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Tayuya couldn't believe she was being forced to do this, sure she had initiated the bet but to believe the shithead would have her wear THIS...it pissed her off. "I'm going to kill him, if he thinks I am going to wear this all the way to wave he's dumber then the Noodles in his ramen." She mumbled, the whole time her face was redder then her hair.

After a few minutes she was ready or at least as ready as she could ever be. So she walked out of the bathroom into the small 1 bedroom hotel room they were staying at, and the first thing she noticed was the blonde shinobi staring out the window, the reflection showing a hint of sadness as he was lost in thought.

Tayuya grinned as an idea came to her, it wouldn't be much but it would still be a little bit of revenge. So as quietly as possible the red haired Kunoichi walked up behind Naruto and wrapped her arms around him pressing all her exposed flesh against his back and arms, with her mouth right next to his ear, said softly "Naruto-kun I'm done changing" She smirked as his body tensed and shivered from the contact.

But then she became surprised when he relaxed and replied "Hey Tayu-Chan" His voice was shockingly calm as she saw the slightest hint of a smile replace the deep frown he had only moments before.

Naruto smirked slightly at the look of surprise on Tayuya's face, she probably thought he'd freak out and usually she'd be right. But since she told him she would stay with him he wasn't as nervous around her.

The blonde was however surprised how good Tayuya looked in what he had got her to wear. It was a two piece string bikini that was skimpier than anything either had ever seen, the black and red top was matched perfectly by the thong that showcased her bottom, showing every one of her curves. These were complimented by the pure red ears and tail and her hair which, now that it was free flowing, reached nearly to her mid-back. Altogether Naruto couldn't believe he hadn't passed out due to a nosebleed.

After another minute Naruto found his voice "You look...wow..." although it wasn't more than a jumble of words he could still see the blush deepen on the redheads face

"S-shut up s-" she stopped and seemed to be thinking for a moment "Naruto-kun, This…this is hard for me, I've never had anyone in my life like you before, and that cock sucking snake strongly discouraged relationships in Oto, which meant if you got caught in one you could get killed. This is all too new for me..."

Naruto smiled and stood up before pulling the redhead into a tight hug with only made her blush due to what she was wearing. "Don't worry Tayuya, it's new for me too and you more important to me than my own life…we'll do this together."

"Could you…can you close your eyes? She asked looking away.

"Why? Are you going to take your top off?" He was punched rather hard in the arm.

"Damn it Shit head just do it!" the blond laughed and did as he was told, Tayuya bit her lip and started to lean in to press her lips to his but as luck would have it a bright yellow form hopped through the window.

"Hey Boss! Long time no see." Gamakichisaid as he hopped from the window sill to the bed.

The blonde looked down to the bed with a smile on his face. "Hey buddy, what are you doing here?

The toad was about to speak when his eyes landed on the pissed off red head. "Umm what's with her, she looks like she wants to do horrible things to me." He said backing away a little

"Oh no your fine she was just thinking about something when you hoped in Right Tayu-Chan?" Naruto said draping his arm over her shoulder and kissed her cheek as if he knew she was planning on kissing him.

"Asshole!" She shouted and stomped off to the bathroom.

Naruto laughed at her as he watched her ass move in the thong. "Any way bro, sad to say this is not a friendly visit, Jiraiya has a message for you." He opened his mouth and held out a scroll with his tongue.

"What could pervy- sage want? Is he asking me to go back home?" Naruto pulled the scroll away while biting his thumb and undoing the blood recognition seal and proceeded to scan the letter. His eyes widened momentarily before he rolled the scroll up and looked at the girl who just walked out of the bathroom fully dressed "Pack up we're going to Suna…"

The reply was just as he expected it "Why the hell would we do that, have you lost your fucking mind?" without a word Naruto handed the scroll over to her and watched as she read it.

'I don't see what the big deal is, but if he's this worked up it must be important to him...' She thought as she read the scroll. "All right then let's stop fucking around and get moving."

Gamakichi smiled "that's all for me boss" and disappeared in a large puff of smoke. After the yellow toad was gone Naruto turned to Tayuya "Hey Tayu-Chan what were you going to do earlier?" He could see her blush, which was plain as day "You'll find out later shit head." And with that she left the room followed closely by her blonde-haired companion.

