Written for Week #2 Challenge: Public bathing [challenge with KirasTastefulTragedy; 6/21/2010 - 6/27/2010]. One-shot, PWP. Zack/Cloud/Sephiroth.

Mom always told him never to drop the soap.

A pair of bright, blue mako eyes turned Cloud's way. Cloud was such a small cadet, still not developed from the training that he was receiving in his classes. Usually he would be in the communal shower downstairs with the other cadets, but today was a special day. He had been backup for Zack on a mission, and the man had given him permission to use the First Class SOLDIER communal showers as a treat. It also helped that Zack was pretty keen on Cloud. After Angeal's disappearance, he had become rather close to Cloud.

"You gonna pick that up, Cloud?" Zack asked with a feral grin.

Oh, Gaia.

He bent over timidly, swallowing loudly. When his hand made contact with the soap, he felt movement behind him and slowly looked over his shoulder. Zack was standing directly behind him now, his eyes filled with lust and curiosity. Cloud stood up quickly and grasped the soap with all of his might. Zack backed him against the shower wall and placed a hand on the tiles beside Cloud's head.

"You ever kissed anyone?"

"No," Cloud replied honestly. He swallowed again, blushing furiously. Zack leaned forward and brought his face next to Cloud's. "Well," he whispered, "I should change that." At once, Zack's lips claimed Cloud's - a sweet, hot kiss that left his skin tingling from his toes to his scalp. It was slow and not demanding at all: laid-back and easy-going just like Zack's personality.

Their kiss became more heated, though still mind-blowing slow. Cloud gasped and broke the kiss whenever he felt Zack grasp his cock. He looked down and realized that he had not even noticed that he was as hard as a rock. Slowly lifting his head, he met Zack's eyes and had to bite his lip. The expression that Zack was wearing was priceless, and he wanted to stare at that beautiful face forever.

"I'm guessing that you've never had your cock sucked, either," Zack said, smirking. Cloud shrugged one shoulder and gave his head a shake. The next thing he knew, Zack was on his knees and taking his cock into his hot mouth, his tongue swirling slowly around the head of it. He tried so hard to resist - he really did - but his instincts led him to grasp softly onto Zack's hair and jerk forward. He let out a cry that wasn't muffled by any means, and rested his back against the tiles of the shower. He closed his eyes and bit his lips, his hands working and threading through Zack's raven-colored locks.

"Am I interrupting something in here?"

Cloud's eyes flew open and his mouth was agape as he saw a completely nude General Sephiroth walking their way and flinging a clean towel to the side. Long, lean legs briskly strolled into the shower area, and long, silver hair flowed behind him. Zack didn't even bother to flinch and was nonchalant about Sephiroth walking in on the blowjob. Cloud was amazed: Zack didn't skip a beat, licking and twirling and bobbing along his aching cock. But now Cloud's eyes were focused on "his" General, a man whom he never thought he would ever see naked, but had been in love with for some time. Here he was in all of his glory… and gods, it was hot. Beads of water careened gently in slick, shiny streams down his flesh, and his silver hair shone even more with the water reflecting light from it.

"Cloud, why don't you move more toward the middle, hmm?" Sephiroth asked, his voice low and soft. Cloud watched as Zack's mouth left his cock and allowed him some room to move. The next thing he knew, Sephiroth was standing behind him and licking a trail from his ass to his neck, directly up his spine. Cloud groaned and shuddered at the sensation and jerked his hips forward as Zack took him into his mouth again.

"Your skin is delicious," Sephiroth said, nipping at his side. He reached a hand over in front of Cloud's mouth and tentatively played them against his lips. Cloud eagerly took two of the digits into his mouth and began to suck earnestly. Sephiroth moaned at the sensation and pulled his fingers out soon after, bringing them back around and easing them into Cloud's tight virgin hole. Cloud hissed at him and let out a cry at the invasion, but soon he was seeing stars as Sephiroth brushed against his prostate several times.

"You don't mind if I take you, do you?"

Cloud said nothing, only moaned softly and pushed back onto Sephiroth's fingers, trying to push them deeper into himself. "I'll take that as a no," Sephiroth said, and continued to stretch Cloud gently, making sure that he would be prepared enough to accompany his girth. When he felt Cloud was ready, he positioned himself directly in front of that awaiting, tight heat. "Just breathe, Cloud. Just breathe," he whispered into the blond's ear. He looked down at Zack, who was now stroking his cock and still sucking on Cloud's. "Zack, do you want Cloud to take you?"

