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"Mommy, Daddy!" Emma called. "They're here!"

"Rory and Jess are here!" Her twin Aaron shouted.

"Mom, Dad!" Rory called as she stepped in the door.

She quickly had to grab onto the nearest sturdy object to steady herself as two six year old cannonballs launched themselves towards each of her legs. That sturdy object happened to be Jess, and as it turned out he wasn't too sturdy. He wasn't prepared for Rory to grab onto him, so when she did it took him by surprise and he was knocked off balance as well. They all four fell to the floor with a loud crash.

"What happened?" Lorelai questioned running into the entry hall with Luke right behind her.

Jess rolled his eyes. "A couple of midgets couldn't wait five seconds to grab onto their sister's legs. Then said sister dragged me down to the ground alongside her."

"We're not midgets!" Aaron reminded Jess while pushing Jess' duffel bag off his head (where it happened to land when Jess lost hold of it when he fell).

"Actually, Aaron, we are," Emma corrected him. "Midget means a very small person, and we are people and we are small."

Rory couldn't help but laugh. "Do we have another Chilton hopeful on her way?"

Luke smiled with pride at Emma. "Looks like it."

"Is there a baseball team at Chilton?" Aaron asked Rory.

"Well, I assume there is," Rory said. "I was never big on sports, so I can't really say for sure."

"Is it a good team?" Aaron asked.

Rory rolled her eyes. "I don't know."

"If it's good, I might go there," Aaron decided.

Jess couldn't help but laugh. "Looks like we have a mini Luke in the making."

Lorelai sighed. "Yes, and a good thing too. I can only handle one child at a time asking me those hard questions that I could never answer. I can't deal with both of them staring at me wanting a reliable answer."

At that Rory laughed. "So I see Emma is already following in my footsteps."

Emma got up from the floor and nodded. "I am! I went into your room to find a book to read, but I didn't know which ones to pick. Which ones would be good for me? What did you read when you were my age?" As she was saying all this she was pulling Rory toward her room.

"Wait for me!" Aaron shouted. He wasn't too interested in the books, but he didn't want to feel left out of this.

"I'll say hi to you two later. I love you," Rory shouted to Luke and Lorelai before she was dragged out of the room.
"Love you too, Kid," Lorelai shouted back, while Luke shouted, "I know."

The sounds of Rory laughing could be heard in the entry hall, and they all knew

she was laughing at Luke's "I know" which had pretty much become habit over the years, much to Rory's delight, and Luke's annoyance (but he was unable to stop, the Gilmore/Danes girls just have that effect on him).

"Hello Lorelai, Luke," Jess said now that they were alone in the entry way. "I'm not sure I said that yet."

"You didn't," Luke confirmed.

Lorelai looked at Luke and they both looked at Jess. "Have you had any luck with the asking yet?" Lorelai whispered conspiratorially.

Jess shook his head. "Not yet. I'm waiting for the right time. I've been carrying the ring around with me though."

Luke gave Jess a small smile. "Don't wait too long. I may have waited eight years, but that doesn't mean I would recommend it, because I definitely wouldn't."

Lorelai smiled at Luke. "Such a softy."

"Okay, now, don't get gross," Jess warned them.

Luke and Lorelai rolled their eyes at Jess.

"I'm going to go make coffee," Lorelai announced. "And don't even start with me, Luke. I'll make you and Jess a cup of tea. I'll give that crazy son of yours a cup of milk."

"He's your son too," Luke called after her. "And our daughter had better be getting milk also."

"A child who denies coffee is no son of mine," Lorelai claimed completely ignoring Luke's last comment.

Luke rolled his eyes and directed his next comment at Jess. "Come in, sit on the couch, and make yourself at home. How is your last year at Yale? Of course, had you not changed your major three times in your junior year, you would be out by now, and wouldn't have been in community college for one year, and Yale for six years."

"I wanted to make some money. I'm definitely still going to write books on the side though, my main job will just be an English teacher. But, the year is going well," Jess told Luke. "It is very hard, but with Rory as my girlfriend I am of course making good grades. Even though she's been out of school for three years, and works at the Hartford Gazette she still knows her stuff."

"I would expect nothing less," Lorelai called out from the kitchen. "And from what Rory has told me, I don't think you need her to make those good grades."

