iDemigod Wars

Sam and Freddie finds out they're demigods, and that Carly can see through the mist. When they suspect their half siblings, Annabeth and Percy, like each other, they play matchmaker until a misunderstanding causes a war between Demigods. Can Grover, Carly and the Aphrodite children end the war? Clarisse is loving the war, by the way.

AN: Okay, you know what? That OC competition is out of hand because MOST of you, not ALL of you, were practically writing Sam with your name on it. I mean, seriously, guys? I asked for no Mary Sues. There were only a COUPLE of people who wrote originals, so to those people, I say 'good job' but I MAY not be writing the OCs after all. Thanks anyway for all your time.

Annabeth immediatly regretted forcing Percy to talk with Freddie. She should have known. She was practically forcing Percy to emotionally connect with Freddie, who barely knows him and who's still upset about being adopted. And if Percy felt what Annabeth felt with Sam, it must'nt have been good. Annabeth didn't know what she was thinking. It wasn't wise of her to think so impulsively. She just felt so bad for the poor kid that she wanted Percy to talk to him.

When Annabeth heard Sam Puckett, the crazy tomboy from iCarly, was her faternal twin sister, she couldn't believe it. She wasn't disappointed, but when she knew the iCarly girl, she wasn't sure if that was her sister. She seemed too much to be a daughter of Ares. However, someone who did know Sam personally, a daughter of Hermes something or another, says that there was more to Sam than meets the eye.

He told her she was wise. She may not be booksmart but she was wise, no doubt about it, wiser than Freddie or Carly. Annabeth knew being smart and being wise were two different things, and being a daughter of Athena involves being wise. What he told her was Freddie and Carly were once dating. But then Sam was the only one to know Carly was only dating Freddie because she was happy he saved her. And it surprised Annabeth someone as smart as Freddie Benson wouldn't know this and someone as 'dumb' as Sam would.

Also, people thought of Sam as downright vicious, because it's been well known for Sam to attack in a blink of an eye. But that wasn't it. According to her source, she was unusually quick-thinking. When it came to fights, Sam had this technique, involving keeping the arm and leg from moving. She was unusually tactique for a teenaged girl in high school. If that wasn't enough, rumor is once the iCarly gang were locked up by a crazy fan and Sam was able to open the door using a duck bone...Annabeth didn't think that was possible.

Everyone knows picking locks wasn't something most 'dumb' people knew how to do. And Sam supposedly knew how to do the infamous Vulcan Touch. Annabeth knew it existed, but she never understood how to do it. It didn't exactly came up on the internet. It took real skills to learn it, and finding the pressure point wasn't something easy to do.

If the wisdom wasn't enough proof, the blonde curls were a dead giveaway. They looked exactly like Annabeth's. Well, not now, since Sam's hair was straightened.

But now Annabeth had no idea how to talk to Sam. And Sam wasn't exactly a fan of dead silences, and since Carly and Grover were talking in the corner, Sam decided to talk first. "So, you like Percy, right?"

"What?" Annabeth asked in disbelief, "No, I don't."

"Sure, you don't...You know I didn't know 'Daughters of Athena'..." Sam said, feeling weird saying that, it sounded like some sort of club to her, "...were good liars. You know you can tell me, right? I'll probably find out sooner or later."

"I'm not. Sure, I'm a little jealous of Rachel, but that doesn't mean I-"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa...Who's Rachel?" Sam asked.

"...No one." Annabeth said quickly. But Sam gave her a look. Annabeth swore she saw herself with that look once. "Okay, okay...She's just a human who can see through the Mist. And...let's just say she's not exactly my friend."

"You hate her, don't you?" Sam asked quickly. Annabeth quickly figured she wasn't one to beat around the bush.

"Yes." Annabeth said, feeling defeated. She was surprised to how quickly she admitted something she couldn't admit to herself to a total stranger. Then again, she wasn't exactly a stranger. She was her sister. "Well, not hate...I guess I'm just jealous."

"Of what?" Sam asked curiously, raising her eye.

"Nothing. Look, let's not talk about this now, okay? I mean, I've confessed so much to you, someone who I just met, that I couldn't even confess to people I've known my whole life. Can we talk about it...Some other time?" Annabeth asked.

Sam shrugged and stood up, "Okay, fine...If you say so. Annabeth loves Percy..." she taunted.

Annabeth scoffed, "I do not! I wouldn't love Seaweed Brain!" she said and stood up along with Sam, "And even if I am, I bet you're jealous of Carly."

"What?" Sam laughed, "Carly's my best friend. I'd never be jealous of her."

"Sam, come on, more than 700 guys showed up just to date her. Not to mention the fact that she was Freddie's first kiss and dated Freddie-"

"WHOA! I was Freddie's first kiss!" Sam slipped out, then put her hands on her mouth, not believing what she just said! She was just annoyed that someone would think she's jealous of Carly, and tired of people saying Carly was Freddie's first kiss that she wanted it to stop! "Forget I said that..."

