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Your Mine, I'm Yours

Chapter 4: Mine

December 2008

"I can't believe it."

"Me neither. It's just all so sudden."

"Seriously. But… it's sad."

"Why do you say that?"

"Because what they had… was just so strong. Even though it didn't seem like it, they really loved each other. It was almost magical."

No one would have believed that Akito and Sana would break up. Not until they saw the distance between both figures. Not until they saw the sudden change in disposition in both teenagers. Yes, indeed, it was shocking.

Off Beat Magazine
Issue: T6574
Interview: 12/20/2011

OB: Oh my! I'm so lucky to get to interview you Ms. Kurata! Ever since you starred in "Stars Above" with actor Yusuke Sakura, you've been such a big hit! You've even become international! People from all over the world know who you are!

SK: *Giggles* I never imagined that "Stars Above" would bring so much success. It really is fascinating how much support we've gained from our amazing fans. It is such a great story that should be shared with the whole world.

OB: So modest! You did amazing! I've watched the movie at least 7 times in theaters and I bought myself a copy!

SK: Well thank you. *giggles*

OB: Enough about that though! You know Sana, many fans have been wondering how your love life has been! We've all heard rumors and gossip about you being with certain actors or models, but those were never confirmations.

SK: *Blushes* Well... there have been a lot of rumors lately, but as you said, there all false.

OB: Of course they are! After all, rumor is, you are currently in a steady relationship?

SK: Yupp!

OB: How cute! Any chance of a name?

SK: Not at all! *winks*

OB: Oh my! *giggles* So much secrecy! Tell us Sana, is this boy serious? You think he's the one?

SK: Defiantly.

OB: *Squeals* So cute! So you two are serious!

SK: I thought I answered that already? Haha… but yes… were serious. He's all mine. *smiles*

OB: He wouldn't happen to be famous would he?

SK: Well… you could say he is.

OB: Ahhhh! We all knew it was a famous actor! Is it Raiko Itsuko? Or perhaps Kiako Hituro? Maybe even your longtime friend Naozumi Kamura!

SK: Whoa! Slow down there woman! Hahaha It's none of them. There all great friends, but none are my boyfriend. Defiantly not Naozumi! Hahaha

OB: Sorry! My curiosity got to the best of me! Haha. But if it's none of them, then… who is it?

SK: The most important person in my life.

Next Issue: Sana Kurata's shocking confession! Who in the world is this man she claims to be the "most important" in her life?

December 2008

He sat silently in the class, watching her closely. It was not supposed to be like this. She had not said a word to him. When they locked eyes with each other, all she did was smile; smiled that stupid, adorable smile. She never got near him enough to give him a chance to apologize. But, he couldn't blame it entirely on her.

He was a coward; a pitiful, prideful coward. His pride would not allow him to come to terms with apologizing to her. Every opportunity he had, he threw it away. Fuka would discreetly scold him for being such a coward. He would deny it. But inside he knew; he knew he could not bring himself to apologize.

He still closed himself off from everyone and rejected anyone's company because quite frankly, he found everyone annoying. The past few days, he spent lunch on the roof and walked himself to class. He excluded himself from all the activities and remained a lone wolf once again.

He was also skipping class a lot these past 3 days. Though his grades never faltered, he was becoming more and more antisocial. His friends have noticed it, his family has noticed it, heck, and even his teachers have noticed it!

The blonde did not understand what was wrong with him. He wanted her back; no, he NEEDED her back, but he didn't have the courage to do it. What happened to his drive? What happened to all the fire burning in his eyes when he promised himself he wasn't going to let her go?

He shifted uncomfortably in his seat. What was the point of him being in class when he wasn't even putting attention?

"Hey." The blonde turned around and came face to face with his long-time friend.

"Hn." He replied.

"Where have you been these past couple days? Were all worried about you yah know?" the glass eyed boy asked with concern written on his face.


Tsuyoshi sighed. Again his best friend was pushing him away. It was driving him crazy!


"I don't want to hear it." Tsuyoshi bit his lip at the blonde haired boy's words. The younger boy sighed and walked over to his desk solemnly. Unknown to both boys, a pair of eyes were watching as they conversed.

Class ended soon and Akito was off on his own again. He walked absentmindedly to his next class, not thinking anything of the gossip going around school. The school was buzzing about Sana's and his break up. Now every available bachelor is approaching her and it bothers him… deeply.

"Fuck, I need to get away from here." He muttered under his breath.

