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Summary: Akito and Sana have been going out for five years now,since they were 13, and Akito wants to get Sana something special for their 5 year anniversary. Thing is, he has no clue what to get her. But while Akito is looking for the perfect gift, the couple experience something that my split them up for good. Will they work past it or will it keep them apart for good?

Your Mine, I'm Yours

Chapter 1

He was lost. No, he was more then lost. He had absolutely no clue what to get her. This was an important day for both of them. It was their 5th anniversary and he was stuck. His friends had made a couple suggestions but nothing seemed like it was good enough for her. Gomi and Hisea suggested a casual day out, while both Aya and Tsyoshi suggested a romantic dinner. Mami said a movie and Fuka said to think of something on his own.

To him, all those ideas sucked. The best idea was Fuka's because it made more sense for him to think of something and not someone give him ideas.


She was scary at times. She was like a second Sana. Akito walked aimlessly around the mall, looking in every store he could, but nothing stood out to him. He walked to a bench and plopped down onto it.

"Damn, this is impossible!" he said as he ran his hands through his shabby blonde hair. He let it grow out, but not too much. The back reached down to his neck, while the sides went a little past his ears and the front covered his eyes.

"What's impossible?" Akito looked up too see his girlfriend standing in front of him, holding onto her purse, looking confused.

"Sana? What are you doing here?" Akito stood up and towered over the brunette. Sana looked up at her boyfriend, who was about 6'1.

"I came to find something for Shimura since it's her birthday tomorrow yah know? What were you talking about that was impossible?" she asked as she gave him that cute confused face that he always fell for.

"It's a secret." Sana frowned.

"And why can't I know?" she asked.

"Because its a secret." he answered as he looked down at her. Sana pouted and stuck her lip out. Akito smirked inwardly. He went down and captured her for a kiss, which surprised her. She yelped at first but soon melted into the kiss. Sana wrapped her arms around Akito's neck while he placed his hands on her hips.

Akito licked Sana's lips, asking for an entrance. She answered by opening them slightly but just enough for Akito to enter her. Their tongues fought against each other, not one dominating over the other. Sana explored Akito's hot cavern while he massage her tongue underneath, causing her to groan.

Akito's body felt on fire. He wanted so much more then this. More and more everyday his body ached for more of her. He blamed her for this. She developed nicely over the past 5 years. Her chest grew out, her butt did too, and her hair grew out longer. She wore it down now and she looked damn sexy in whatever outfit she wore.

Sana felt hot. Akito was always so passionate with her. He didn't show it at first but after a few guys had tried to take her away from him, he began being very protect of her. After a few years, he was more open with her. Now nothing mattered to him. If he wanted to kiss her, he would. They haven't gone farther then that though. Sana was always self conscious about herself and she was glad Akito never pressed that matter with her but there was no denying it. Their teenagers with hormonal needs.

"A-akito..." she let out a small gasp as they pulled away from each other. They rested their foreheads on each other. They held onto each other, not caring who was watching.

"You need to get back to your shopping." Akito said as he breathed in and out.

"I will in a second." Akito smirked. His perverted thoughts raced through his head as he held onto Sana's hips. Sana didnt notice but Akito removed his hand and brought it up and placed it on her chest. Sana's eyes immediately shot open and she growled.

"Pervert!" She yelled as she smacked Akito across the head with her purse. Akito took the beating but as Sana swung her bag towards him, Akito grabbed onto her arm. He pulled her towards him and she looked at him in surprise.

"Akito! Let me go!" she yelled as she struggled to leave his grip.

"I think it's sexy when your pissed off." he commented as he breathed into Sana's neck. Sana froze. She stopped moving and felt her cheeks burn. Her heart began to race and her stomach was filled with butterflies.

"Ak-Akito?" She chocked,

"Shh.." he said as kissed the side of ear. She shuttered and felt hot again. Akito still had a hold of her hands, which kept her from doing anything.

"Akito..." she moaned out as he kissed her neck. He worked his way up and down, planting soft kisses.

"Akito.. the-there's people here." She said trying to control her moan.

"So?" he growled.

"Akito... We can't. Stop." She finally controlled her emotions and moved away from him. He dropped her hands and backed away. He wore a guilty look and tugged onto the back of his neck.

"I'm sorry." he said. Sana smiled slightly.

"Its okay. Were both at fault."She grinned and took a hold of his hand.

"I-I can't control myself when I'm around you. My emotions get the best of me." Akito entwined his fingers with hers and she gave him a small squeeze.

"Haha that makes two of us." Akito rose his brow. Sana then realized what she said and blushed madly.

"Wait! I mean that, wait! I uh, oh my!" She staggered. Akito smirked and tug her a long behind him. She held onto his hand at ease and walked through the mall. Sana stopped at plenty of stores to find her house maid the perfect gift. While she was doing that, Akito secretly looked at the passing stores for anything good to give his girlfriend.

As they continued walking, Sana found the perfect store for Shimura. It was a small necessity store that had small gizmos and gadgets.

