Speak The Little Girl's Name! by, The Grinning Psychopath.

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Full Summery. Sequel to my Story Tongues. Edward & Carlie are back home. Edward is torn, between is loyalty to protect his family, and his need to protect himself. will his and Carlie's secret get out? will they be banished? or will their darkness spread to encompass the rest of the family?


Written upon the request of twilightblacksoul. Valentine Wolfe, The true Grinning Psychopath Extraordinaire, Unholy lord of the drugs. bless her evil heart.

And now, Speak the Little Girl's Name! What is her Name? ohh can't you guess? *Insane Laughter!*


Edward POV



Seattle Washington. 2010, January 1st.

Fireworks, exploded, in the sky, making all sorts of flashes, and bangs. People cheered, people cried, people laughed… people celebrated.

But I concentrated, on none of this. But instead on Carlie's lithe little body. As she bounced up and down on me, a particularly large firework. Illuminated her lovely porcelain features, which were twisted with passion, the light glinting, off the sweat on the tips of her small pear shaped breasts, like diamonds. And the bang nearly… but not quite, drowning out her sensuous cries.

"I've been waiting… so long for this, ohh!" she moaned, pausing astride me, one hand, on my right thigh, and one on my stomach, so she could support herself. I could feel her internal muscles, fluttering around me, like a butterfly.

I bit back a groan, as I tried to keep from exploding right then and there. She smirked, at my obvious effort.

She leaned down, to smother me, in the hot flesh, of her breasts. Shuddering, as I tongued her nipples.

It took, us three month's to finally tack, our own family down. After all, everyone had seen Renesmee, all around our old home. And so our family had, had to leave, something we'd been on the verge of doing anyway, but which her disappearance had forced us to do more quickly.


I'd been told, what the new location, would be. But after three years, of searching for Renesmee. And then finally tracking her down, to a drug house. And her attempt to seduce me, into having sex with her, and then her suicide attempt, and then my finally giving in to her advances. Had all made that memory, somewhat… hazy.


Me and Carlie finally tracked, our family down, to here. In Seattle Washington. I we'd both been welcomed in open arms, a fact that surprised me. I'd been expecting disgusted and accusatory stares, and angry loathing words. Seeing as it had been my decision, to sleep with Renesmee, and Alice was all about seeing our decisions.

And Alice had been watching out for Renesmee as much as she could, despite her inability to actually see her, and so probably would have been watching my decisions as well.

But there had been nothing. Just relieved, and tearful looks. As everyone welcomed us back. Laughing, with joy.


And Bella, my sweet Bella. Oh god, she was so beautiful. And so alive. Oh she was still technically dead, but the last time I'd seen her, she had been so… cold, emotionless, dead. She had taken what she referred to as Renesmee, to bed, where she and I could watch, Carlie sleep.

Carlie… not Renesmee, no. to me, Renesmee, was that sweet little girl I'd told stories to while she rested in bed, that girl, I'd always, been able to cheer up, despite any dark cloud, that may rest over her head.

Carlie, was a twisted, disgusting version of my daughter. To my family, she was still Renesmee, fuck a jackrabbit in the ass with a screwdriver, she even managed to mimic Renesmee's old emotions correctly. Or maybe they weren't synthetic like I believe, after all Jasper was an Empath, and would be able to pick up on that sort of thing, and would have told the rest of the family.


But then, she had been through a lot. And so he might just put it down, to that.

Either way ever since, me and Renesmee's first, coupling. She'd become Carlie. And that was how I always referred, to her, as Carlie. No one ever noticed.

The family begged for details, on what happened, to Carlie, and how I managed to find her. Be and Carlie of course refused. Carlie delivered another ultimatum, about our future together. And life went on.


And now here, me and Carlie lay. In bed, her astride me, rocking back and forth, takin more of me into her. Moaning. In an old shack, me and her had bought, together.

I abruptly realized that I'd had enough of her. I gripped her thighs which were swollen with her arousal. And reversed our positions. She giggled, breathily. And I squeezed my eyes shut, as I rode her. Making sure not to use all my force behind it. Carlie was strong, but she was still somewhat weaker than the average vampire's.


I felt both her and my own orgasm coming. And I groaned. Panting slightly, and Carlie openly gasping. We came together, with an explosive, exhilarating rush. Gasping, she wrapped her arms, tightly around my waist, and tried to pull my into an embrace. I held fast, preventing myself from lowering onto her.

