"I can't believe she thought I was pregnant" Santana said for the 50th time as she remembered how earnest the woman's face had been. "I mean, just because I threw up doesn't mean I'm knocked up or anything." Brittany pulled out a t-shirt with a picture of a cat across its front.

" I think my cat is reading my diary" she commented, completely off topic. Santana ignored her. "Quinn used to throw up a lot too," Brittany observed. "I think she had bugs in her tummy too." She just didn't get it.

"Yeah but there's a difference between morning sickness and a stomach bug." Santana argued.

"But she didn't just throw up in the morning" Brittany insisted "She had all day sickness, like you"

Santana's mind was racing. She knew she wasn't pregnant, she couldn't be! But it was kind of strange that she had gained weight, she was always throwing up, she felt tired the whole time.

"I know I'm not pregnant but if you want I'll prove it." Santana said. She'd do a test and prove she wasn't pregnant to Brittany and herself.

"Huh?" Brittany asked.

"I said I'll buy a pregnancy test from the drugstore to prove that I'm not pregnant." Santana said annoyed. Why did Brittany never listen to her.

Back at Santana's house, Brittany and Santana went up to the upstairs bathroom.

"Turn around" Santana ordered Brittany. Brittany turned around in a 360 degree circle. "I mean so you're not facing me!" She opened the test, having already read all the instructions under cover of her jacket whilst her Mom drove her and Brittany back from the mall. 3 minutes later she couldn't do it.

"Brittany, you look. What does it say." For once Brittany didn't have to be told how to do it. "Oh Santana",She cried as she hugged her tight. "Oh Santana I'm so sorry. Poor Santana." Brittany dropped the stick and it spun away, it's unholy red cross flashing the cramped room.

After Santana had disposed of the pregnancy test she and Brittany got into bed.

"I can't believe it" Santana said through her muffled tears. "I've always used protection. I'm not like Quinn. This,...This is awful" Brittany stroked Santana's long black hair. Santana had never been this vulnerable. She had taught herself to be like a tank, with thick armored shell from the age of 7. She had always been tough because she knew that weak people never got ahead in life. Santana had vowed never to be weak.

"But, But whose baby is it, Santana?" Brittany asked. She knew she was probably being stupid but she just couldn't work it out. Santana gulped back her tears.

"It's my baby, dumb ass!" She replied affectionately as she could when her life was falling down in pieces. She would be ruined. Kicked out of the Cheerios, shunned by her supposed friends. She'd become a social pariah like Quinn, for Gods sake. At least her parents wouldn't kick her out. She knew they would never do something like that. They would want her to keep the baby and raise it in their house until she was old enough to leave. That much she could be thankful for.

"No,I know that! I meant who is the baby's daddy?" Brittany corrected her. Santana thought about it. It hadn't occurred to her that she wasn't the only parent to be.

"It sounds terrible, but I really don't know. I don't even know how old the baby is!" She started crying again. Tomorrow she would have to put a mountain of cover up on her eyes for no one to notice.