This is Kryta.

It's a land of palm trees and white sand beaches, of fertile earth and wholesome folk. A visitor passing through might think Kryta a land of peace and ease.

But if that visitor were to linger a while, they'd soon notice fear in the eyes of the farmers and hear whispered dissent in taverns. For Kryta is a troubled land.

Hiding in the jungles and among the populace, the Shining Blade rebel movement has grown increasingly bold in their attacks against the White Mantle, the ostensible leaders of Kryta. No doubt the royalist rebels are taking advantage of the relative weakness of the White Mantle after the recent deaths of their entire High Council.

But the White Mantle is not to be underestimated. They have rallied under new leadership – the stern hand of Confessor Isaiah – and their Inquisitors scour the land, hunting for rebels.

I am Murro, a humble historian and scribe. It is my duty to bear witness to these momentous events and report what I see with honesty. Over the coming weeks I intend to do just that, in these War Chronicles.


Murmurs filled Dakutu Village, the hidden base of operations for the Shining Blade rebels. Even with the head of the White Mantle decapitated, its serpentine body still strangled the life from the common folk who lived in fear of the powerful organization that enforced worship of its false gods, the "Unseen Ones".

But the Shining Blade knew the truth. These gods were nothing more than a powerful race of spellcasters, and now they were all but exterminated due to events a few years ago with the fulfillment of the Flameseeker Prophecies. A few stragglers still remained, but there were only sparse reports of any Blades spotting these foes.

"Your Highness, something must be done! The Peacekeepers are terrorizing the people! Only yesterday, Inquisitor Bauer was seen in the Ascalon settlement harassing the refugees!"

A beautiful young woman, clad in a blue-dyed and modified uniform of the Shining Blade, brushed a strand of her short auburn hair from her face. The deep blue gem of her headband captured the rays of the sun, glinting just slightly. Princess Salma, the heir to the Krytan throne, gazed at the infuriated leader of the Shining Blade. She understood his anger, as she felt it kindle within herself. "Peace, Bartholos… We have already sent Evennia and Livia to appeal to the Ebon Vanguard and the Asurans. For now, there is little we can do but wait and bide our time until our allies gather."

"I beg your pardon, but… I believe that the time for action is very near. The Peacekeepers have grown bolder in their actions against the people, but some of our allies from Ascalon, Cantha, and Elona have decided to strike at the Peacekeepers however they can as they travel the land. Even the Chosen who vanquished the Titans and the Lich Lord have returned to lend their assistance to the Krytan people." Bartholos folded his arms, the metal of his gauntlets rubbing together. "The recruits may not be as well-trained as many other Blades, but with the aid that is soon coming, we should finally have the strength to strike at the Mantle once and for all."

Salma sighed softly, briefly closing her eyes and sending a silent prayer to Dwayna that she was making the right decision. If they moved too soon, this ran the risk of failing, but if she waited too long, there was no telling how many lives would be lost and what kind of damage the White Mantle would do. Already several farms had been burned down across the country, and innocents had been tortured and killed due to false accusations from greedy neighbors hungry for a profit and the land of the ones they reported.

But this must be done… this tyranny can continue no longer. It is time for the Shining Blade to come out of hiding and for me to take my place as heir to the Krytan throne.

"Very well, Bartholos. It is time after all. I will issue a proclamation, but I need your scouts to issue a summons to the heroes of Tyria. They will be essential allies to have with us when it is time to march on Lion's Arch." As Bartholos saluted and went to confer with the two Master Scouts, Princess Salma raised her gaze to the sky. "Dwayna, protect us all… and Balthazar, steady our swords. In this time of war, remember your favored servant Doric and guide us safely as we reclaim the throne for his line."

War had finally been declared in Kryta.

I, Princess Salma, daughter of King Jadon and Priestess Berea, and Heir to the Throne of Kryta, call upon all good Krytans to rise up against the Villainy of the White Mantle. For too long, they have ruled us with campaigns of secrecy and terror, and it shames me to say we've let them do it. They derive their power from dark magic, sacrificing countless Krytan lives, yet never sating the foul appetites of their demonic masters.

But their time is at an end! The unseen demons lie decimated while the White Mantle Council itself is shattered. Today, the Shining Blade strikes as the sword of Vengeance, ready to dismember the White Mantle until nothing is left. Stand with us and we will see Freedom and Justice reign once more in Kryta.

It is time to expose the charlatans who usurped the Krytan throne for what they are: cultists, murderers, demon-worshippers. The White Mantle priests do not lie when they speak of devotion to powerful, unseen beings, but these slippery creatures are not gods. They are demons.

White Mantle rituals have always worn the cloak of secrecy, and now we know why. Rituals intended to select "Chosen" individuals for special duties within the White Mantle were an unforgivable Lie! And buying into that Lie were our children, our brothers and sisters, our mothers and fathers, poor naive souls marching deep into the Maguuma Jungle where they would Witness first-hand the Evil of the Unseen demons. These Innocents were Murdered and given in Blood Sacrifice to the so-called gods of the White Mantle. They derive all power from this foul wellspring of dark magic.

For too long, this story has festered, hidden at the heart of the jungle and lost in the death cries of the helpless. Fortunately for Kryta, some blessed few survivors have escaped to tell the tale. It is a tale of evil, a tale of betrayal. It is an ugly Truth that all of us must now face.