"Sephiroth, I don't think I could do that," Cloud gasped out. The very idea made him nervous, and he didn't know if Zack would think he would be good enough. It didn't mean that he couldn't try, though... and he found himself hoping that Zack would just fucking say yes. To his excitement and worry, Zack released his cock from his mouth with an audible pop and grinned up at Sephiroth. "Hell yes, Seph. Cloud, you think you can handle that?" Cloud nodded and gasped as Sephiroth swiftly entered him, using the distraction as a chance to take him without much fanfare. He cried out as Sephiroth began to pound into him without remorse. Though it hurt, it didn't matter to Cloud at the moment; he was in heaven! Every movement Sephiroth made brought him closer to God himself.

Zack was bending over in front of him now, using the wall as a brace. "Alright, Cloud. Show me what you can do," he said, grinning back at him. Cloud steadied himself and held onto his spit-soaked cock and eased it into Zack. The pressure around him made him cry out, and he stilled inside of Zack, letting the sensation take over him. Zack wriggled his ass, pushing backward onto Cloud and silently urging him to keep moving. Cloud took the hint and placed a hand on Zack's lower back, quickly beginning to move inside of him. Zack began to moan and pant, his hand wrapped around his cock and jerking it furiously.

The sound of flesh slapping against flesh. The smell of sex and heat. Moans and cries. All of it was making Cloud feel as if he were drowning in lust. He never thought his first time would be like this. Never, ever in his wildest dreams, and yet... and yet, here were two beautiful and powerful men all over him and all around him, and he was between both of them. They were all connected, and Gaia, it was hot.

"Goddamn it!" Sephiroth yelled out, digging his nails into Cloud's hips. He choked out a cry and buried himself completely to the hilt inside of Cloud, emptying himself. He shuddered and groaned, almost collapsing against the small cadet. When he finally recovered, he pulled out of Cloud and went around to Zack. He shifted onto his knees and nestled himself between Zack and the wall. He all but knocked Zack's hand off of his cock, then took it into his mouth and began to suck hard. "Yes! Gods, yes, Sephiroth!" Zack cried out. He loved getting a good blow from Sephiroth; the man was so fucking good at it! He threaded a hand into Sephiroth's hair and yanked on it. He knew the General liked it rough, and Sephiroth groaned over his cock, sending waves of pleasure flowing through Zack. Just when he thought he would last forever, Zack let out a cry and balled his fist tightly around Sephiroth's hair. He came inside his mouth, and Sephiroth eagerly drank his cum to the last drop. When Sephiroth pulled away, he licked his lips and stood up. He seized Zack by the hair and crushed his lips to his own. The two shared a passionate kiss while Cloud just kept on fucking Zack. They parted and Sephiroth cocked his head and looked at Cloud in amazement.

"Are you sure you've never done this before? How in the world can you last longer than Zack and I?"

Cloud grinned weakly and kept going. "T-talk to me," he panted out, his cheeks fiercely red.

Zack grinned at Sephiroth. This was his department.

"I wish I was behind you right now so I could see that sweet ass. I'd take you like Sephiroth did, but i'd cum in your mouth and on your face. You'd like that, wouldn't you, Cloud? You want my cum all over your face, don't you?" Zack said, grinning. Cloud groaned and felt pressure building up inside of him. He was getting so very close. Just a little more, Zack, just a little... more...

"Fuck me harder, Cloud. I can handle it. As you know, i'm a very, very big boy... and wouldn't you like it if I showed you how big of a boy I am? Next time I'll have to fuck you while Sephiroth sucks you off."

Cloud looked up at Sephiroth, who nodded, then came closer. Grasping the side of his face in one hand, Sephiroth bent down and licked him from the corner of his lips to his ear, then delved his tongue into his ear. "If you can't come for Zack, Cloud... then come for me," he whispered so that only Cloud could hear him. Cloud's eyes widened and his mouth gaped open, shouting out his release as he came inside of Zack. Just the one single command... no, a request... from Sephiroth had thrown him over the edge. He met Sephiroth's eyes and then began to collapse out of sheer ecstasy. Sephiroth caught him as he fell, gently easing him to the floor of the shower and sitting down with him. He waved Zack away. Zack quickly washed himself clean and got out of the shower, leaving the two of them alone. He knew Sephiroth well enough to know that something was brewing inside of him.

Sephiroth held Cloud for some time, both of them saying nothing. He had taken the boy's virginity, and that was something meaningful to him. No matter what everyone said about him, deep inside, he really had a big heart and loved like everyone else did. Quite possibly, there was something stirring inside of him for this young cadet. For now, though, there was only silence, slightly marred by the sound of the shower still running, the water becoming increasingly cold.

Could he grow to actually love this beautiful blond in his arms? He closed his eyes and relaxed, feeling his heart beating for the first time. Cloud's finger twirled around his silver locks. Sephiroth felt himself gently stroking Cloud's hand.

He was holding Cloud Strife's fucking hand. And he liked it.