Chara Babies

How does an uptight class president and notorious delinquent ally? They both were to take care of lifelike magical babies that are called Chara Babies. Could love be on it's way for the two?

Chapter one: Polar opposites


Red Plaid skirt check, matching tie check, jacket check, black sufficient shoes check, and backpack check. Everything always goes according to plan. That's just the way my life is intended to be.

As I walked to the front of the school building I waited for people to move aside their way as I came. I smiled at them and soon enough the path was clear for me. Well, there was just one thing that was not intended to be. Two words…Tsukiyomi Ikuto.

As soon as I walked into the building I saw him against the locker smoking with his obscene crew. I moved up behind them to listen to their conversation.

"Who's hotter Yamabuki or Mashiro?" A guy said huffing smoke into the air.

Ikuto who was wearing shades and obviously trying to look cool smirked. "Is that really a question? Yamabuki cause she got bigger boobs."

I could feel my eyebrows lift up in annoyance. Boys will be pigs.

"Yeah, you're right Ikuto. Who's next? Ah I know! President or Yamabuki?" Kukai, another idiotic friend of Ikuto's said smiling.

Ikuto puffed some smoke into the air and threw his cigarette on the floor. "Presy, if she wasn't so damn uptight."

No he didn't…

"On a scale from one to ten what would she be?" The idiot beside him said also dropping his cigarette.

Ikuto laughed and brushed his chin slightly thinking. "Five, but then she's an uptight pole so you deduct one, and then she's not feminine and you deduct another, and then she's violent and you deduct the remaining."

I could feel my blood heating up and I kicked against the lockers causing it to vibrate. Ikuto's possey jumped up startled and backed away from me. Ikuto stood his place and laughed.

"See, what'd I tell you?" He said taking out a cigarette and lighter.

I kicked the lighter and cigarette into the trashcan. Afterwards, I tried kicking him, but he blocked with his hand. "No smoking on the-."

"School grounds. He finished my sentence with that gruel smirk on his face.

"That's one mark Tsukiyomi." I said standing before him straight in the eye.

He fooled around with me and bowed. "But of course your highness, anything to please the needs of your good acts. You wouldn't want to get in trouble for the first time right?"

A hand was put on Ikuto's shoulder and Ikuto looked to the person amused. "That's enough Ikuto."

I looked to Tadase so thankful he always makes it on time. I think of him as my savior, the only real guy I'm interested in. He just always handles things under control.

"Where's your diaper prince?" Ikuto said smirking.

"Up your ass Ikuto." He said turning to his hidden side of him.

The aura suddenly turned dark and grim and Tadase was laughing to himself. "Do not call me prince it shall be king. And you, fiend are nothing more than a mere peasant! BWAHAHAHAHA!"

Well almost…

My friend Naghiko came in at the right time putting a bucket over his head. "Hey everyone it's like this as always right?"

"Always and forever right pressypoo?" Ikuto said smooching his lips towards my way.

"Ugh shut up!" I said and went the other direction for class. I stopped and remembered the smell of bad smoke, and their littering.

"Pres actually wants a kiss?" Kukai said confused.

I pushed him out of the way and stood in front of Ikuto getting another cigarette. "Quit smoking, and clear up the mess."

Ikuto chuckled exhaling some smoke in my face. "Or what?"

"Or I'll expel your ass!" I said grabbing papers and fanning the toxic air he caused.

"Go ahead." He said chuckling and I tried kicking him again, but he ducked thus, making me hit Nikaidou Sensei.

Nikaidou Sensei looked at us both heavily and reached to grab me first. Ikuto tried leaving, but Sensei whirled out a rope from no where and tied him up, then dragging us to his office.

"Damn I should've brought my knife." Ikuto said cursing as he was sliding on the floor.

Sensei tossed us into the room and shut the door. I immediately got up and scolded him for his acts that are to be justified for. "Sensei this is a crime! You can't drag us! This is a felony you must be-."

"Shut up." Ikuto said and I boiled up raising my arms.

I rolled up my sleeves inching to him. "What did you say?"

"Shut up, you complain so damn much like a typical woman." Ikuto said annoyed and stuck his finger in his ear.

I trampled over to him pointing to him. "You imbecile! If anything men talk too damn much about ecchi and nasty things. I confiscated so many damn porn magazines you can't even count the numbers!"

"You confiscated thirty." Ikuto said leaning back in the couch.

"What?" I said angered.

"Ten of them were special edition, and twenty were the minor ones, but with revealing standards."

I kicked him off the couch and raised my fist. "Wait!" Sensei cried out and I lowered my hand.

"What is it Sensei?" I said dropping my arms down and sat in an appropriate posture.

"I need you both for the babies." Sensei said and I fell down shockened to his announcement.


Hold up, this really is a felony. I jumped up while Amu was still down on the floor. "Sensei you're kidding right? We're still in high school and kids are freaking pessimists."

Amu slid upwards and struck her index finger at Sensei. "I agree surprisingly." She then remembered my statement and started charging up on me.

"Kids are not pessimists they're surprises." She said smiling and I saw sparkles everywhere.

"Wow," I said peering at her. "Talking about kids makes you this happy? You're such a pervert."

