Title: The First Word
Author: Laura/lauralovesnaley
Claim: Glee Puck/Rachel
Table: Buffet- 20 prompts
Prompt: Cursing
Rating: Mature
Summary: Noah's language lands him in the dog house.
Warnings: A few curse words but not a ton.
Notes: First fic for this fandom. Hopefully, I do it justice. Written for my claim table at fc_smorgasbord on livejournal.

Rachel Barbara Berry-Puckerman is proud to say her husband has changed many things about her. He helped her tone down the number of voluminous words she used in a sentence. He helped her improve her flirting skills immensely. He helped her loosen up and have fun every once in awhile. But one thing he didn't help her with was cursing.

Rachel felt it was one of the most unbecoming things a person could do, and she rarely, if ever, uttered a naughty word. It is this very fact that has Noah in the dog house right now.

You see, all had been good and well in the world until it was time to feed his just over one year old baby. Walking over to his son, Puck got momentarily distracted by the "big game" on the T.V. and dropped the bottle. The word was on Puck's tongue but instead came from someone else's.

"Shit," Micah Puckerman said, and Puck knew he was in the dog house.

Hours Later

"Rachel, please let me in. I'm sorry," Puck said as he knocked on their bedroom door.

"No Noah. I refuse to be in such a setting where we might possibly conceive a child that will say such vile things at such a young age."

"Oh come on Rach, you love kids. You know you want more."

"Actually," Rachel said, opening the door but not enough to let him in, "I do want more kids, but I need some kind of guarantee our next kid's first word won't be as vile as Micah's."

"A guarantee?" Puck questioned, suddenly very nervous.

"Yes, and I have the perfect solution," Rachel said with a triumphant smile. "For every curse word you use in the presence of our child, that's one lingerie set that gets replaced with granny panties."

"Really Rach?" Puck whined. "That hardly seems fair."

"Well, you can either agree to this deal and maybe I'll relieve that throbbing I know is going on in your pants. Or you can decline and it'll be you and your hand for many nights to come," Rachel said in her most intimidating voice.

Now the sane part of Puck's brain said to call her on it. There's no way she could deny his hot bod sex for any length of time. But the insane part of Puck's brain, which was conveniently located in Puck's southern region, was dying for relief, and damn, did that stern but sexy voice of Rachel's turn him on.

"Okay deal," a defeated Puck said. Rachel smiled so triumphantly she didn't notice the smirk forming on Puck's face. "Now let's go fuck," he said and stuck his hand up her skirt.

"Noah," Rachel chastised, but she never got to finish her verbal assault. What can he say? Puck knows how to shut a woman up.

The End.