Wanting as little contact, with her as possible. Having her sweaty muscular legs, locked around my own, and being inside of her, was about the limit of just how much contact I could take.


She finally gave up, disappointed. And I got to the side of the bed, and just sat there, looking off into the distance. And trying, very hard, not to think. I felt Carlie, sigh. And sit up. I then felt her come up, behind me, and wrap herself around me. And press her lips against my back.

"Oh daddy," she sighed, and I flinched. "I thought, we talked about that whole moral compass of yours," I whirled around to glare at her. "I Agreed, to sleep with you, and in exchange, you stay here, with our family, you act exactly as the old Renesmee would have!"


I gave her, a disgusted look, and got to my feet, and reached to the nightstand for my black jeans, my gray boxer's rested inside.

"Oh come on daddy," she cooed, and rested back against, and she began touching herself, I shuddered, and looked away, even as the scent of her arousal, washed over me. "and I thought we also agreed, that you'd need to drop your, high and mighty attitude. Cause your mine now, Daddy! not Mother's, not Carlisle's your not even your own man, your mine. Mine and mine alone. You sealed yourself to this bargain, the night you took my," she giggled "innocence."


"And besides," she giggled again, as she began sliding her fingers in and out of herself. "its not like you really have much of any moral high ground here, after all. If you truly didn't want this deep down," she murmured softly, "I wouldn't be able to affect you like I do."

I ground my teeth, but she was right. I stared at the motions of her hands, as she continued to stroke herself. And felt myself getting hard all over again. Slowly, walked back to the bed. I then clutched at her porcelain thighs, and thrust them far apart, I got down before her, and before I knew it, I had replaced her fingers with my tongue. And began probing the inside of her. She cried out in surprise, and pleasure.


Tongues! Tongues!


And I growled, even as I continued my ministrations. And when I had successfully managed to coax, two more orgasms out of her. I withdrew my tongue, and stood up to my full height of 6'1.

I reached down to stroke, her stomach softly. Feeling her muscles, spasm over and over again from her multiple orgasms.

She smiled, a slow wicked smile. At me, and I just managed to keep myself from shuddering. I knew she was right. Some part of me, did want this, some part of me wanted to yank her up by her hair, unzip myself, and get her to use her mouth, for better things, than insulting me.

And so I did. I pulled her up by her hair. And began undoing my pants again. She grinned from ear to ear as I did this. And swiped my hand away. And began working at my pants herself.

I groaned, as she brought me out. And went about to return the favor. I could feel her grin, even as she went down on me. And along with the sense of pleasure, as she used her quite skilled tongue, to stroke and probe me, as I had done her. Came that sense of unimaginably great feeling of shame.

Shame Shame!

When I had spent myself in her mouth. I took several shaky steps back, and she gave me a saucy smile. And this time I did shudder.

And I had to touch the name permanently engraved in the flesh of the underside of my left forearm.

Renesmee C. Cullen.

Lately just as it had been the only thing, keeping me from turning my back on Carlie, in that grove I'd first… made love to her in.

Speak the little girl's name!

It was the only thing, keeping me, from turning my back on the family, and going off the Volturi, and asking them for death all over again. I was almost certain Aro would grant me the wish, if I so asked it again. Or maybe… maybe he'd go for Carlie. It was an idea that had crossed my mind.

And part of me, wondered why i hadn't already done it.


Maybe it was because of the uncertainty as to what Aro would do exactly. maybe it was because, of the just how broken up and betrayed the family would be over either me or Carlie's demise. or maybe it was because of that part of me, that wanted Carlie. whatever the reason. i was stuck, trapped by my own sense of duty, to protect the family and Bella from all harm, no matter what the cost was to myself.


i picked up Carlie's scattered clothing, and threw them to her, motioned for to get herself to the shower, and cleanse herself of my scent. meanwhile i would be doing, a similar thing in the lake, the very bottom of it to be precise.



Speak the Little Girl's name! Speak the Little Girl's Name! Speak the Little Girl's Name!


To Be Continued

And Now What is the Little girl's name? CARLIE! SPEAK THE LITTLE GIRL'S Name! CARLIE! SPEAK THE LITTLE GIRL"S NAME GODDAMNIT! RENESMEE CARLIE CULLEN! There we go now your getting it.


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