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"I'm telling you, it could happen!"

"But why?"

"For our intelligence."

"So, let me see if I have this straight. You think that one day Martians will come down to earth and steal our intelligence?" Rory questioned her mother.

"Exactly!" Lorelai exclaimed. "Don't you remember E.T? It's the perfect plan."

"But E.T. was a good alien and didn't come for our intelligence," Rory reminded her mother. "Besides, I don't understand how they would get our intelligence."

"I didn't say it was a completely thought out plan," Lorelai said. "Why do you think they haven't come yet?"

"Who hasn't come yet?" Luke questioned as he walked up to the table with a coffee pot.

Lorelai opened her mouth to answer, but Rory cut her off quickly. "Trust me Luke, you don't want to know."

"It's very interesting," Lorelai argued.

"And something that only her mind could conjure up," Rory threw in for good measure.

"In that case, I'd better trust Rory and say that I don't want to know," Luke concluded.

Rory smiled at him. "That was a very good decision."

Luke looked at Rory. "Do you think I could talk to you for a quick second?"

"Sure," Rory agreed. When Luke said nothing she looked at him strangely. "Umm, you're going to have to open your mouth, words are going to have to come out..."

"Um, could we talk in private?" Luke questioned hopefully.

"Hey now, I don't like the idea of you abducting my kid," Lorelai interjected.

Luke rolled his eyes, used to this by now, and loving every second of her crazy. "Do you think that if I was going to kidnap her I would discuss it in front of you?"

"Maybe he's the alien," Lorelai whispered to Rory conspiratorially. "Maybe they are farther ahead then I originally thought."

Rory chuckled at the thought of Luke as an alien. She could only imagine the arguments her mom could come up with to support that idea. Luke didn't like coffee, didn't like junk food, and didn't know any movie references. Rory quickly shook her head. She had fueled her mom's craziness enough already. "I highly doubt that, Mom."

"Well, I still don't see why you need to go with him. I won't have anyone to talk to now," Lorelai tried again.

"You're just jealous that Luke likes me better," Rory teased her mom. "Oh, look, here comes Kirk. I'm sure he would love to hear about your alien theory. He could probably find a way to contact them or something. I'm sure he would offer you his services."

"Dirty!" Lorelai exclaimed.

Rory laughed while Luke rolled his eyes and sighed exasperatedly.

"You know I didn't mean it like that," Rory tried to reprimand her mom, which was pretty hard because she was still laughing. She hadn't heard a dirty in so long, mostly because she was in college and she filtered her thoughts before she talked to her mom. She was confused about Luke wanting to talk to her though, so she didn't filter this thought. That's what she got.

"Any end to this conversation in sight?" Luke grumbled.

"Yes, yes," Lorelai consoled him. "Right now. But you'd better be careful Burger Boy. You have my kid. I'm watching you."

"I wouldn't dare do anything with your kid, Crazy Lady," Luke teased right back at her. Although it was said in a teasing tone, both Rory and Lorelai knew how much he meant that statement.

Luke turned around and walked into the storeroom and made sure Rory was inside before he shut the door, with a last look at Lorelai. Rory was beyond confused at this point. She was a little confused when Luke asked to talk to her, because normally he just would. She was even more confused when Luke asked to do it in private, and now she just wanted to know what was going on here.

"Okay, I have to ask," Rory said. "What is going on with you? Am I even allowed to be in here? What if something falls on my head and kills me?"

Luke shook his head. "You're officially insured."

"Since when?" Rory asked. Last she had heard she was in danger of being hurt every time she set foot anywhere near Luke's appliances. "Have I really been away that long?"

"No," Luke assured her. "This is a very recent development. So recent in fact that your mom doesn't even know about it."

"Why did you do it?" Rory asked. "You know that will just give her more incentive to go behind the counter and get more coffee."

Luke wrinkled his nose. "Well, although I didn't think of that, I guess it will give me another chance to lecture her."

"Another chance that will never work," Rory said. "See, you need to consult me before you make big decisions. I can help you, especially when it comes to Mom."

"You were kidding, but that's why I'm consulting you now," Luke told Rory seriously. "How do you think your mom would feel about getting married?"

Rory's eyes got wide. "To…to you?"

"Shhhhh!" Luke exclaimed quickly. "I don't want her to hear you. And I would hope to me. Unless she has another boyfriend."

Rory smiled. "Nope, no other boyfriends. Well, I definitely think she will love it. But why are you asking me? Aren't you supposed to ask the father?"

