Chara Babies

Ikuto's thinking of Amu?

Chapter four: Sudden Substitute


I assume it was a dream since it was a total nightmare.

Yoru was hanging on my mother's bronzed chandelier. Ran was on top of my head. God knows why! Ami was coloring on the dark brown walls and Amu was jabbering some nonsense on how smart she is. And when I noticed something sparkly…it turned out to be Amu having a ring! And I soon looked on my hand to find one also!

I vigorously kicked the sheets of the bed and blinked a couple of times to test reality. If that was a bad dream, then surely Amu moving in with her sister and us suddenly getting crying charas was a dream right? I shook the thought off of my head and hopped in the shower.

After taking a rather refreshing wash I wrapped my towel covering the waist down and grabbed my tooth brush. I squirted the paste onto my brush and started brushing my teeth. I decided to air out more air so I opened my door only to find a horrified Amu. Being half naked wasn't anything to be alarmed by. I was more pleased with an Amu with strawberry printed shorts and a nice matching spaghetti strap shirt.

I took my toothbrush out of my mouth and smirked. "Looking sexy in the morning as always."

She thrashed her arms up in the air angrily. "Shut up I was just here to wake you up! Now my eyes have seen the unthinkable!"

I leaned on the wall drawing closer her to her with a smile. "I'm glad you didn't think a body could be this good."

"Whatever just hurry up!" Amu screamed and headed for her room.

By the time I reached downstairs I saw an impatient Amu already glaring at me.

"Took you long enough. Hurry up and eat something before we go!"

I sat onto a stool next to her. "It's fine, I don't eat breakfast."

She shoved a box of cereal and bowl to me forcefully. "It's to start your day."

"I start my day with a cigarette."

Amu clubbed me in the head with the box of cereal. "Well, now on you are to start your day with cereal!"

"You're such a worrywart." I said and began pouring Coco Puffs into the bowl.

I noticed her spoon feeding Ami and thought of a humorous idea.

"Can you feed me Amu Koi?"

She bended the spoon and turned to look at me annoyed. "No!"

"Why?" I whined. "By the way, you owe me a spoon."

"Ugh!" She snapped at me and used the bended spoon to feed me.

I stopped her and smiled. "You didn't say "Say AHH."

She brutally cupped my mouth and screamed. "SAY AHHH!"

Before I knew it she was chugging down large amounts into my mouth causing me to almost choke. I gasped for air once she forcefully made me finish all the cereal.

"Okay," Amu said washing the dishes in the sink. "Now, what shall we do with the charas?"

I rubbed my stomach in pain. "Just put them in the back."

Amu snapped cracking the bowl. "Who puts children in the back of the yard?"

"VERY INTIMADATED PEOPLE!" I shouted annoyed.

"You idiot! You can't put kids in the yard!"

Ran and Yoru poked their heads out and floated at our side.

"It's fine, as long as we are in our egg we will sleep peacefully." Ran added.

Yoru agreed with her smiling. "Yeah, it's like we shut down when we're in our egg. Then, when you open us back up, we'll be turned on again."

"Amazing." Amu said fascinated.

"Seriously, I could have shut you down when you crying a long time ago." I said openly and Amu striked a punch at my back.

"Damn, that's the second time." I cursed.

We left Ran and Yoru in their egg and started to head to Ami's nursery school. Of course Amu sat in the back since she currently despised me. When we arrived Amu unbuckled her sister and kissed her.

"Ami, you be a good girl okay?" Amu said putting a hand on the top of the tot's head.

"Okay Onee Chan, love you!" Ami said with a smile and hugged her.

As Amu stood up Ami turned around and waved to me. "Bye Onii Chan, love you!"

She struck me surprised. It was kind of nice being like a family. Ami walked with a couple of little boys and Amu hopped into the car slamming the door.

"Now if I could just get you to say that." I joked and Amu rolled her eyes.

I parked at the front of the school and growled. "You're such an early bird, why do you need to be at this time anyways?"

Amu got out of the car and smirked. "What? Is someone being a worrywart?"

I narrowed my eyes annoyed and notice Tadase coming out of the school.

"Love you!" I yelled out to Amu.

She locked her demonic gaze at me and I drove off laughing.

"Hey!" I heard her call out. "No smoking and skipping!"

I exchanged a smirk to her. "Love you more!"

I stopped at a gas station to cruise around for awhile. There I bought a box of cigarettes and checked my text messages.

From Kukai: Just woke up. Where you at?

I texted him back taking my time.

Gas station across from the park. Bout to smoke. You hittin up?

I opened the box and looked around for my lighter. My phone buzzed in my pocket so I decided to look for it later.

Naww man, my Mom doesn't want me to anymore.