"You got a new couch!" Jess said, amazed, finally noticing the new piece of furniture.

Luke rolled his eyes. "Apparently the old couch didn't go with the curtains."

"Why did you change the curtains?" Jess asked.

"Because they didn't go with the carpet," Luke sighed exasperatedly. "We changed the carpet because it didn't go with carpet on the stairs, the carpet on the stairs didn't go with the carpet upstairs, the carpet upstairs didn't go with the bedroom curtains, the bedroom curtains didn't go with the bedroom furniture, the bedroom furniture didn't go with the…must I continue?"

"No, I think I have the picture," Jess told him laughing.

"Are you two mocking me?" Lorelai asked from the kitchen where she was almost finished making coffee.

"Why would you think that?" Luke teased. "There is nothing about you to mock, Crazy Lady."

"Okay, now I know you're mocking me," Lorelai said decidedly coming into the living room with two cups of coffee, one very small cup of coffee (hidden behind the regular cups), two cups of milk and two cups of tea.

"Do I smell coffee?" Rory asked, joining her mom in the living room, with Emma and Aaron following behind her.

"That you do," Lorelai answered, handing her a cup.

"That stuff will kill you," Aaron told Rory seriously.

"Oh my gosh!" Rory exclaimed. "Luke, you have corrupted him. He won't drink coffee!"

"He won't eat much junk food either," Lorelai told Rory sadly. "What am I going to do with him?"

Rory looked behind her at Emma, who sneaked the small cup of coffee off the tray and was now drinking it. "At least we still have one who keeps the Gilmore tradition going."

"Lorelai!" Luke warned. "How many times have I told you not to give her coffee?"

"It's just a small cup, Daddy. Please?" Emma pouted.

Luke sighed, "I think I remember asking you not to teach her that as well."

"But it works so well," Emma said triumphantly.

Rory and Lorelai burst out in giggles. Their blue eyes and that lip had been known to work wonders on Luke and now that Emma was doing it, it was too much.

"I am so proud," Lorelai said in between giggles.

Rory sat down on the couch beside Jess still laughing. "Me too, Mom."

"You two are crazy," Jess said decidedly shaking his head at the two.

Rory swatted at his chest. "Shut up! You know you wouldn't want it any other way."

Jess suddenly knew he didn't want to wait any longer. "Can I talk to you for a second? Out on the porch?"

Rory looked at him strangely. "Why can't you talk to me in here?"

Lorelai smiled. "Just go with him Rory. I'm sure it won't take very long."

Rory shrugged. "Okay. Let's go."

After they walked outside Lorelai looked at her husband. "This was the perfect moment?"

"Maybe he just got tired of waiting?" Luke guessed. "Or maybe he isn't going to ask her right now."

"What is Jess going to ask Rory, Mommy?" Aaron asked innocently.

"We're not sure he's going to ask," Luke corrected his son.

The four of them heard a scream from the front porch. "He asked her," Lorelai concluded. "And from the sound of the scream, I think she said yes."

"Yes to what?" Emma asked. Before either one of her parents could answer her Rory came bursting into the room.

"I'm getting married!" Rory shouted excitedly.

Luke and Lorelai just smiled while Emma and Aaron got up to bombard Rory again, with questions about her ring and her dress.

"Kids, sit down for a few seconds," Lorelai reigned in her twins. "Give her room to breathe."

"Come sit on the couch beside your dad and me, midgets," Jess told them.

Aaron got ready to open his mouth to correct Jess, but Emma shot him a look so he kept his mouth shut and dutifully followed his sister to the couch.

Emma looked at Rory. "Wait, you're getting married?"

"Yes," Rory answered Emma.

"But Rory…" Emma trailed off.

"Oh!" Rory exclaimed. "Jess, I have to make a pro con list. I'll let you know how it turns out."

Jess smiled. "No need. I made one for you. Of course, it turned out that there were more pros than cons."

"Do not mock my lists!" Rory cried. "Those lists got me into Yale, which was the best decision I ever made."

"I'm not mocking," Jess told her truthfully. "I just thought you would want to make the list before you said yes, which is why I made one."

"Such a softly," Rory crooned while Luke and Lorelai laughed.

Rory turned to her mom and dad after hearing their laughter. "Why aren't you more excited?"

