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The dark blue haired dancer excitedly entered the Extreme Arcade, and as she predicted, Zero was surrounded by her chatty female friends who were happy to see him back and were filled with several questions and stories.

She skipped to the crowd of familiar people and stood around until Emi noticed her arrival.

"Hey Alice!" she shouted over the music of the arcade. "So it's true? You were at Zero's house the other day and got him to come back?"

The aforementioned man briskly walked away from the conversation before it got awkward.

"Um, yeah that's technically what happened," she said.

"So how didja do it? Didja find out why he was gone?" Emi asked.

"I um, don't know if he wants everybody to know," Alice replied, not knowing what to tell them.

"What's so secret about it?" Yuni asked slyly.

"U-um," she started, "he was gone because of personal reasons, and I umm... we talked it over and he came back or... something like that."

She glanced across the room at Zero as if seeking his help, but he was being interrogated by the male members of the arcade.

"You did a good thing, getting him to come back," Emi said with confidence. "I don't know much about him, but I think he needs to take a break sometimes."

Alice smiled sadly. "I think so, too."

"That is how I fixed that man's dreams," Queen Zukin bragged to Louis.

"If I may comment," the king began, "wasn't it Alice who fixed his dreams in the end?"

"But I chose her," Queen Zukin argued. "She was the only one who could get through to that stubborn closed-up surgeon. Had I not shown her the dream, things never would've improved. So I deserve credit for using my power to solve problems in a world you would think my power couldn't reach!" She laughed out of satisfaction. "And now, his dreams will revert to normal. A perfect victory for me!"

"Why did you choose her?"

With a big grin, she answered him. "I know that man trusts her because I've seen her in his dreams!"

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