Growing amused over the text I shook my head and laughed.

Momma's boy. Then just skip.

I knew Kukai would reply sooner than usual since he really is a Momma's boy.

Don't talk about my Momma like that! So what! Alright, but I'm only skipping first since Pres got an eye for me.

Kind of ticked me off even if it didn't mean what I thought it meant. I disposed the fact that I was getting angry and just waited for Kukai to show up.

Kukai opened the car door happily. "Good morning."

"What's with the attitude?" I said smirking.

"Just got a really nice text that's all." Kukai added with a smile.

I chuckled. "You thought that text was me being nice?"

"No, it's from Amu." He said causing my laugh to die down.

As weird as it seemed I was smiling at the moment. "Why?"

"I guess she took it to heart when trying to cheer her up yesterday. Just read the text." He said boasting and showed me the text.

Hey Kukai, it's Amu. Firstly, I think it's weird that you have my cell number without my authorization. And secondly, thank you. It meant a lot to me for you helping me feel better. Talking about my past hasn't always been great, but thank you.

My chest tightened while reading the message. I had no idea, but I was angry, no fumed. Why did Kukai get a thank you message from Amu when I was the one who had the guts to do the kissy face?

"But, wait there's more." Kukai added cheerfully.

He looked through his texts and spoke happily. "I replied back saying it was no problem and if she ever needs any help she knows who to call."

That riddance smile was still stuck on my face. Kukai hovered his phone towards me and made me even angrier.

Thank you once again. And, I'll be sure to keep in touch.

What did she mean keep in touch? And if anything shouldn't I get a special text? I give her a home, a free job and what do I get? LECTURES!

"Pres is really cool." He said with a smile. "I'm glad she's our president."

"Yeah." I agreed solemnly.


I scribbled through the print outs furious. "Who does he think he is?"

Naghiko laughed. "Amu, what exactly did he do to make you so angry?"

"He said I love you while Tadase was there!" I snapped.

Crouching back every time I screamed; poor Naghiko was always there. "He was just joking though."

I scrunched up the papers. "Exactly, you should never play with a girl's heart like that!"

Naghiko ducked as I threw papers all over the place. He slowly moved back up. "Would you consider it to heart?"

My eyes were urging to pop out of my head and I burned red. "WHO WOULD?"

Tadase came seconds later looking confused. "What happened to the room?"

"A storm hit." Naghiko added and I glared at him.

Tadase and I met each others eyes and switched our gazes.

"So," Naghiko said getting up slowly then ran. "I should go!"

He was gone in a flash that I had no time to gather my thoughts and run myself. It was quiet for awhile.

"So," Tadase broke the ice.

"So," I added with a laugh. "Is the plans for the Festival fine?"

He looked at me with his beautiful face of his. "Yes, everything should be according to plan."

"That's great." I said and fled to the door.

"Amu Chan." Tadase said stopping me.

I turned around sharply. "Yes Tadase Kun?"

"Are you and Ikuto a thing?"

My brain erupted. There was no way in hell I would date that conniving preying monster. No way!

"No way, back there he just always being the total idiot he is, teases me a lot! Why were you worried?"

My last comment seemed to surprise him. I played around with my fingers while each word he made my heart flutter.

"I'm not now," Oh how much I wanted to charge him up and hug him. "But, I can't say it doesn't make me feel uneasy. But, I think it's because he's a trouble maker and he shouldn't mess with you a lot.

My heart dropped down. Of course he would add that last part. But, how I wish he would have the same feelings for me as I have for him.

I decided to take my leave the minute the bell rang. Stupid Ikuto I thought. Ignorant Ikuto. And here I was trying to thank you this morning!

BAM! I felt myself hit the chest of a tall person. No, it wasn't just one. I think I hit one causing a domino theory hitting another. I quickly got up and apologized while my mind was going hay wire.

"I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry!" I bowed and cried out.

"Its fine Pres." Responded the voice of Kukai.

I boiled up seeing him as the source. I jerked him by the shirt. "I should've known it was you!"

"Pres," He said getting whipped back and forth. "Calm down."

"CALM DOWN? YOU WAN'T ME TO CALM DOWN?" I rapidly swung him around.

I heard a loud cough and dropped Kukai rushing to the person who was crushed.

"Oh my God Yamada I'm so sorry! I will pay for your health care!"

[In Shugo Chara episode. Soccer player]

Despite being hurt Yamada laughed and smiled at me. "It's okay Amu, although I think I can't make it to the festival."

"WHAT NO! MAYBE THERE'S A HEALING TOUCH!" I said lifting his leg up and prayed.

"I think you made it worse." Yamada added.

My nose smelt sensed smoke around the corner and I immediately new it was Ikuto.