"I'm going to look in here really quick okay?I'll be right back." Akito nodded as she ran inside the store. He leaned against the wall next to the store and looked up. 'Why does this have to be so damn hard!'

"Daddy look! This necklace is really pretty! Maybe we can get it for mommy?" Akito looked to his left and seen a little boy, about 7 years old, pointing at something in the window. He couldn't see from his angle but he did see the grin on the older man grow.

"You know Adrian, that's a good idea. Maybe we will get it for her." The older man smiled and grabbed his son by the hand. "But for now, its going to be a secret okay son?" The little boy nodded and they walked away.

Akito was now curious to what the two were talking about, so he pushed himself off the wall and walked towards the window, hands in his pockets and bored expression written on his face. He looked into the window the two were just looking at and his eyes went wide.

In the window was a display of a silver necklace with a heart charm hanging at the end. The heart was deep pink and in the heart was a small blue diamond. He pressed his hands against the window and he knew that was the perfect gift. He immediately looked at the price and cringed as he looked at the folded paper. 'That's going to leave a big dent on my wallet.'

It was 50,000 yen. He pushed himself off the window and scratched the back of his head. Their anniversary was four days away, and today was Tuesday. That meant he had four days to come up with the money.

"Akito!" Akito looked over to his right and seen Sana running towards him.

"Look! I found her the perfect gift!" She shouted as she ran at him. He faced her at the bag in her hand.

"That's good." he answered calmly. Sans smiled and looked at the window he just looked at.

"Wow! That's such a pretty necklace!" she said as she looked at the same necklace Akito was looking at.

"Ouch, that's a lot of money. I guess you can't have everything you want. Oh well." Sana said disappointingly. Akito frowned as he seen her face grow sorrowful. He didn't like seeing Sana like that.

"Sooo Akito?" He looked over at her she was looking straight at him with sudden spark of energy in her eyes.

"Wanna tell me that secret now?" she questioned as she moved in closer to him.

As much as he enjoyed Sana being close to him, he couldn't tell her why he was here. It would spoil everything. She gave him that puppy dog look he always fell for. He frowned and turned the other way.

"No." he answered. She frowned and turned the other way too, crossing her arms around her chest,

"Fine! Be that way!" She stuck her tongue out at him like a small child would. He smirked.

"Be more mature would yah? I don't want to date a 13 year old anymore." Akito stated coolly. Sana turned towards him and glared at him. But she seem to have pain written on her face more then anger.

"You jerk!" she yelled. "If you want someone else who's more mature then go ahead and find someone else!"

"Maybe I will." He said roughly. Sana gasped. She then turned away from Akito and he saw tears fall from her face. He went wide eyed and took a step forward.

"Sa-" but Sana was long gone. Akito growled and punched the wall next to him.'Dammit! I'm so fuckin stupid!' He then began to run towards Sana, not caring who was in his way.

Sana ran as fast as her feet could take her. What Akito said to her made her heart ache. 'Does he really not want to be with me?' The tears fell from her eyes as she ran. She couldn't keep it in. It hurt her way to much. She ran out of the mall and ran straight down the street. She didn't know where she was going but she needed to get away from him.

Akito was right behind her but he noticed she quickened her pace. 'Damn, shes fast.' Since he was in karate,he had learned how to build his speed, endurance, stamina, and strength. Running after her was easy but he was quickly getting annoyed with everyone that was in his way. She seemed to run past them so easily, making it more difficult to keep up.

He then noticed they were running towards the park. The park held a lot of special memories for both of them. In the gazebo was where they first had there real moment. He remembered it clearly because he still held onto it till this day. Sana was telling him how he had a purpose in life and that his mother wanted him to be born. He also remembered that was where he first realized he had feelings for the girl.

"Speak of the devil." he muttered as he noticed Sana was running towards the gazebo. She slowed down a bit and that's when Akito saw this as his chance to catch her. He picked up his speed and reached out to grab onto her hand. They both abruptly stopped outside the gazebo. Akito held onto her hand tightly; never letting loose. She didn't fidget once, she just looked down towards the floor.

"Sana..." Akito whispered. He walked towards her but noticed that she didn't react. He then looked around and saw people staring so he led them into the gazebo. Sana didn't flinch. She simply followed.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean it." he told her. She didn't say a word, frustrating him.

"I was being stupid." Still nothing.

"Look at me." No words came from her. He grew angry and grabbed a hold of her shoulders.

"Dammit Sana! Talk to me!" He yelled. She flinched slightly.

"And what do you want me to say huh?" she whispered quietly.

Akito kept a from grip on her shoulders and growled. He honestly had nothing to say to her.

"Do you want me to say how I forgive you and lets go back to how we were just an hour ago? Or do you want me to start laughing and say everything is okay?" she asked. He gave a confused look and let his hands drop to his side.

"But I can't Akito. I can't say it's okay because I thought you were serious. I really thought you didn't want to be with me anymore. And you know how much that hurts!" she finally bursted. Akito stepped back a bit allowing her to speak her mind.