She fumed up angry and had to block another punches. "YOU'RE THE PERVERT!"

"And who would do it with a woman who lacks feminine touches?" I said eyeing her boredly.

Amu started smacking me on the head. "WHO WOULD WANT TO DO IT WITH YOU?"

"Plenty." I said shielding myself again.

Sensei slammed on his desk stopping us from our fight. "Enough, what I mean to say is will you take care of these babies called Charas?"

"Those midget looking things on TV?" I said looking to him tired.

Sensei sighed and nodded. "Yes, those magical babies. We were asked by the Easter industry to test out the babies. We were to select the two smartest kids in the school district."

"FREEZE!" Amu said holding her hands up. "I'm the smartest kid in the district he's just a mob."

I smirked as Nikaidou explained to her. "You are second in this district, Mr. Tsukiyomi is first."

Amu bunched up her fist and had her anger erupted again. "Impossible!"

I chuckled at her getting so worked up over this topic. Nikaidou quieted us down and shuffled papers. "Here, this is how to get to the Easter Studios. Please, represent your school and make us look like a recognizable, honorable, and controlled school."

He shot us a gaze and handed us papers needed to be filled. "You two must help each other, or so help me Miss Hinamori you will not get a business scholarship."

"NO!" Amu dropped down onto her knees like it was the end of the world.

I ignored her and looked at Nikaidou. "What's in it for me?"

Nikaidou crossed his arms together. "You won't have to do community service starting this summer."

"Wait a second, since when did I ever have community-?"

"You do now." Nikaidou grinned at me villainously.

Shortly after he dismissed us we were on our way to the Studio.

"This is pure bull." I said walking out with a depressed Amu.

Amu was too busy caring about her stupid scholarship and sobbed. "I put years of dedication and it comes to this!"

"Yeah, yeah," I said heading outside. "The sooner we get over this, the better."

We reached the bus station and I was given glances due to my stand out slouchy jeans, leather jacket, and sunglasses. I could see in the corner of my eye Amu hunting me down with her eyes.

"God do you have to stand out this much?" She said glaring at me irritated.

I leaned back in my seat smirking. "Hey, one of us has to."

"You're despicable." She said crossing her arms and our stop was near.

Amu and I walked into the grand studio with a large gap separating us. There was a woman on the counter who wore glasses and had curly hair. She looked to us still in work mode. "How may I be of assistance?"

Amu cut in front of me smiling. "Hi, we're here to test out those fantastic Easter babies we heard about."

The woman at the counter nodded and stood up. "Right this way is your destination. Feel free to ask questions to the head master."

I waved my hand before she could leave. "Who is the headmaster?"

Amu pushed me away and a light shined only on her. "You uneducated fool, Its Mr. Amakawa that started the Easter Foundation. Clearly, this means you do not do research no?"

"Maybe because I don't really give a damn." I said and she growled at me.

The lights grew dim and the doors opened to a man with light blonde hair. He looked like some dude out of a fairy book to me. He smiled at us both and extended a warm hand for us to properly shake.

"It is a pleasure to meet you both. I have heard many good things about the outstanding Student President and the well known notorious gang leader. "

Amu and I shaked hands with this man and he placed two individual eggs on the palm of our hands. Mine was a black egg that had white triangle patterns and a black cat in the middle. Amu's had a red and pink plaid pattern with hearts around and a few black trimmings.

"Guard this with your life, these things our extraordinaire." Mr. Amakawa said smiling to us.

The next thing Amu and I knew he disappeared and we were left with eggs in our hands.

"Is this a joke?" I said shaking the egg frustrated.

Amu hollered out at me and started to reach for the egg. "You mustn't break the egg! He must have a reason we're guarding this egg right?"

I ran my tongue over my lips teasing her. "Ha-ha I can eat this thing for breakfast."

"No!" She yelled out and grasped the egg in my hand as we stood very close to one another.

Time decelerated at that moment. Seeing her up close she was actually kinda cute. And I swore I saw a shade of her hair on her cheeks.

I quickly turned around and held the egg at my side. "It's getting late we should go."

"Yeah." She said caressing the egg like it was a newborn baby.

I smirked with amusement. "So I can go and make this into omelet."

As I walked off I could hear Amu stomping right for me. "YOU WILL NOT!"

When I arrived home I tossed that useless egg on the shelf and collapsed on my bed. I looked to my cell phone annoyed. Four calls from Saaya, two from Hina, one from Lulu. It just keeps getting old.

I sat up looking at the egg and shook my head with the thought of that stupid request me and Amu were to fulfill.

He wants us to freaking hatch an egg before we take care of midgets? I can paint that crap on the eggs in my fridge.

I turn to my right to see my violin case still dusty and untouched ever since he left…

Wouldn't hurt to play right?

I blow away the dust and carefully open the case. I haven't played in years. Who would expect the outcome? I stood in playing position and swayed with the music. It was all coming back all the memories.

I noticed a high pitched sound uprised from the direction of the egg. It started to glow deeper and brighter as I played. A few more high pitches and the egg suddenly cracked. Only to expose a…cat like midget?

He blinked a little curious of his surroundings and floated to me. He looked me up and down and crashed into me for a hug. "Daddy nyaa!"

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