"I missed Ryousuke take a tumble? Damn."

I charged him with full battle force. "It's your entire fault!"

"How is it my fault? I just got here?" He snapped at me.

I wasted a punch on him as he ducked. "It always is! Thanks a lot Ikuto!

He looked at me sharply. "Oh, now you thank me."

I crossed my arms and glared at him. "What are you rambling about?"

"Whatever." Ikuto said looking away.

"Miss Hinamori, what seems to be the problem?" Nikaidou Sensei said eyeing me.

I lifted myself off of Ikuto rapidly. "It's just that I need another person to participate in our Festival."

He shook his head disappointingly. "That's too bad Miss Hinamori, and here I was trying to help you with a scholarship."

"WHAT?" I shrieked. "HOW?"

"This scholarship would look exceptionally good on your resume. And, so I thought maybe if Hinamori would do an outstanding job as she always does. I could pitch in and help."

I pulled the sides of my hair out and slumped to the ground. "NO!"

"That's too bad." Sensei said walking away.

"Wait," I stopped Sensei and looked at the vile animal. "Ikuto will be the substitute."

Ikuto punched the locker. "Bet you I won't!"

Evidently, Sensei was more so pleased. "Mister Tsukiyomi, this might cover your community service."

"Sensei, you can't be serious!" Ikuto detached to his laid back frame.

"As serious as it gets Mister Tsukiyomi." Sensei said and walked off.

I have never seen Ikuto worked up…ever. I've never seen him to the point where he'd get angry, or so I've heard.

He slammed his fist onto the locker so hard that I thought it almost subsided.

I felt like leaving his violent acts by sneaking away, but discontinued upon hearing frightful chuckles.

"Yamada what event are you managing?" Ikuto glowered over to him.

Poor Yamada drew back a little frightened. "U-Uh, the haunted house."

"Perfect." Ikuto's icy words trickled words went down my very spine.

We flinched when Ikuto spun the opposite direction and left with another dark chuckle.

After that, school seemed to pass by quicker than usual. Maybe it was because I was worrying over what Ikuto was scheming. Luckily, when I made my way to the front of the school Kukai was there with Ikuto.

"Hey Pres!" Kukai hopped out of the front seat and greeted me warmly.

I smiled a little bit overjoyed. It's been awhile someone greeted me so warmly besides Ami. It felt nice.

I perked my head out to see Ikuto in the car with the windows down. He was aware of my presence, but did nothing of the sort to notice.

"Tsukiyomi." I overlooked at him stashing a finished cigarette.

"Hinamori." He said formal which left me shocked.

Never has he ever called me by my last name. What? Was he angry about participating in the fair?

"Umm, Amu why don't you sit in the front with Ikuto." Kukai smiled nervously.

The door opened to a click and Ikuto finally made his way out.

"No, better yet. Why don't you two sit in the back? Don't you have lots to talk about?" He piped his voice in such a high tone and slammed the door shut.

Kukai and I traded a converned look on our faces, and then headed in the car.

"Today was rather weird, wasn't it?" I tried my best to hold a smile, but it turned out rather awkward.

Kukai had both hands on the steering wheel and agreed. "Yeah…"

Silence emerged. Ikuto wasn't talking still. We knew something was wrong.

"So tell me about this festival you guys are hosting." Kukai questioned.

I answered truthfully, with no problems what so ever. "It's just a proactive event we do twice our school year to raise enough money for our school fund. We give a good fraction to the nearby hospitals and shelters. The more people participate, the better."

"The usual involvement with uptight elites." Ikuto answered hastily.

This struck a vein in my system...

I whipped my head back scolding Ikuto. "We're not uptight! We're conducted in a formal way which is to the right course of life! Not your mafia style life!"

Ikuto didn't buy any remorse and took out a pack of cigarettes.

"Won't you be useful and hand me my lighter?"

"NO I WON'T!" I snapped at him.

His eyes narrowed down unamused. "And you say you're not uptight."

"I'M NOT!" I cried out loudly.

I didn't hear Kukai trying to clutter some words into the two of us. We forgot his total occurrence. "Um, you guys?"

"You're so vile! How does a human endure so many cigarettes in one day! Why are you always getting yourself in trouble? Are you trying to KILL YOURSELF?"

Silence fled the car again. I looked to see Ikuto with eyes so full of intensity. The sun hitting his eyes and hair was awe dropping. It made him look amazing.

"Regardless if I was, it wouldn't matter right?"

His wandering eyes grasped the attention of mine as we starred at each other. He looked so serious when implying that. It kind of scared me.

Once he noticed me still speculating him, he laughed. "Just kidding."

He reverted back to silence and steadily fixed his attention outside of the window.

Oh God, Ikuto isn't trying to kill himself right?