He walked faster towards a place that only a few people ever really went to. Lately, it's just been him since the whole student population knew it would be best to avoid him like a plague. He had needed a thinking place; a place where he could think to himself without being troubled or bothered. At home, he felt suffocated with all the questions and demands from his family, at school, too many students stared and gossiped. In the city, he was bombarded by pictures and pictures of her. He just needed a break; he needed to take a breather.

He arrived to his destination and closed the door shut. He walked towards the edge and sat down, releasing a troubled sigh. He tossed his head back towards the ledge and closed his eyes. His body was in fatigue and he felt weak. Forget school, he was going to nap all day.

"AHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHH!" A certain auburn haired howled as she walked through the hallway towards the cafeteria.

Several students in the hall watched her carefully to see what her next move would be. It seemed like the school was more caught up in her break up then rather their studies.

"Someone's extra hyper today." Sana shifted herself to come face to face with her best friend.

"Hey Fuka!" she greeted with much joy.

"Girl, you have too much energy sometimes!" she laughed and Sana grinned.

"Sana! Fuka!" both teenagers shifted towards the two figures walking towards them. Sana grinned happily at them.

"Heyy guys!" The hazel eyed girl responded in merriment.

Aya smiled a small smile and Tsuyoshi waved slightly.

"You're extra chipper today Sana!" The brown haired boy chuckled.

"Today is a good day!"

Tsuyoshi smiled timidly at his longtime friend. For the past three days, she had been a mess. The bright smile on her face disappeared and her demeanor was so dull, it brought the entire class down. She seemed unfocused and was lost in her own thoughts often. But with a few harsh words from Fuka and some recovery act, she had been her chipper self once again.

On the other hand, Akito was not faring very well. He had distant himself and cut himself off from everyone. He was hardly around and when they did see him, it was for a very minimum amount of time. He always seemed fatigued and looked as if he aged ten years. He had this cold, yet lonely look in his eyes and more stoic then he was before.

He didn't know what to do. He loved both his friends dearly and it hurt him to see them like this, but he didn't know what to day or do anymore. He tried his best to uplift his attitude, but it was no use. The only person who could bring Akito back was none other than Sana. They were the only ones who could truly fix what they broke.

"Tsuyoshi? Are you okay?" a soft voice asked with concern.

"Ahh haha. Yes I'm fine." Aya looked upon him in worry. She knew Tsuyoshi had been overly concerned about his best friend.

He didn't know that she would watch him as he stared at Hayama in class with a troubled demeanor. He didn't know that she noticed how he would dwindle behind when they were walking to see if Hayama would join them. Tsuyoshi was truly a great friend to the notorious boy. She couldn't help but be a bit angry at Hayama though. He was being a bit selfish. While he sulked to himself, he was hurting not only Sana, but the rest of the gang as well. Everyone was worried for him, but because of him being who he is, he would not let himself be surrounded by his friends.

"Are you sure?" Tsuyoshi smiled genuinely at his girlfriend of 5 years. He then kissed her forehead, causing Aya to blush madly.

"Yes. Don't worry so much about me." Aya's cheeks were flaming red and her heart was beating uncontrollably. The glass eyed teenager then hugged her and she buried her face into his shirt. When did Tsuyoshi grow so tall? She didn't know. All she knew was she belonged in his arms.

Sana and Fuka watched in silence. Fuka smiled at the couple in front of them. They were so adorable to her! They were way cuter than her and Yuta. Sana stood with silence. A sad smile crept onto her lips as several memories raced through her head. She let out an almost bitter laugh, causing Fuka to look over at her in curiosity.


Sana shook her head. "Nothing. I just think there too cute!" she cheered with glee, trying to cover the sadness filling her heart.

Fuka didn't catch it at first, but then realized how painful it was for Sana to have watched them. She knew Sana was missing Akito deeply. She knew that every moment she avoided him, all she wanted to do was crawl back into his arms. She knew that every time she looked at him, she wanted to burst into tears. But she also knew that Sana was strong and she would not allow others to worry for her. She knew that Sana would put up and act and pretend she was okay, but on the inside, she was dying.

An idea came to mind.

"Hey Sana."

The auburn looked at her with a smile; a fake smile that looked too real. "Yes?"

"Let's ditch the rest of the day yeah?" the brown haired girl suggested as Sana's eyes went wide.

"DITCH? WHAT!" the hazel eyed girl replied in astonishment. She squint her eyes and flailed her arms up and down.

Fuka hit her across the head with her fan. "Shut up! You don't want the teachers to here you!"

"Who's going to ditch?" Tsuyoshi and Aya asked in unison.

Fuka turned to them quickly and smiled. As much as she loved he two, this was something she needed to do with Sana.

