Chapter 1 Happy Freakin16 th BirthDay to Me!

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I was asleep when i heard a soft "Happy Birthday Renesmee" from my mom, I slowly opened my eyes under my covers and i knew that this day had finally come, my 16th birthday. Great.

i thought to myself then I peeked from under the covers and groaned."Thanks mom." then stuffed my head back under my covers then she chuckled and walked out of my room.

"You better get up, you don't want to be late for school". I slowly sat up in my bed and looked out of my window at the sky. i sighed and i got up and walked to my closet and noticed that there was a shimery pink wrapped box with a big white bow on top and then i knew exactly who it was from."You've got to be kidding me"i said under my breath as i saw the card with my name on it.

i riped the card off of the box and read it to my self."Happy sixteenth birthday kiddo, i saw these and knew you would love them. Love Auntie Alice!". i laughed to myself and ripped threw all the over expesive wrapping paper and opened what appeared to be a big lime green and very glittery shoe box. i threw the top off them and saw the very same pair of brightly over multicolored Chuck Taylor's that i wanted. i smiled to my self and walked inside my closet.

i knew Alice would get me something i would actually want this time. hmmm i wonder what will i wear considering that fact that the folks are making me go to school today on my freaking birthday. i thought to myself as i plundered through my piles of clothes on the floor. i have been saving the perfect outfit for this day, i went over to the far back where my favorite riped tee and a pair of dark denim skinny jeans that complemented my new found hips was hung. the colors on that shirt will go great with my new shoes! i thought.

i went over to retrieve my toiletries and skip to the bathroom where i turned on my ipod and strolled to my favorite song and cranked it as loud as it would go in the deck on the wall knowing it would piss of my parents but it was my birthday, my 16th freakin birthday! i brushed my teeth and ran warm water on my face then sat and thought of maybe doing something different to my hair. What ever so i just brushed all the tangles out of my long bronze colored hair and hurried to my room to get dressed dancing and singing along to the music. I got dressed happily for a first today not knowing what this day would unfold.

On the way out the door i noticed my dad grinning at me from the kitchen. "Happy birthday baby girl!" he said to me running up and squeezing me."thanks dad"i said putting my ear plugs in."So you dont want to see what me and Emmett got you?". "Dad im gonna be late for school!" i sighed but was also curious of what he got me.."Come on, i guess we have to hurry then. follow me." i nodded and he put his hand over my eyes and i thought to myself, this better be one hell of a present!.

I could hear giggles and footsteps around me from the rest of my family then he droped his hands."HAPPY BIRTHDAY !" The Whole family said to me in perfect unison. I looked ahead and saw my present a shinny and glossy black totally bad ass BMW! with a big pink ribbon on top. i heard Everyone around me yell my name and before i knew it everything was black...

"Renesmee! Are you okay?" i heard my mom say."She hears you. shes gonna open her eyes in 12 seconds." Alice said.

I opened my eyes and looked around. "What happened?." i said trying to sit up."You Fainted silly!." Alice said giggling at me also with Emmett and Jasper laughing at me. i felt embarrassed with my cheeks flushed automatically in responce. I got back up and stood on my feet and realized what my dad just gave me. I ran and jumped on him."Dad Thank you so much You rule! I can drive this to school?" i said kissing his cheeks and then touched one to show him how i felt . My power really came in handy, especially when i had moments when i just couldn't get the words out."Of course you can sweetie." he said with a bright smile on his face and soft golden eyes looked back at me. "You better go if you don't want to be late!" he said again motioning me off.

I ran to the car and sat in and thanked everyone and said my goodbyes, through my back pack in the back then plugged my ipod in and i was off. I took after my dad in the driving department, i drove fast and careless but i had to keep a low profile. I knew he was getting me a car because i knew he got tired of me driving his "Precious Volvo" around and nearly totaling it at the high school. Forks High school,Where My whole family attended years back, my mother was frozen at 18 and my dad 17 of course they couldn't be my parents but from my looks i knew i would be questioned with my moms big brown eyes and my dads cheek bones and full lips and bronze hair,but my story was that or my grandpa for that matter adopted me from New England where my mom and dad are "Attending" college.