Standing on the border of tea and fire Sasuke had destroyed yet another pair of shadow clones, and Sasuke was about ready to kill the Next thing that moved, The next thing happened to me a sound nin ran up to him, with a flick of the wrist, the Sounds nin's head was rolling on the ground. Sasuke looking at the body and saw the Nin was carrying a scroll with a seal in the form of a very venomous snake twisted around it.

The raven haired boy quickly unwound the snake and opened the scroll, knowing that Orochimaru would only ever send him a scroll if it was of the utmost importance. After reading the scroll quickly he smirked thinking 'The dope will definitely go after Gaara and whichever Akatsuki have taken him, and if it's Itachi!' The boy was shaking a bit with anticipation as he took off through the woods, 'Just you wait Itachi'

Back in Fire.

Tayuya couldn't believe she had actually agreed to go with Naruto. To Suna of all places, not only was it in the exact opposite direction of wave there was also the fact that she was still associated with the snake bastard Orochimaru as far as the ninja villages knew at least.

Despite the hurry of their check out, the two ninja took off using mostly back roads and alleys so they could avoid the chance of running into any of the Konoha nin that were most likely already on their tails.

once they got to the edge of the town they decide that walking out the front gate was better than trying to scale the wall and chance drawing any unwanted attention to themselves.

It took them almost two hours to get out of sight of the town before they could take to the trees and started in the direction of the vast desert known as Wind country.

"Hey shit head you're being unusually quiet" Tayuya spoke, unable to keep a small amount of concern from seeping into her voice. The blonde shinobi just smiled at her

"Sorry Tayu-Chan I'm just hoping that Gaara will be alright, I know he's kazekage now and all but it's still got me worried ya know? He's like a brother to me" The redhead nodded although in reality the only people she had ever truly been concerned about were herself and, more recently, Naruto. She looked at the blue eyed boy her thoughts straying from the situation at hand as she remembered how he had acted back when they had first "met" during the time he was attempting to get Sasuke back from her and the other members of the sound five.

That goofy orange jumpsuit he had worn was gone now 'was better than trying to scale the wall and chance drawing any unwanted attention toand the grin that came with it. In its place was a thinner more gray jacket where the only other colors were the red swirl he himself had placed on the back and a small amount of orange on the pocket area of the jacket. Tayuya had managed to convince him to buy a few pairs of pants that weren't orange, in case they ever had to spend multiple days evading Nin where unnatural colors like orange would give away their position. In their place currently was a pair of black pants with his kunai holster actually sewn into the fabric, so it could be easily concealed if needed. Altogether Tayuya thought this look suited him better at times like these when he dropped the stupid look he usually wore for a more serious one, his mouth was a thin line as he looked straight ahead and the whisker marks on either side seemed slightly more defined as well as this was the small amount of red that would flash in the boys cerulean eyes every now and then.

Not saying that, since meeting Naruto at least, her look hadn't changed. Instead of the old Oto uniform she had worn before Tayuya now wore a long sleeved dark violet shirt, with the same red swirl on the back. and she now wore a medic style skirt in addition to the black cycler's shorts that she had started with though they were truly all that remained of the Tayuya who was a sound Nin. Now she was Tayuya, deserter from Otogakagure and accomplice to, as she could only guess he was now, nuke-nin from Konoha Naruto Uzumaki, and she couldn't truly find it in herself to complain about that. The only thing she would miss about Oto was the fact that it might be the only place she could get any information on the family she only ever heard from Orochimaru about.

"Tayu-Chan did you hear me or not?" Naruto called out louder.

The question interrupted her thoughts and she looked at the blonde who just sighed and repeated "I think we should stop for tonight, it's already pretty late." After a moment his words registered and she nodded slightly.

Upon jumping down from the trees the two quickly found a small cleared out area far enough from the trail that they wouldn't be disturbed by anyone who was stupid enough to travel at this time of night. Naruto quickly gathered some wood and dug out a small hole then dug out a match and started a small fire, looking over at Tayuya "What should we have for dinner?" the red head only sighed and walked over

"Keep it simple for tonight, maybe just some cooked meat or something." She saw the blonde nod and helped him fish out some dried meat they had packed as well as a pan so they could cook it.

An hour later both Naruto and Tayuya had eaten their fill and were sitting side by side "Hey Tayu, are you all right? You keep spacing out?: He looking at her

Next to the fire he saw that she had suddenly turned to him telling him she was off in her own world again "Naruto-kun… I" said boy turned his head curiously only to be met by a pair of soft lips, for a few moments he was too shocked to do anything but then, slowly, he kissed the red head back and pulled her closer to him. After a few more moments There lips separated and they looked at each other though to both their surprise neither was blushing, so they sat by the fire and enjoyed the little bit of comfort of peace in the chaos that their lives had become and neither could say at that moment that they weren't truly happy.

