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"DEMON/ summon"



It was a glorious morning in the Land of Fire, the sun was shining and the clouds were of the variety that promised a beautiful day, the perfect day for the return of a hero.

Jiraiya's thoughts were wandering slightly as he approached the aptly named Village Hidden in the Leaves with his young apprentice, thinking back to a similar trip he had made many years ago. 'Has it really been so long since my trip with Minato, and to see his son grow into such a fine young man..' The silver haired Sannin mused, thinking back on the three year training trip and the events that had happened therein before realizing that said blonde haired apprentice was practically yelling at him.

"Pervy Sage come on, I know you're mad at me but at least you could talk to me, I mean she didn't even slap you that hard!" Naruto Uzumaki exclaimed, pointing to the red hand print that still adorned his Sensei's right cheek.

"You call this not that hard you little brat!" The Sannin replied, mocking anger as he pointed to the same spot "And besides that, you still cost me a lot of money with that little stunt of yours."

"Yeah, yeah, and it was my money anyways you old Pervert!" The young Uzumaki replied with a huff, remembering how empty Gama-chan had been after Jiraiya's trip to that particular brothel. After a moment Naruto realized that his sensei had stopped and looked back, only to be greeted with a goofy grin as Jiraiya began hopping on one foot 'Not this again' the blonde mentally facepalmed.

"Kid you underestimate me, for you see I'm no ordinary pervert…I'm a super per-"

"Harem Jutsu!" Jiraiya stopped dead as he was suddenly surrounded by multiple sexy blonde versions of his knuckleheaded student, resulting in a geyser of blood he thought the Hokage may even be able to see.

After watching his Sensei fall over and begin twitching, Naruto undid the henge and let his shadow clones disappear while he was doubled over in a fit of laughter. "Y-you should have see your face Pervy Sage."

Jiraiya stood back up after a moment only to find his student heading towards the village without him. "Hey Naruto, wait up, the village isn't going anywhere you know"

"Yeah but the sooner we get back the sooner I can start trying to find Sasuke again, and I promised Sakura that I would bring him back!" the look on the blonde's face would have fooled most people into believing that he was determined to bring back his former teammate, but after 3 years Jiraiya could see the underlying sadness in the boy's features as he spoke.

After entering the gate Jiraiya watched his student run up a pole and declare his return to the entire village that he had returned, and despite himself the Toad Sannin was smiling at the boy's antics. Just then they both heard a voice calling said boys name, when they looked over they saw a girl with short pink hair wearing a medics skirt and a sleeveless top standing in the middle of the street.

"Sakura-chan, hey!" The blonde jumped down and ran over to his teammate with a small grin plastered across his face.

As Sakura watched Naruto running towards her she couldn't help but notice how much her goofy teammate had changed. From the fact that he was now taller than her to the much more noticeable muscle beneath his jacket, it was obvious the three year trip had changed Naruto quite a bit however Sakura couldn't help but think about those three years.

'He's finally back….but it took 3 years, 3 years I could have spent with Sasuke-kun if he just hadn't failed…'

After greeting each other, the two Leaf nin talked briefly about Naruto's trip before setting off with Jiraiya to the Hokage's tower so they could make their return official and also report the Toad Sage's findings on Akatsuki and other information they had gathered over the 3 years travelling the element nations.

When the long, and in Naruto's very loud opinion, boring conversation with Tsunade about their trip and the training he had undergone, the two ninja were informed that they were again part of team 7. At this point the Jonin of said team, Kakashi Hatake, made his presence known from the window of the room, informing his two students that he would be testing their progress over the 3 years since they had last operated as a team.

"Fucking finally, it only took that silver haired retard 3 years to heal my damn legs." A red headed ninja stood up for the first time in a long time and stretched, still feeling wobbly from the disuse of her legs since that Suna bitch had dropped half a forest on her. Looking around the sparse living quarters Tayuya sighed, remembering why she hated living in Oto so much, well that and the idiots she had to deal with daily, including one or two who would make the mistake of actually hitting on her.

After wandering the latest base for a while, getting used to walking again, Tayuya reported to the Otokage and Snake Sanin Orochimaru. After bowing to the snake, Tayuya could feel his cold reptilian like eyes looking at her.

"Tayuya, i have a...special mission for you" upon hearing his voice, an involuntary shiver went down Tayuya's spine 'He scares the living hell out of me' was her only thought.

It took a moment for her to register what the Otokage had actually said before replying "Yes lord Orochimaru, what is the mission?"

Over the next day Tayuya was briefed on her mission, the assassination of one Uzumaki Naruto, being given a rundown of the changes in Konoha since her last mission there, as well as a case file on the Leaf ninja she was going to be killing.

Looking through the file, Tayuya came across a picture of the boy among the pages of information, she immediately recognized the boy from their mission to escort Sasuke back to the sound village. The redhead sat down in her room and studied the picture, noticing that it was recent and displayed a young man who was very different from the blonde shithead she remembered from 3 years ago. Looking it over, Tayuya noticed first that his outfit had changed considerably, including a toned down amount of orange and a serious expression, also noticing the way his deep cerulean eyes reflected the sunlight like an ocean…

Wait what the hell was she thinking? Admiring an enemy ninja, were the years of laying around in bed making her go soft? After getting over this she changed into her tan top and black cycling shorts, an outfit she hadn't been able to wear due to usually being in a hospital gown during and after the operations on her legs, although she decided against the infamous 'ass bow' that she had always hated. As she did this Tayuya went through a mental checklist including her equipment and the plan for Naruto's assassination and, satisfied everything was in order, left for Konoha.

As Sakura and Naruto were fighting Kakashi in, Surprise, the bell exercise, Sakura felt herself getting more and more aggravated.

Sure Naruto was noticeably stronger after his 3 years of training, including a major spike in his mental capacity and battle strategy, but in those 3 years she was sure they could have brought Sauske-kun, her Sasuke-kun back to the Hidden Leaf.

After the battle both Naruto and Sakura were holding a bell, due to one of Naruto's unpredictable plans including spoiling the ending to the new book he had given his sensei. After a short speech from Kakashi the two headed home together. As they were getting close to their respective homes Sakura suddenly stopped in a dark alleyway, noticing that the pinkette was no longer walking with him Naruto turned around and looked back at her "Sakura-chan you alright?"

Sakura glared at Naruto thinking 'of course I'm not ok, I think it's time to tell him how I feel.'

After stopping and turning around Naruto noticed that Sakura had stopped for some reason. 'I wonder what's wrong?'

Watching her walk slowly towards him, Naruto couldn't hold down a small blush and thought 'Maybe after all this time she finally changed her mind about me in the 3 years that I've been gone.'

Inside his cage the Kyuubi silently laughed thinking 'BRAT YOU ARE ROYALLY SCREWED' and preparing his healing chakra for what he expected to be the biggest beating the kid had ever received.

Naruto then noticed a strange expression on her face that looked alot like...Anger? Shyness? Embarrassment? Naruto couldn't tell but after a moment the emotion on her face became quite clear.

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