"What?" Annabeth exclaimed, smiling, "You were his first kiss? I can't believe it!"

"Neither can I!" Sam added, "We did it just to get it over with, nothing happened afterwards."

Annabeth smiled, "Sam loves Freddie..." she taunted, mimicking Sam's earlier words.

"Whoa, I do not love that tech geek, okay! Look, you don't wanna talk about Percy now, I don't wanna talk about Freddie now, so we're even." Sam decided.

"Okay, fine. But we will talk about it sometime or another, 'kay? I gotta make sure my sister doesn't get heartbroken just because she's in denial about her feelings." Annabeth said.

"Well, if that isn't the pot calling the kettle black...Okay, fine, I swear." Sam said finally. But Annabeth stopped her, "Swear on the River Styx."

"I swear on the River Styx." Sam rolled her eyes, even if she knew what the River Styx was...Don't as her how she knew, she just did. All these new Greek facts came to her head with a blink of an eye, stuff she's never even heard of once in her life.

Changing the subject, Sam bend down and quickly grabbed the tip of the Backbiter, "This is so cool...I swear, I could probably cause a lot of pain with this baby."

Annabeth smiled, then she slid her foot under the blade of the Riptide, which Percy left on the floor in sword form, then she kicked her foot and the Riptide jumped in the air and she grabbed it, "You could, but you need training." she smirked as she held the Riptide in her hands.

"How'd you do that?" Sam asked.

"Like I said, training. I could train you. Being friends with a Son of Poseidon can lead to a lot of quests, and you'll need training ASAP." Annabeth told her. Sam looked at the Riptide, then smirked.

"Well...maybe I can-" Sam started, but surprised Annabeth with a sneak attack with the Backbiter. But Annabeth was smarter than that. Sharp as a tact, Annabeth swung the Riptide against the Backbiter.

"Dang...I was really hoping I could get away with that." Sam said.

"Look, Sis," Annabeth chuckled, never thinking she could say that, "I've been training since I was 7 years old. You're gonna have to step up a little."

"Well, you better prepare for the competition, Sissy..." Sam smirked, "I've been fighting for my life the very minute I was born...I started a fight with a 3 month old the second I was born on a city bus."

"City bu-? Never mind." Annabeth decided, knowing Sam's adopted mom wasn't the best, "Okay, well then, remember. We're Daughters of Athena. We exist for one purpose..And that is to defeat the Sons of Poseidon."

Annabeth and Sam laughed, "I'm down with that purpose!" Sam smiled.

"Okay, so they told be you were quick-thinking. Let's see. You have to blind the other. Move so fast you're barely visible. But just 'cause you're fast doesn't mean you can slouch. You still have to be aggressive and try to attack on the sides of people." Annabeth finished, but Sam wasted no time. As soon as Annabeth finished talking, Sam quickly took her advice.

"Whoa!" Annabeth cried as she tried to dodge Sam's fighting. It was amazing how fast she was. But Annabeth was slightly faster. That didn't stop Sam from being aggresive. Sam took Annabeth's advice and hit her sides, but she couldn't. Annabeth tried to hit back but when Sam stopped the Riptide she was practically forcing the Riptide to Annabeth. Finally, Sam decided to take her own advice: cheating.

First, Sam tried to recall how Annabeth picked up the Riptide without her hands and with her foot. She remembered Annabeth put her foot beneath the blade...

She got it.

She hit the blade close, but not exactly on Annabeth's hand, after all, she didn't want to cut her sister's hand on their first meeting, but she was precise. It was practially only a centimeter away from Annabeth's thumb. The shock of the closeness made Annabeth drop the sword. Recalling Annabeth's move, Sam did the same and grabbed the Riptide in her other hand. Then she stopped Annabeth when she had two swords in her hands and in front of Annabeth's neck.

"Whoa!" Annabeth said, honestly impressed, "You're good."

Sam smiled at the compliment. But she underestimated Annabeth, because while Annabeth seemed to be congratulating her, it was a distraction as Annabeth quickly grabbed Sam's wrist holding the Riptide, pushed the her hand in front of Sam, and now the Backbiter was near Annabeth's neck and the Riptide was near Sam's neck. Pretty much a 'kill me and you kill yourself' situation.

"Nice move." Sam said, "You're really good...Well, of course you're good, we have the same blood."

Annabeth giggled, but then the giggle turn to a huge laugh as she didn't notice she and Sam were standing on a puddle of punch, and slipped on the ground, sending the Riptide flying away from her hand, and making Sam fall down because, after all, Annabeth was holding her other hand and the Backbiter flew the other direction. They both laughed, even if their butts hurt.

They were both too busy to notice Percy and Freddie came back in. Percy and Freddie were surprised at the laughter. Then Grover turned to them and said, "Um, everyone? We gotta go...NOW, very important..."

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