"Tell anyone I did that Uzumaki, and I will tear the fox out and shove it right up your ass" She said laying her head on his shoulder.

With a light laugh the blond Hanyou whispered. "I'd rather go up your ass." So shocked was the redhead that she dropped her Henge making her fox traits appear along with her red face.

Tayuya was having a great morning so far, after waking up and for once not even pretending to move away from the blonde haired boy she was cuddling in her sleep. And when he tried moving to get up she bit him telling him she was not ready to get up yet. Then the two had breakfast before breaking camp and continuing to the edge of the forest and into the great dessert of wind country.

"Did I ever tell you what I hate more than being woken up?" Tayuya asked in a sweet tone that made Naruto cover his balls up. "THE FUCKING DESSERT!" She was pissed, because not even half a day in to the dessert they were already being hit with a small sandstorm.

The two were hell bent on making it to Suna by the end of the day, spurred on by the fact that around midday they could see the outline of the ninja village.

The redhead was happy until her she found the 2nd thing to ruin her day, which came in the form of a sand shinobi who carried a giant fan and whose blonde hair was put into four mini-ponytails and also just happened to be the same bitch who had nearly killed her while saving the pineapple haired bastard three years earlier.

The first thing to happen was the girl greeting Naruto and, next thing they knew, she was trying to kill Tayuya. If it hadn't been for Naruto Tayuya would have ended up trying to kill her also, as it was the blonde haired boy had to create 5 shadow clones, helping two pin down Tayuya while the other three did the same with Temari "Come on you two don't go trying to kill each other!" The two Kunoichi were surprised by the serious demeanor of the normally goofy leaf shinobi, Temari more so than Tayuya.

"That bitch attacked me first shit head!" The redhead yelled as she tossed a ball of sand at Temari

"Well why the hell are you here anyway, you should know that any of Orochimaru's bitches aren't welcome in Su-"

At that point the sand hit Temari in the mouth making her hack and gag and she started spitting the sand out of her mouth. "I'm not one of Orochimaru's nin anymore so get your facts straight before you attack next time, got it fucking pigtails."

After a moment Temari saw Naruto nod telling her that Tayuya was with him, "So I take it you two are here about Gaara's kidnapping then"

After receiving a curt nod from them both she sighed "All we know is their general location and the fact that the one who attacked was a Blonde haired man wearing a black cloak with red clouds, an Akatsuki member whose name according to Jiraiya, is Deidara."

Tayuya as any of them could see was still pissed but she nodded "Alright then I guess we'll head to wherever the hell it is they're at." After receiving a nod and directions from Temari the two nin quickly took off in order to find Gaara and his kidnappers.

Naruto sighed contentedly; it had been almost 3 hours of nonstop running before they got to the general location and decided to take a few minutes to rest before attacking the two Akatsuki members. As for why he was so relaxed, it had to do with the red haired foul mouthed girl who had fallen over during her nap only for her head to land on the blondes shoulder and his first thoughts were. 'I'm not complaining' smirking at that thought he closed his eyes deciding it was as good a time as any to get a little rest.

At that exact moment he heard a faint chirping which sounded to him like a mass…of…birds. Naruto sprang into action picking up Tayuya and jumping to the side as a stream of lightning pierced the rock where he had been sitting only moments before and, knowing that technique anywhere, glared up at the raven haired boy standing on top of the rock. He wasn't in shock at seeing Sasuke after all this time; he was too busy being pissed off that he had almost killed him and Tayuya. His next sentence seemed to piss off the Uchiha even more.

"What's wrong Sasuke? Too much of a wuss to fight me like a man, or does your ass still hurt from your last 'lesson' with that snake pedophile."

"Yeah your one to talk dobe, I bet that bitch has you fucking her along with every other guy she meets."

Naruto sat the redhead in his arms down gently and glared getting into a taijutsu stance he had learned from Jiraiya, ready to kick his ex-best friends ass all the way back to Oto, what he didn't notice was the presence of a single chakra tail behind him. "Don't think you can insult Tayu-Chan like that and get away with it, the village may kiss up to your emo ass but I swear I'm going to rip you to pieces!" and what was surprising to the Uchiha, as was evident on his face, was that he could tell the blonde meant every word of it…and Naruto never went back on his word.

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