It was the middle of my junior year,i knew everything there was to learn and i really just wanted to go to stop suspicion among the people of forks and really because i wanted to be with people around my age, the social aspect really.

I turned into the school parking lot and i swear every single eye that was out side in the lot was on me,well my car at least. I didn't hate being the center of attention, i just didn't want to be known as one of those typical flashy Cullens but i couldn't help it, my family spoiled the shit out of me!. I parked in my usual spot and just sat in the car for a while. As i looked around in the car checking everything out when i heard a tap on the window.

I Turned to look and it was one of my close friends Ashley,She was the younger sister of Jessica Stanley, one of my moms old friends i guess. my mom was shocked to hear that i became friends with Jessicas younger sister and from what my mom told me about Jessica, Ashley was nothing like that. she was nice and honest and even perky in all the right moments. She was a little shorter than me and i was only 5`5 even,she had dirty blond hair and a really big smile, i signaled for her to back up so i could get out. she smiled and stepped to the side as i grabbed my backpack out of the back and stepped out.

"Happy-Birthday Ness!,Wow is this your present?" she said basically drooling over the car, i laughed."Yep, from my dad." i said looking at my cell the check the time. it was 8:45am we had time before the first bell would ring. i looked around at all of the boys taking pictures and ogling over my car and i rolled my eyes."your gonna be the talk of my school now!" Ashley said as if i was suppose to be happy about that. I locked up the car and we walked up to the building and i was nervous. me nervous? i don't know what came over me was it the fact that it was my birthday or i was awaiting the arrival of my next present, my Jacob.

I smiled to knew it was my birthday and has been counting down for this day more than i have. Jacob was my boyfriend..well more than that i guess, my mom really liked him but my dad just had to get used to him, i love Jacob i really do. i saw him there at my locker waiting for me. there he stood with a dark flannel and jeans fitting in all the right places, Jacob had dark skin with his long dark hair which i told him many times to cut but he just wouldn't, he was very muscular for any regular 17 year old he stood about 6 feet tall, all the boys in school tried to avoid him but the girls however couldn't get enough. He saw me walking towards him and he smiled his gruff smile that i liked which showed how perfect and white his teeth were.

"Hey baby!" he said walking towards me. i met his smile with my own and he grabbed me for one of his hugs that lead to a migraine. he squeezed me so tight."Cant breathe!" i said, he let me down as he laughed."Happy Birthday!" he said handing me a small box out of his locker which was right next to mine."aww babe you didn't have to get me anything."I said giggling and snatched the box away from him shaking it.

it was light sounded like jewelry maybe? "Open it!" he said more enthused than i was apparently.i took the top off of it and there lied a beautiful bracelet, it was silver with small stones of sapphires inside small hearts dangling from it."Jacob... its perfect." i said standing on my tiptoes to kiss him.

When i kissed Jake everything around me just wasn't in focus and didn't matter, his soft warm lips always warmed mine.

I was always the one that had to end them too. I broke the kiss and smiled happily as i clipped the bracelet on my left wrist."What did your folks give you today? i know its something big." he said a little gruff, looking ahead as we walked side by side with his arm around me walking to my first class. "Well Alice brought me these!." I pointed and showed off my shoes."She must be physic or something, how did she know you wanted them?" he said his eyes running down my body to my feet. I laughed to myself "She knows what i like and my Dad brought me a car." I said trying not to sound to spectactular.

"Whoa a car? really gave you a car?". " Yep." i said a little smug as we stopped in front of the door of my first class."Have a good day birthday girl" he said kissing me this time holding me gently so i wouldnt have to stand on the tips of my toes. Jake was strong but not to me it felt equal. The way he kissed me this time was different like electricity running through me. I broke off the kiss, and i heard people whispering "Get a room" and "isn't he to old for her" . i laughed and pushed him off ."Go to class." i said turning around and walked in to class room with my cheeks flushed.