"You walk around, never showing how you feel! You never open up to anyone! You don't laugh, you don't smile, you don't show any emotion except that stupid sarcastic attitude of yours!" She yelled as the tears ran down her face. Akito stood tall. He frowned and it looked to Sana that her speech didn't faze him at all.

"All this came from me saying something stupid." Akito questioned. Sana threw her hands up in the air and glared at the boy in front of him.

"That doesn't even matter anymore! You are just one big jerk that doesn't care about anyone but himself! You say hurtful things and it doesn't even matter to you! You say sorry and you think its all fix and dandy!" Sana's tear continued to fall and it didn't seem like it would stop.

"I'm selfish? I'm selfish? Really Sana?" Akito asked. He tightened his fist and frowned.

"Yes you are!" she answered back.

"You should watch your words Kurata. They can come back and fire at you." Akito said with a deadly look in his eyes. Sana went wide eyed. Akito hadn't called her Kurata since they were 13.

"You know my reasons for the way I am and I thought that was fine for you. I thought that you liked me, for me. I guess I was wrong. If you don't like my sarcastic attitude and non happy self then go find someone who is like that. If I don't make you happy then find someone who does."

Sana couldn't believe what she was hearing. She gasped and the tears grew more and more.

"What are you trying to say?" she chocked.

"I'm saying that if I'm such a horrible person, why the hell are you still with me?" he yelled throwing his hands across his body.

"Were you with me because of pity? Because you felt bad? Or for your status as a pop star? Which one is it?" He asked. Sana shook her head.

"No , it was none of those. Akito I wasn't with you for any of those reasons." she whispered.

"Bullshit. You just said it all yourself why you dont want me. Or is it another reason? Maybe you were using me until Kamura dumped his girlfriend and now that he has your trying to find a way for us to break up right?"

Sana glared and picked up her hand. She swiped her hand across Akito's face, making a big 'smack' sound. Sana held onto her hand and the tears never stopped.

"That's not fair! That isn't fair Akito! Your such an idiot! How can you believe that! How can you possibly think that? Should I just bring up Fuka in this too? Huh? Answer me!" she yelled breathing hard while Akito stood in front of her, his head turned to the side, with a red mark on his cheek. He said nothing at all.

"Damn you Akito! I love you! That's why I was with you! Because I love you! But now, I'm not so sure anymore!" With that, she gathered her things and ran away, putting as much distance as she could between them. Akito stood still, taking in everything that just happened. 'I'm such a fuckin idiot.' As he thought that he sat on the floor, against the side of the gazebo. He grabbed onto his head and ran his hands through his hair.

Sana arrived to her house and ran upstairs to her room. She slammed the door shut and jumped onto the bed, hugging her pillow, sobbing into it. She cried and cried and never let up.

"Stupid Akito! I hate him!" She yelled over and over. Then there was a knock at the door.

"Sana dear, are you okay? Do you want me to go in?" Sana recognized that voice as her mothers.

Misako received no answer and tried again. "Sana?" Still, no answer. She grabbed a hold of the knob and turned it slowly. "Sana, I'm coming in." She went inside and seen Sana sprawled out on the bed,crying into her pillow.

"Sana, what happened?" Misako asked worriedly.

"I hate him mama. I hate him." she said into the pillow

"Who?" the author asked as she rubbed her daughters back.

"Akito! I hate him! He's such a jerk! I hate him so much!" she cried harder and harder and Misako sat dumbfounded. The thought never crossed her mind that Akito and Sana would have problems. They were always happy together. Sure, they had their fights but none this big.

"It's okay Sana. Everything will work out. Just give it time."

"No! You don't understand." She lifted her face from the now soaked pillow and looked at her mother. "He wants nothing to do with me now!" Sana threw herself at Misako crying into her chest like a small child would. Misako held onto her and tried to soothe her. 'Hayama... What did you do?'

Akito walked home pissed off. When he entered his house, he slammed the door and dug his hands in his pockets roughly. He began to walk upstairs when his sister called out to him.

"Akito! Where have you been! Its late!" she scolded. Akito looked back at her and glared at her. She went wide eyed as she seen that cold, heartless look in his eyes that he once had before back in sixth grade.

"A-Akito?" he swiftly turned his head and stomped upstairs. Natsumi was shaking. She didn't know why, but she was. That look in Akito's eyes were dangerous. 'Akito, what happened to you?'

Akito kicked off his shoes and ran towards the wall. He screamed and punched the wall in front of him, hard. He felt a sudden pain in his knuckles but he ignored it and punch the wall again. He did it over and over until his hand was covered in blood. He grunted as he slid down his wall. He titled his head back and rested his head against the wall. He was an idiot. It was all his fault. The girl he loved was now gone.

"Your such a fucking dumbass Hayama. You really fucked it up." he said to himself. He grabbed onto his bleeding hand and growled. But the pain in his heart hurt more then his knuckles did. Seeing Sana leave like that made him feel like the worst person alive. His arms rested on his knees and he looked at the floor with shame. He closed his eyes and he felt something wet escape his closed eye lids. It ran down his cheek and fell to the floor. Then another hit the floor followed by a couple more. He sat in his room for who knows how long until sleep over took him.

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