I think this might actually be considered kid!fic, it's definitely the closest thing I've ever written to kid!fic. And the worst part, it's not even on a bingo line I can complete, the idea just sprung up and kinda took hold and wouldn't let go. *head desk* I blame Gabe.

Disclaimer: Nit mine, never have been, never will be.

AN: Written for schmoop_bingo, de-aged (physical)
AN2: potions between lines in italics indicate flashback

Something bounced off the bed at Dean's feet, followed by giddy laughter, and he groaned. He rolled onto his stomach and shoved his head under his pillow next to his gun- he contemplated using it, either on the offending noise or himself. He'd been having too many mornings like this recently, as in since Gabriel, former Trickster and outed Archangel, had been stalking them, or as Gabriel called it, 'joining Team Free Will'.

"Uh-oh," Gabriel sing-songed, "think we woke up Grumpy."
His declaration was followed by more giggling.

"Damn-it Gabe, you know how he gets," Sam's small voice whispered between giggles.

"Well, it's his fault. I offered to let him come along."

Dean didn't need to look to know that a 10yr old shaped Sammy was standing hands on hips giving his equally 10yr old shaped Archangel one of his classic bitch-faces. The older Winchester tried not to smile; there was no way he found it even remotely cute. No way, at all. And he in no way grinned wider, if a bit sadly, remembering the first time he'd been woken up this way.

"What the Hell have you done to Sam?" he growled virtually seething at the small slightly chubby, child sized Archangel.

"I know your childhood was lacking Deanie-boy, but I'd think even you knew what a tickle fight was." Gabriel's Trickster smile still played perfectly in his miniature form.

Dean's glare seemed to harden further, "Change. Him. Back."

"Aw, but we're havin' fun, aren't we Sammy?"

The small ruffle headed Winchester, looked sheepishly up at his brother from his spot behind Gabriel and Dean's expression softened.

"Fine," Dean grabbed his jacket. "Just, don't destroy the room, and he better be Sam sized when I get back!" He huffed.


It was hours later when Dean finally returned, Sam, all 6'4" of him, was asleep on his bed, Gabriel perched silently beside him.

The Archangel brushed aside a stray lock of Sam's hair as it fell onto his face. "Neither of you had proper childhoods," he spoke to the air, never taking his eyes off Sam.

"Yeah, well, I tried."

Gabriel nodded, "So did I." He looked up at Dean, his honeyed eyes burning the same way Cas' did, "I wanted to give him that."

Sitting on his own bed, Dean pulled off his boots, "Well, next time, give me a little warning."

The angel perked up, "Next time?"

"Yeah," Dean smirked as he threw his arm over his eyes.

"You could, too." Gabriel offered.

Dean raised his arm from his eyes enough to cast a sidelong look at the archangel, "Nah, somebody has to keep an eye on you two."

Smiling Gabriel chuckled, "You Winchesters are a constant surprise." He leant forward placing a quick kiss to Sam's forehead, before snapping out of their room.

Gabriel had been right, Sammy deserved this kind of childhood, and if it meant that every now and then he got woken up by giggles and playful, happy sounds from his baby brother, well, Dean could deal with that.