It was a perfect afternoon, the sunshine was casting a golden light on the flowers and the children ran around barefoot, shrieking and giggling as Harry and Charlie sprayed water at them with their wands.

"It's a beautiful house" Ginny sighed, sipping her drink and gently rubbing Lily's back as she slept soundly on her chest. She was barely more than 2 months old and had been the object of much adoration that afternoon.

"I quite like it" Hermione smiled contentedly, watching her two tiny sons tearing around. Joshua was nearly 5 years old now and he hero-worshipped James Potter who was sprinting slightly ahead, his long legs meaning he could move faster. Just behind was little Daniel, her other son, he was barely 2 and his chubby little legs were nowhere near powerful enough to keep with up the pace of the older boys and he quickly gave up and bumped down on his bottom next to Albus and Ron and Susan's two girls, Emma and Isabelle. Both of Hermione's boys had her russet curls and Joshua had her large brown eyes and slim build, but Daniel could have been Charlie's mini me except for the hair.

"Thank you for having all of us to stay" Susan sighed, stretching her legs out to give them the chance to tan a little and rubbing her swollen tummy.

"It's no problem, I miss you all. You're welcome here whenever you want to stop over"

"I still think it was very brave given everything you're contending with at the moment, getting ready for the new baby and everything"

"We've got a week or so yet" she said, nodding to her own large stomach "This will be the last one I think"

"You said that about Daniel" Susan teased "How did Charlie take it when you told him?"

"Like a big child" Hermione giggled, watching as her husband picked up their youngest son and threw him up into the air before catching him, setting him down and making his way over with Harry and Ron "He's always ecstatic"

"Of course I am" said Charlie, dropping onto the bench next to her and lacing his fingers into hers

"You always said you would never have children" Ron said, in an almost accusatory tone

"He also used to say he would always be a bachelor" Harry grinned, kissing the top of Ginny's head and taking the baby from her for a cuddle

"What can I say?" Charlie grinned "I was presented with a far better option"

Hermione sighed again "So perhaps the marriage law wasn't such a bad thing after all, we may never have gotten together without it"

"No you would have done" said Ginny "you're so weirdly perfect together that it had to happen somehow"

"I think we've made the best we possibly could of this marriage, I wouldn't change a single thing" Charlie smiled and Harry and Ron pretended to vomit.

The conversation may have continued further but the doorbell rang through the house, Hermione struggled up to answer it. She was followed back into the garden a few minutes later by Felix and Poppy and their daughter Grace who gave a squeal of utter delight upon seeing all the other children and toddled unsteadily over to join them.

Charlie had been right, there was very little that could have improved the scene in front of her, Hermione thought. She was surrounded by her best friends and their children, her beautiful sons and a loving husband. For the briefest second she was taken back to the kitchen of the Burrow, staring at Charlie across the table, knowing full well that he was exactly as terrified as she was. They had both been uncertain of their future, sure that this was the worst thing that would ever happen to them. Now, she was sure that no picture would ever be more perfect than the one she could see in front of her. Charlie kissed her lightly and wrapped his arms around her from behind, resting his chin on her shoulder. She rubbed her stomach as it twinged slightly; nothing could her any more content than she was at this exact moment, except perhaps one.

Less than 24 hours later Elizabeth Rose Weasley made her way into the world, nearly 2 weeks early. Hermione's picture was complete.

A/N: Ok, so it didn't include triplets, between pms and reviews the vote for and against was pretty much 50 50, I tried writing both but, as some people argued in their reviews, triplets just seemed a bit much. I'm also sorry that this isn't quite up to my normal word count, I'm not sure that I'm particularly happy with this ending but I wanted to get it done before the workload got too much and I had to keep putting it off again. I may come back and rewrite it in the summerbut, even so, I hope this was something like the result you were hoping for :) and once again (without wishing to sound too sentimental and stuff) a huge thank you and a virtual hug to everybody who has reviewed or even read this story x