She looks beautiful in that blue dress of hers.

Hatter admires it every time she wears it, which is often because it's one of her favorites. But he never gets tired of seeing her walk out of the bedroom with it on, a big smile on her face. He remembers the first time he saw that dress, and since then, it's been his favorite piece of clothing in the world. He dreads the day when she grows out of it, or it falls apart for simply being worn too much. He dreads it so much, in fact, that every time he leaves the house, he goes in search of another blue dress, but has yet to find one that is exactly the same.

He sits on the couch, flipping through the channels in search of a movie to watch when she walks in front of him smiling, wearing that blue dress. He grins and she grins back, climbing into his lap and nuzzling against him. "Can I watch too?" she asks, and he nods, kissing her forehead as he selects a movie about a teenage girl who finds out she's a princess. He rubs her back softly while they watch, and it's not even half way over before she falls asleep.

He isn't surprised. She always does this to him, but he doesn't mind. He enjoys just holding her, running his fingers through her hair, and listening to her breathe softly. Her face is in a soft smile when she sleeps, except for when she's having nightmares. At the moment, she is smiling softly, muttering quietly underneath her breath, and it's times like this that he always wonders what she's dreaming about, but the one time he asked, he was told it was an invasion of privacy.

He closes his eyes, pulling her closer and letting his head fall back against the couch. They can nap together for a little while before he is forced to get back to the real world, can't they?

What feels like a few seconds, but he's sure is a few hours, later, the door closes. He and the girl in his arms stir and he looks up as Alice rounds the corner, wearing her blue dress.

"You're home!" the five-year-old in his lap squeals, rushing over to the woman

"Hello, Ella!" Alice grins, dropping the groceries and bending over to hug her. Hatter stands and watches as Alice stands upright, holding Ella's hand. He observes them both standing there with their blue dresses, their long dark hair, and their big blue eyes. He's having a hard time deciding who is more beautiful: His wife, or their daughter.

"You oysters and your blue dresses." He says with a grin. But they couldn't look any more beautiful.