This class was one of my favorites. Biology, i loved biology, i was a really fast learner, i went to take my seat by Ashley of course. as i sat down i guess she noticed my flushed cheeks."Check you out! you and Jacob totally made out in front of everyone just now." i laughed to myself we never had a problem with a little PDA. "It is my birthday you know." i said looking down at my book and thats when walked in and started the lesson.

The lunch bell rang and i rushed to the cafe and there at our table was Ashley,Conner,Sophie and Jacob. He saw me and automatically pulled out a chair for me, i walked over to them and as i did i heard whispers mentioning my name and gritty looks, i caught one staring eye of a girls and i just grinned and sat down then looked up to see Jacob looking at me from the corner of his eyes with a tray piled high with food.

"Nessie, what are you doing for your birthday?" Sophie asked smiling obviously having something up her sleeve."um i don't know yet" i told her smiling back. i noticed that Jacob was distant and looking away as if he was upset about something.

"Whats wrong" i asked holding his hand."nothing" he said and suddenly got up and stormed out of the cafe. i was confused

why was he acting this way? did i upset him? i looked around at the stares and whispers but i didn't Care so i got up and walked after him, he was outside the cafe looking down at the gravel."Jake,whats wrong?" i said approaching him "you did it again! you forgot our plans?" he said looking angry down at me . plans? what plans are he talking about? did i miss something?"Jake what are you talking about?What plans". "You don't remember our phone conversation last night?"

Fuck! i thought ,what an ass i just made of myself, of course he had made plans for me, he wanted to take me down to La Push where he lived for dinner. It wasn't that i was just bailing on him i just couldnt go to La Push, he told me this as i was falling asleep, well that's just great. "Jake im sorry! i remember now, you told me this when i was half way conscious last night!" i said staring back at him frustrated now.

He looked at me for one quick second then stormed back in the cafe, i was stunned. he left me there just standing there. what was his problem? He had the nerve to wait till my birthday to throw a fit? i couldn't deal with him , i was suddenly angry. I stormed off to my car and sat inside until it was time to go back class. As i just sat there looking out at the school, i just put my ear buds in and turned my ipod up as loud as it can go, about a few songs later there was a tap on my window i heard it but what normal teenager would with ear buds as loud as mine could hear that so i just turned my head to the side and looked surprised and there he was, i wasn't really happy to see him after what he just pulled.

I opened the passenger door for him and he slowly sat in."Wow baby nice car!". He said looking around eyes wide. i sighed "Jacob whats really bothering you?" i said looking into his eyes trying to read any expression on feelings he gave off, I could since his anger, but why was he so angry? He just looked at me."Well..?" I said getting annoyed at his attitude. "Nessie don't act like you don't fucking know whats going on! Every time i plan something for you just blow me off.!" I just looked at his agonizing eyes and my heart just sank but a little part of me felt guilty and angry at the same time, i couldnt tell him what was really going on and about my real family and most importantly what i was and why i rarely ever ate aroung him. An hybrid. half human and half vampire. "Jake, I'm sorry."

Was all i said looking deep into his eyes, i wish i could express to him how i felt right now but i couldn't do that with Jake i knew he loved and trust me but i was loosing him."I cant take this right now Ness, its your birthday and im trying to make you happy." He said trying to calm down.."What do you mean you cant take this?What am i doing?" I just got to the point where i just needed my own space, i noticed he began trembling at his hands and slowly spreading up his body. "Jake..whats wrong, you have to tell me whats going on!." As students started exiting the cafe and going off to class Jacob shot out of my car with out saying a word. it was my free period now and i didn't want to worry into anything but What was wrong with him? Did i just make him that angry? I felt and knew at that moment was that i wasn't the only one with secrets...

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