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The others took off running as fast as they could, but Edward stayed behind, waiting for us to get going. He kept watching me, like I might hurt his daughter. Even as I tried helping her up on Blackjack, Edward took over, giving me a mean glare. He wasn't just protective, he was over protective. Renesmee even gave him a glare, probably speaking to him through her mind, because suddenly he ran off, glaring at me a last time. Renesmee sighed with relief, smiling a huge smile at me. She was extremely beautiful, but every single time I looked at her hair, I wanted it to be blond, I knew that somehow, I wanted it to be… Annabeth… I tried to push the thought away, Annabeth still liked Luke. Maybe not a lot, but somehow deep down she missed the old Luke for sure and I was just afraid she missed him a lot more than just a friend. And here I am standing in front of a beautiful girl, and I can only think about Annabeth. Stupid head! I looked At Grover who was still trying to fight his way on the other horse that Blackjack brought. It was completely opposite Blackjack. It was so white you would think it was impossible, because we've all seen a white horse but it's never white, white, like paper white, but this one was.

I'm one of a kind indeed.

It startled me when the horse talked; he or she hadn't said a word to me since they landed. Even though the horse had a satyr kicking around on its back, it talked so calmly.

I'm Saphire, and please tell your idiotic friend to stop kicking around, or I will not fly with him!

Okay, maybe she looked calm, but her voice made her sound like pure evil! Or no it didn't but I bet she's the bitchy one in horse world… I just helped Grover to sit right, and jumped right on Blackjacks back, landing perfectly, with Renesmee sitting right behind me. I knew I was maybe over thinking it, but Renesmee looked at me, like she liked me a bit more than just a friend… I didn't want to say anything though, we are about to fly for two hours or so, how crappy would it be, if we were arguing the whole way and her family probably wouldn't help us if she hated me...

"Percy what are we waiting for?" Grover asked, looking at me with a confused face.

"Nothing, let's get going!" I just leaned forward as Blackjack kicked off. Both Grover and Renesmee were screaming. Grover had slung his arms around Saphire's neck, but Nessie still didn't know what to do, she was screaming at the top of her lungs as she slowly started to slip. Her arms all over the place, I really didn't think about it, as I made a turn to catch her hand.

"Hold on to my waist, or else you'll slip off!" I said, in laughter. I thought it was reflex to catch what was closest, but apparently not to vampires. It was probably bite what's closest. I laughed out loud at my own stupid joke, but luckily the sound of Blackjacks wings drowned the noise. Renesmee was holding on to me so tight, that I thought I was going to pass out from the lack of air. She was hiding her head between my shoulder blades, and whispered soothing words to herself at the same time. I knew Thalia was afraid of flying or of heights, which was hilarious considering the fact that she was a daughter of Zeus, the lord of the sky himself.

" Percy, are we there yet? Or you know what drop me here, I'll drive!" Renesmee was freaking out, speaking extremely fast!

"Nessie, I am not going to drop you off, are you insane! And your dad will kill me if I did so. I know he would and you know it too." I said with a small smile. I knew it wouldn't help to yell at her, that only worked with Thalia, and that was fun at the same time.

"But.. But, I am so frightened of heights, and I'm so afraid of falling!" She sounded on the verge of tears, which scared me like hell!

I do not know how to comfort someone while trying to fly a horse, that is really hard to do so! And doing it with your back at someone just doesn't really give such a comforting effect.

"Nessie, Nessie… LISTEN! Nothing is going to happen to you I promise, I'm used to this and I wouldn't let you fall down. And we are getting really close now, so don't worry we are almost there."

I felt like I wanted to throw up… How was people going to react? I was the one giving them all these bad news, and I had been away for days maybe? I had no clue how long I had been in the labyrinth running from those freaky monsters! I should talk to Annabeth first thing for sure! She needed to know exactly what happened. Plus she was the person who I missed the most right at this moment, the person I just wanted to hold in my arms and hold there forever and.. Oh what am I thinking… I'm a dude, I shouldn't think stuff like that I would sound so girly…

"Perce we're here!" Grover didn't really sound so happy either. When we landed a war would start first thing, there wouldn't be time for anything else and some would die for sure… There would be no way out of it, and no matter who died, it would affect everyone.

"Percy will you please land, instead of flying around! Or else I'll throw up on you!"

I hurried to land, afraid that she might actually do it. Renesmee hurried off Blackjack, and looked paler than her whole family. Which is pretty scaring, considering they are all vampires! Grover hurried of too, but more to help Renesmee stand straight. I kept sitting on Blackjack for awhile, trying to look for the others. They should be here soon after all.

So are you scared? Blackjacks voice startle me so much that I fell off him.

"Yup" I mumbled, and straightened up.

Well, consider me in on whatever you decide, and good luck!

And with that both the Pegasus' flew away. Renesmee and Grover looked towards the trees on the other side of the road. When suddenly eight vampires and one werewolf came running. They all looked frightened to their guts, not knowing what was on the other side of the hill. Blondie and Bella rushed towards Renesmee, hugging her mumbling stuff to her, that I couldn't hear.

"Follow me, it's just up this hill."

The short walk, felt like hours. Not knowing what was going to happen was freaking scary…

They all walked behind me, except Grover and Renesmee who walked just next to me. I could hear both their heart beats. And just when I crossed the border I stopped breathing and started running. Everybody else was right behind me, I knew it. I couldn't hear anything but Grovers hooves, but I was so close to everybody now, I was so close to Annabeth. I ran to the Camp fire, yelling.

"ANNABETH!" "ANNABETH!" No one was at the fire, and then I got really scared what if they were all gone? What if I was too late?"

That's when I heard the sweetest voice.