"Oh, I'm going to ask him too," Luke informed Rory. "But I figured Lorelai would appreciate it more if it came from you first. And I would never leave you out of such a big decision, your mom would want you to be informed, I'm almost sure of it."

"So you are going to be all proper about it and ask Grandpa?" Rory asked, just to clarify.

"Yes," Luke agreed. "I'm also going to try to ask your grandma what she thinks."

Rory shook her head. "That isn't a very smart idea. Besides, I don't think Grandpa will let you. He'll say, 'If you want to marry my daughter, you won't ask Emily.' He knows she will say no, and you can't/won't disobey her. I mean, you can ask Grandpa if you can talk to her, but I'm almost positive he won't let you."

"Why is he okay with it?" Luke questioned. He knew Emily didn't like him because he was a "diner man" but he wasn't aware Richard was that okay with him.

"Well, I think he wishes Mom was marrying someone more…high society, but he can tell you make Mom happy. When Mom is with you, she is happier than we have ever seen her and Grandpa respects that. Besides, he knows that if he tries to stop her he will most definitely lose her and most likely me by association," Rory explained.

"I'm still going to try and ask Emily," Luke told Rory.

Rory rolled her eyes. "Why do I even bother. So, when are you going to ask Mom? I think you should do it soon. If you don't, I will probably tell her by accident. I am so bad at keeping big secrets."

"How about tonight?" Luke asked Rory.

"Tonight is go—bad," Rory stumbled. "We are having a movie night tonight, but I will definitely get out of it. I can hang out with Lane tonight. She can have Bible Study with Ms. Kim tomorrow night. No wait, she's not speaking to Ms. Kim. Umm…"

"Rory, it's okay," Luke assured her. "I can just ask her tomorrow."

"No," Rory insisted. "You know how our movie nights go. We watch a bunch of classics, eat a lot of junk food, and then we talk about how much we wish we had a love life, in my case, or in her case, how much we wish we could get married and have the whole package. She hasn't been doing that as much lately, but she will do it tonight, just to remember old times. She'll say, 'Remember when…' and I don't want to have to talk to her about that, because then I will definitely tell her. And I don't want to do that because then it will ruin your surprise, and I don't want to do that—"

"Rory, it's okay," Luke said. "I'm sure you can just tell her that Lane wanted to do something with you tonight because they have band practice tomorrow or something. But I'm really okay with waiting."

"Well, I'm not," Rory told him. "I am terrible at lying and with something as big as this, I'm sure I'll be even worse."

"Okay, so I'll do it tonight," Luke agreed. "Should your mom and I have a little movie night or something?"

Rory nodded. "I think that would be a great idea. You should pick a really good movie and then somehow relate the proposal you have to the movie."

"Why should I go to so much trouble?" Luke inquired.

"You know why," Rory said. "I mean, Mom will say yes no matter how you ask, but it would be so much cooler this way."

"I would even know where to start," Luke lamented. "I'm not a movie guy."

"But you can be a movie guy," Rory reminded him of what he said one night. "Now is your chance to prove it. If all else fails, it's almost Christmas, just get a Christmas movie."

"Okay, that's what I'll do," Luke agreed. "If all else fails. Now, we should get back out there."

"Wait," Rory stopped him. "We have to come up with an excuse as to why we were back here. Mom will ask, and I need something to tell her, that sounds a bit on the legitimate side."

Luke and Rory were both quiet for a minute, when Rory had an idea. "Coffee!"

Luke looked at her like she had gone crazy. "Don't you have some at the table? When we think of a reason as to why we were back here, you can get it."

Rory laughed. "No, I mean, that is the reason we were back here so long. You are going to give Mom decaf."

"That's dangerous…for me," Luke clarified.

"I know," Rory agreed. "But we have to have a believable reason, so you were back here trying to convince me that we could get decaf past 'the nose' and I was arguing that there was no way you could."

"But I'm sure your mom already has coffee," Luke reasoned. "It would be suspicious in itself if I brought her over another mug."

"Ceaser doesn't give her anything anymore. He knows she likes to wait for you," Rory informed Luke. "But I'm not sure how much longer we can be back here and she will believe we were arguing about coffee. So, is that what we're doing?"

"Since it's the only thing we have right now, I guess so," Luke agreed reluctantly.

"It will be fine," Rory assured him. "Besides, this is your chance to somewhat nourish her."

"She won't drink it, its decaf."

"True," Rory agreed. "True."

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