Pippin's Rivendell
By Jocelyne Pipe
Two Methyloctane

Disclaimer: Rivendell and all the characters from The Lord of the Rings are property of the great J.R.R. Tolkien, with the exception of a few, which are mine. Easy to tell which ones because they don't appear in the trilogy. They are names generated from the various name translators available on the net. Please enjoy, and review!

Chapter One
The Awakening

Pippin woke up to feel the sunlight on his face. As he sat up and looked about the large room, the memories of the past two months came rushing back to him, and he remembered he was no longer in the Shire. Instead, the elegant and ornately decorated room reminded him quickly of the last few hours of their journey.

The last thing he could clearly see was Frodo drifting in and out of sleep, continuously moaning from the pain of his injured shoulder, and always coming closer to death, his eyes almost seeming to see something no one else could. Pippin himself was very fatigued as well, and he was nodding off into sleep. Through blurred eyes he had seen many tall Elves, long blonde hair and straight-backed, and all with quivers on their backs, daggers at their waist, and bows in their hands. What happened next he was unsure of, but he thought they had been lifted and carried. He also vaguely remembered hearing gentle voices, though he did not know what they were saying. Pippin realized now that they must be in another tongue. The next thing he clearly remembered was waking up, but immediately he knew his location.

he whispered to himself, as if any louder noise would disturb the peace and beauty of the room. They had reached their destination. For the past two months, Pippin and his three friends had been traveling over rough terrain in fear of the terrible Black Riders always pursuing them. Their journey had not been in vain though. One of his friends, Frodo Baggins, was carrying a small, but very powerful ring. Their goal was to reach Rivendell where it would be safe. Slumping back, Pippin relaxed for the first time in weeks.

Peregrin! Fool of a Took. Wake up you lazy hobbit! Startled, Pippin woke up again, having fallen back asleep, and looked around in fright. Sitting in a chair in the corner was Gandalf the Wizard, looking very calm, smoking a long pipe.

Gandalf! What did you do that for? Pippin asked, irritated and slightly scared.

Oh, no reason, my dear hobbit. I merely wanted to keep you on your guard and be assured your reactions had not waned, what with all the excellent Elven food they have been feeding you. But I see that your reactions are in perfect working order.

Well, thank you very much. I was having a very pleasant dream about — he stopped abruptly and looked quizzically at Gandalf, Elven food? They have not been feeding me Elven food. I would've remembered such a treat.

Indeed, but in this case I'm afraid you were too far exhausted to remember elven food. The Elves have kept all of you hobbits under close watch, and they have done everything possible to make sure you get as much rest as possible. You have been too anxious these past weeks. Which, given your task, was perfectly understandable. Pippin sat up and rubbed his eyes.

My friends are here as well? Where are they? Why have they not been to see me? How is Frodo? Questions ran through Pippin's worried mind, but Gandalf put up a hand to silence him.

Yes, your friends are here. Samwise woke up a few hours ago, but went straight to Frodo's room. He did ask me to say hello to you, though. Meriadoc is still sleeping, I believe, though he awoke yesterday. As for Mr. Baggins, he was in a very critical situation when he arrived. Elrond is still attending to him, but he is expected to be up and about within a few days.

Oh, thank you for this news, dear old Gandalf. But, begging your pardon, I would very much like to go and try some of this excellent' Elven food for myself. And possibly go and see my friends.

Of course, my dear Took, Gandalf said, rising. I was just about to go off and visit Frodo myself. It is good to see you well and up, and I'm sure any questions you may have will be answered in a short time. No point wasting breath to repeat the stories again and again, so we shall wait until Mr Baggins is awake. Good day, Pippin, he said as he shut the tall, thin door behind him.

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