The sun was on the horizon, just as it had been on the eve of their meeting. The death knight helped the paladin down from the massive horse.

"I was wrong to send you away, Morty… I was wrong about myself, and the Crusade, too."

"I was wrong to put you in danger like that. I'm sorry…"

"Don't be." Lora knew she was no longer welcome in the Scarlet Crusade. Perhaps the Argent Dawn would take her in. The paladin held up the necklace and looked thoughtfully at the crimson symbol on the tiny shield. After a moment, she took the necklace off and moved as though to throw it away, but stopped.

She looked at Mortimer and put the chain over his head, lightly hanging the symbol around his neck. Then, she moved forward and kissed him.

She was a Scarlet Crusader no more.