"Let's see, what is it you told me about eight years ago?" Lorelai teased. "It's kind of hard to be excited about something I knew was coming."

"Jess asked you?" Rory questioned quietly. "How sweet!"

Jess rolled his eyes. "Did you have to tell her that?"

Lorelai smiled at him. "Did you really expect me not to tell her that?" She directed her next question to Rory. "So about your foreign correspondence?"

Rory shrugged her shoulders. "There was actually a reason for this visit, other than just to see you all. You know I've been a rookie reporter at the Hartford Gazette and getting boring stories so I sent in some other applications, especially the one at the New York Times, looking for a traveling reporter." At Luke and Lorelai's nod, she continued, "Well, unfortunately, the New York Times turned me down, but I got a promotion at the Hartford Gazette! I won't be traveling very much and if I do it will just be around this area, but I will get real stories; stories that will actually take some time and be on the front page; stories that people might talk about, and people will definitely want to read. Besides, I don't really want to go away just yet. If I do, I'll miss these two twin terrors graduating Chilton, and graduating whatever Ivy League school they attend."

Emma shouted Yale at the same time Aaron groaned about Ivy League. Lorelai, Luke, Rory and Jess had to laugh at that display. Then Emma did something that made all four laugh even more.

"Aaron," Emma began to scold. "You know you have to go to college. Besides, if you go to Yale with me, I will be able to help you, and we could both graduate with honors. When you go to Chilton, you have to go to Yale, Harvard or Princeton. Of course, I will only be able to help you if you go to Yale."

Aaron grumbled, but knew that he would agree. After all, he really was smart (how could he not be?), he just didn't like to show off as much as his sister did.

"Mom, you will have to be my matron of honor for the wedding," Rory said, switching subjects smoothly and deftly as only a Gilmore could. "And I think I'll ask Lane as well."

Lorelai shook her head. "This wedding will turn out to be a town event as well. You were the town's sweetheart since the day we moved here."

Rory blushed, but continued as though she hadn't heard her mom. "Emma, you will have to be the flower girl. Are all those okay with you Jess?"

Jess nodded, "I guess, then, Luke you and Zack will have to be my best men, and of course, one of the two midgets, Aaron will be the ring bearer."

"Wait, don't I have to have a bridesmaid?" Rory asked. "Oh never mind, what was I thinking? Paris!"

Jess rolled his eyes. "Does that mean I have to have Doyle as a groomsman? I mean, I don't not like him, but…"

Rory smiled at her fiancé. "Well, if you don't have Doyle, then you will have to deal with the wrath of Paris and while you get a kick out of making her mad, right now might not be the best time to do that considering how much she is stressing about the workload in medical school. I think having Doyle as a groomsman would be a good idea. Oh, and one more thing, you have to wear a tux."

"Aw, jeez," Jess began to argue, but she stopped him.

"You are getting married," Rory stated the obvious. "You have to wear a tux when you get married."

Luke was laughing silently at Jess when Lorelai stopped Luke's laughing mid-chuckle. "I wouldn't be so smug my friend. You are the best man, you will be giving a speech at the reception along with me; that constitutes you in a tux as well."

Jess quickly nodded his head at that one. "Definitely. If I remember correctly, I was wearing a tux at your wedding and I was only the best man."

"Aw, jeez," Luke sighed at his misfortune.

"And don't you even start," Emma told Aaron. "I will not walk down the aisle with a ring bearer who isn't wearing a tux."

"Aw, jeez," Aaron groaned, he didn't even get to argue his point.

Jess rolled his eyes and sighed. "A smile, a lip and a glance from these girls and all of a sudden I am agreeing to do things I would never do for anyone else."

Aaron shook his head. "And apparently it starts at a young age." Emma punched him in the arm.

Luke sighed. "I have it tougher than any of you. I am weakened by all three of them. Jess, you only weaken with Rory and Emma, and Aaron, don't even start, Emma is your only weakness. Why is it like this?"

At this, it was Rory's turn to roll her eyes and sigh. "Dad, I believe I told you the answer to that question at the wedding."

"Looks like you'll have to tell him again, Kid," Lorelai inferred.

"Does that really surprise you?" Emma asked.

Rory shook her head. "Dad, the Gilmore, now Danes girls…"

Emma and Lorelai joined in with Rory. "Just have that effect on people."

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