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The only thing i could think about as i ran towards the Cullen`s house was Ness and why she was avoiding me. I knew the pack would see all of this but i considered that they would be near if my visit to the Cullen's turned out to be a battle. i would do anything for Ness but hurting her family, i knew that would kill her.

Within a split second i stopped short in front of a path where i smelled a familiar very sent that stood out form anything else in this world. *Nessie*
Why is Ness in the woods and is she alone? was the only things i could think of at the moment. I followed her scent as far as i could until i saw her. She looked terrified, it wasn't until i saw her face, blood dripping from her chin,her beautiful curls tangled and scattered various ways on her head and last which mostly took me by surprise. behind her was an Elk, the biggest Elk i have seen in the woods near forks . Is she doing what i think she is doing? she cant be.

I looked into her eyes to search for some kind or emotion or reason but all i could see is fear. she must have noticed my disgusted huff i let out. before i could register her reaction she was gone. I took after her scent again with this leading me to i know was back to the Cullen's. I'm not giving up this time. i came to tell her the truth about me but i what i found was a hell of a twist. What i needed now was answers and i was going to get them

at any cost.


What is that smell?

i thought to myself as i finished my elk. Alice and Mom went North for mountain lion, I was great full because i really needed some time.

The smell was getting closer. Dog? no Wolf? Human? Both? I dont know what it is but its bugging me. I tossed the elk to the side to take off for more when i saw a huge bear sized wolf emerge from the woods, the wolf was reddish-brown in color and just stood there watching as if waiting for me to make a move or say something.

Wolves? This size in forks? MY family never said anything about it or even how to fight one off so at this point i didn't know weather to run or just challenge it.
The wolf stared at me as if it tried to say something..Those eyes, something about those deep brown eyes looked familiar to me but i couldn't place it. Once i noticed the wolf not moving at all my heart was pounding. How am i going to fight of a wolf this size?

The wolf exhaled a furious huff and i was alert. i had to get out if here. Before i could register any of the presence before me my fight or flight instinct took over. i chose flight and all i wanted to do was get home with my family, they would be shocked as tyo what i found today well more like found me.

As i rounded a familiar tree that i crossed as i got here i knew i was close to home. i jet across the forest and tried to see if my dad could pick up my thoughts and come find me as soon as possible. At this point i didnt feel safe at all.

Why didn't Aunt Alice see that a wolf would come in my path while i was hunting? I was so confused.

A well deserved talk was needed at my house.

I couldn't come to any conclusion in my head, i hoped with everything i had that my dad will hear my cry for help at this point. I glanced up at the nearest tree to plot my escape with the swiftest movement. As soon as my eyes made contact to the tree above the large wolf let out a rough growl. I searched its eyes and i saw for some reason frustration and a hint of understanding? What was happening?

I couldn't take this anymore so i got over this internal battle of mine whether to fight or flight, in this situation i chose flight. Before i had a chance to even think through this move i leaped onto the nearest branch and climbed up this large tree as fast as i could. The air was rushing past me and i knew that there was no stopping me now, once on top of the tree i glanced down at to see if the wolf would have some how attempted to chase after me. I looked below me to the spot where the wolf last stood and there was nothing there, i looked around again and nothing. I didn't know what was going on but i knew i had to get home. Now

I flew from branch to branch till i reached the small lake behind my house. I could smell my family and everyone was home, something really was up and i could feel it.

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