I awoke for classes the next day with 20 minutes to spare, Nayuki rapped on my door as hard as possible to make sure that I was up. "YUUICHI-KUN! You will be late for your first class if you don't hurry up!" As the words registered in my head I pulled my covers off of myself and I dressed as quickly as possible, good thing I shower last night. I opened the door and Nayuki stood there with a disappointing glare that irked my very being.

"If you are going to keep looking at me, get a camera and take some pictures; they will last longer." With my morning frustration off of my chest, I went to brush my teeth and ran down stairs to slip on my sneakers. I had 13 minutes to get to class, and there was no way I would make it on time if I did not run full speed, so my legs moved at the fastest possible speed and luckily with 2 minutes to spare, I made it to class. Shiori and I had a date today, and I was definitely excited for it, but I hadn't seen Mai anywhere, and it was enough to depress me just a little. The day dragged on until lunch break; I walked up to the spot above the staircase where Mai, Sayuri and I usually ate and to my surprise neither one of them was there. I got increasingly more worried when I happened to walk down the moonlit hallway where Mai liked to sit only to find that it had been closed off; the white panels that made up the floor beneath me were tarnished the windows were shattered and walls had taken a beating, a fight definitely went down here.

My heart began to beat faster and faster; had Mai and Sayuri fallen victim to Mai's manifested feelings? Before I became enveloped in my thoughts, a gentle hand was placed upon my shoulder and a soft and familiar voice had called out to me. "Yuuichi-Kun, thank god I've found you."

"Sayuri!" I turned my body around as fast as I could to embrace Sayuri; she and Mai had just been busy, maybe there was a fight last night but they're OK. The hug was brief and my cheeks began to burn with slight embarrassment, she smelled like such a pretty girl, peaches and orchids; heavenly. "Where's Mai and what exactly happened last night?" and as I let the words escape my lips, the gravest look came upon Sayuri's face and my stomach dropped.

"I came back to the school last night and Mai was laying in the fetal position crying her eyes out, I ran to her and comforted her, and she started acting really weirdly." Sayuri's cheeks burned red and I had a feeling things got quite intimate here last night; as perverting-ly exciting as that could has possibly been, I felt a little rip in my heart, which is pretty common whenever I thought of Mai being with anyone but me. "We heard some noise and all she said was monsters before she began fighting some almost invisible creature; the way she moved so gracefully was amazing. She seemingly killed both of those things when she collapsed and I rushed her to the hospital; she's not doing too well right now Yuuichi. She managed to ask me not to tell you, but of all people you had the right to know."

Grief, pain, fear; these were just a couple of the emotions I was feeling and I'm sure my face gave them away. Did I once again put her emotions in turmoil with her mind? Dammit, I really am to blame, and I wasn't there to help her out. I have to see her, I have to make sure she's OK and she recovers. I was just about to run towards the staircase when Sayuri grabbed my shoulder once more. "Yuuichi she never stopped saying your name last night, remember that." Her brown eyes shone with a jealousy that I never really saw in her, and as quickly as that she was smiling again; her smile was sincere and put me at ease. "Don't give up on her because it's you that she wants, what she and I had was a blessing for me, but I could tell she never returned ALL of my feelings, at least not as intensely as mine were for her; she's always had her eyes set on you, right from the beginning. I guess what I'm telling you is that she and I are broken up."

I suppose you could say my heart bounced with joy, but that would be the understatement of the year; My heart flew with the feelings of success, happiness and everything else as I realized I had an opportunity to be with Mai, all the agony I was feeling about losing her feels like a distant dream and I'm just about ready to burst through the windows and fly to her, but of course I have now wings.

"Sayuri, I've got something to take care of first, but thank you. I will see her as soon as I handle some business." I ran off towards the field I usually met Shiori at, the ground outside had a fresh blanket of snow which hindered my movement a little, but this was a confrontation I would fight to have. Shiori stood like a princess, seeming so elegant in this snowy weather; why did she have to be so beautiful?

"Yuuichi-Kun!" Shiori ran up to me looking to embrace me, but with my mind dead set on seeing Mai I knew that I couldn't see Shiori anymore; Kaori would kill me, but I definitely have to break Shiori's heart and cancel our date. As Shiori's steps brought her closer to me I held my hand out, my body was tense and I knew this conversation wouldn't be easy as her eyes were glowing since her sight rested upon me.

"Hey, we can't go on that date… Sorry."

"Oh I didn't say it definitely had to be today, how about tomorrow." Shiori moved closer to me and before I could stop her, her lips were on mine and I felt the warmth inside my body go haywire. Shiori clung to my body and it felt like she was forcing her way into my very soul. I gave in and let her kiss me until she needed to catch her breath.

I got a very disappointed look from Shiori and it told me that she noticed I had not contributed to this little incident in the slightest. "This is it huh? I never even got to call you my boyfriend and yet you are going to leave me aren't you?"

"Shiori, Mai has all of me, mind body and soul. I tried to leave her in my past but no matter what you and I do, my mind will always fly back to her." Shiori looked as if she might break down and cry any minute, and I felt as if I was finally fixing things. "Tell me you love her Yuuichi, look me in the eyes and say it."

Looking Shiori straight in the eyes I connected with her heart. "I swear that what I feel about you is real, if Mai weren't in this world then you would be the girl I came for in a heartbeat; but the fact remains that Mai is here, she loves me and I love her." Her brown eyes were glassy and my words sunk in, in my head over and over I kept saying sorry, but I knew her heart was broken.

Instead of crying as I thought she would, she smiled a sincere smile. "I didn't think it would last, but I'm glad it happened."

"You aren't upset? I just did a horrible thing to you a-and I expected for you to take it a lot wor-" Shiori's hand stopped me from talking, she was surprising me all today.

"If you love someone, then let them fly free. If they come back to you then you know it was meant to be. I'm letting you go Yuuichi Aizawa, but if you ever come back just know that I probably won't ever let go again." Shiori's eyes were passionate and I knew that what she said was true to her.

"Hey, what I want most for you in life is to be happy. Don't go and do something crazy, I am honestly hoping you don't. I'll see you around Shiori, but I've got to go now." I gave Shiori a gentle and warm hug, letting her feel my pain and feeling hers as well. The embrace ended and I ran towards Mai. Talk about back and forth; this morning I was looking forward to my date with Shiori and now I am running towards Mai, ready to declare my love hopefully for the last time.

CUT! I have returned to finish what I started. The past year or so has been an emotional roller coaster for me, but now I'm here and ready to work. Look forward to me finishing this story and the rest of the ones left unfinished, and also be on the lookout for new work.