waste it this time.

My thoughts were interrupted when an iris message suddenly appeared in the middle of the clearing.

The one who was trying to contact us was Athena.

"Percy, we had already found a way to get you back to your own time," The goddess of wisdom said.

I nodded unsurprised. I knew that they were going to find a way to send us back today.

"Where should we meet you?" I asked her.

"We will send Artemis to pick you up and send you to Olympus," She explained. "There we talk."

"Fine," I said and the Iris message disappeared.

A few seconds later a burst of golden light was seen in the clearing. We shield our eyes with our hands and when the light faded the goddess of hunt was on the clearing.

"All right, come closer," She said.

We did and with a wave of her hand another burst of golden light showed up and a few seconds later we were in the section of Olympus were the gods keep their thrones.

The gods were looking at us from their thrones. They were quiet until Athena spoke.

"It took us some time but the muses and I manage to find a spell that can take you back to the future," She said. "However, it's a spell so powerful that it requires a lot of godlike power and it requires the power of the full moon. The thing is that the full moon won't be seen in the sky in a over a week more so we are going to ask the god of the moon to make an exception for us and turn the half moon into a full moon tonight," Athena said.

"All right," I said.

Making the full moon appear when it wasn't supposed to wasn't the most strange thing I had heard. Probably.

That was when we decided to wait until nightfall. We spend the hours in silent mostly but Zoë kept looking at me like if it will be the last time she will see me.

When it was nightfall the gods were ready but I said that I wanted to make an Iris message to Troy. When the gods asked me what for, I told them that the war will be over tonight.

After a few yells they made an iris message and were stunned by what they saw: Troy was burning; the gates were opened and the massive army of Greeks were slaughtering everyone who got in their way.

"Seems that your plan worked my son," Poseidon said proud.

"What plan?"

That was when I explained them the plan of the wooden horse. They were impressed at my plan but I didn't tell them that it was supposed to be Athena's idea because I don't want to get on her bad side.

"Well, let's get the spell done then," Athena urged.

She began to put the necessary things in a wide circle. Then Poseidon told me to follow him. Eventually we reached an empty room.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Thanks to you the war is over, so I am going to give you the reward I promised you," My dad said.

"Um, that is not really necessary," I told him.

"I insist," He said. "Besides, the reward will not be useful for you but for someone else," He added.

That caught my attention. Then Poseidon materialized a small wooden box out of thin air and when he opened what was inside I gasped.

There was a bracelet inside. Not any kind of bracelet though. It was made entirely of emeralds. Not a piece of metal in it. And it was beautiful.

"This is a special bracelet Percy," Poseidon remarked. "Its emeralds can only be found in my private underwater mine and it is crafted by mermaids. It is only given to the mates of my children," He declared.

I gasped again. My dad was giving me a bracelet as an engagement ring? He must have seen that in my face because he nodded.

"Yes it is, so I will suggest you to think well on who you give this bracelet to," Poseidon said. "Because once you do it there is no turning back in my eyes Percy. You will have to marry her," He sentenced.

This was a lot to take. I looked at the bracelet. The only girl that I wanted to give the bracelet was Zoë, but Rachel's face came to my mind. Gods what should I do?

"I know that you will go to the future soon so I will give it to you when you get there," Poseidon added. "Well go on," He said and teleport to the throne room.

I stood motionless for a few minutes but then it hit me that I needed to say good bye to Zoë. I found her quickly and told her to come to the same room I was with my father a few minutes ago. She seemed to get a hint of what I wanted to talk to her about.

"Well, I guess this is good bye," She said sadly.

I nodded feeling sad too.

"Will I ever see you again?" She asked hopefully.

"If things go the way they are supposed to go then we will meet again in about 3000 years," I said.

"But that is such a long time to wait," She protested.

"I know but, if you do see me again will it be worth it in your book?" I asked her while looking in her eyes.

She was quiet for a few minutes while considering what I was saying.

"Yes," She said smiling.

"See you in the future then," I said and give her a quick hug.

I went back to the throne room and saw everything set. Even the full moon was in the sky now.

"Well, the last ingredient needed is something that you will carry with you during the time travel," Athena said.

I thought for a while and then took out riptide. Athena put it in the middle of the circle.

"It's time," She said.

Rachel and I take one last look around and then stepped inside the circle. Athena began talking in the old tongue and suddenly the same golden vortex that Kronos use to send us back appeared in front of us.

We were sucked in again and prepared to face the unknown.

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