"Oh no one! Just a couple of freshmen I heard were getting themselves into trouble by ditching." She said in order to cover Sana's sudden outburst.

"Oh." Tsuyoshi replied. He looked over at Sana, who was currently on the floor with stars circling around her head and x's in place of her eyes.

"She ran into the lockers right now while she was dancing haha."

Tsuyoshi chuckled and Aya giggled. "Typical Sana." Aya murmured.

"Yeah! Well, I'll take Sana's to the nurses! I'll see you guys later!" Fuka grabbed Sana's collar and raced off, leaving Tsuyoshi and Aya dumbfounded.

Fuka panted as she leaned against an old tree on the backside of the school. Sana was also panting slightly, trying to figure out exactly why Fuka lied to her friends.

"Fu-fuka!" The brown eyed girl shifted her gaze towards the famous actress. Her eyes were full of distress and confusion.

"Why did you lie to Tsuyoshi and Aya! And why did you drag me out here with you?"

Fuka smirked. "Were ditching."

Sana watched in amazement. Fuka? Ditch? What was the world coming too!

"Don't you feel suffocated lately? Don't you feel like just taking a day off and not thinking about anything but having fun?"

The young actress thought for a second and realized that Fuka was right. She had been feeling extremely suffocated and consumed in everything. It would be nice to have a day out and not think about anything.

A smile came to her face and Fuka knew that she had gotten through to her best friend.

"Great! Now let's get out of here!"

The clouds passed by silently and the air grew cold as the day went by. It seemed as if time froze. It was silent and relaxing. It was exactly what Akito Hayama needed to calm his nerves. It was one of the worst weeks of his life. Peace and quiet was what he needed.

That was until heard some laughing and yelling.

The stoic haired teenager used the ledge of the roof to haul himself up. Looking over the roof, he saw two students climbing the old tree over the top of the wall that enclosed the school. From the skirt, he knew they were girls. Question was what were they doing? He looked closer and saw as one of them slipped and almost fell.

"Tch. Idiot." He said.

He turned back over and sat back against the wall. He opened one of his text books and covered his face.

"I can't believe were actually doing this!" Sana said with too much enthusiasm.

"Not so loud girl. They can drag us back to school if they find out we ditched." Fuka warned as they walked down the street.

"We need disguises!" the auburn haired gleamed with stars in her eyes. The brown haired girl sighed in embarrassment.

"No we don't. We just need to make sure our school uniform isn't seen." She retaliated.

Sana pouted in disappointment and muttered something under her breath. Fuka ignored her and grabbed a hold of her hand. Sana felt herself being pulled and almost fell over.

"Common! I know a great place to start!"

A certain brown haired boy sat in class as he stared at three empty seats in anger. Those three empty seats belonged to three mischievous individuals. He felt utterly stupid for falling for his friend's lie. He huffed in anger.

"First Akito, now Sana and Fuka. Shoulda known." Though, he couldn't really blame them. Akito was being Akito. Fuka was trying to cheer Sana up and get her through this bump in her life. He just wished they could have included him in it. He felt useless. All he could do was sit back and watch as his best friend threw himself in turmoil and his favorite pop star dig herself in despair.

"What's the matter Tsuyoshi?"

The glass eyed boy shifted his gaze up to see a longtime friend of his: Mami.

It had been a while since he last talked to the raven haired girl. She had been by Hisea's side since the incident with Gomi three days ago. Not only that, she had been busy with her involvement in school activities and such.

"Oh hey Mami. Yeah, I'm fine." He offered her a weak smile.

Her brows furrowed.

"I heard about Sana and Akito." She mumbled.

Tsuyoshi's features turned dark and his gaze dropped from her face. He fiddled with his fingers and bit his lip.

"Even though Akito and I had our differences, I'm very sad to hear it." She paused. "They were head over heels for each other."

"I know." He answered.

"Sana seems to be okay." She shared. The brown haired boy almost scoffed. Sana was a mess.

"She's coping with it in her own way." Mami nodded.

"How's Akito?" Tsuyoshi looked up at the purpled eyed girl in surprise. He was very shocked she asked.

"What? I forgave Akito a long time ago okay? He's different now. I'm no longer scared of him." She defended with a bit of anger in her voice. He nodded.

"He's… well… I don't know." Mami raised a brow in surprise.

"He hasn't really been around us lately. He's being a lon-"

"Lone wolf again?" she finished.

"Uhh yeahh." She shook her head in disapproval.

"Where are they anyway?" Tsuyoshi shrugged his shoulders.

"I don't know."

"They need to just apologize and pretend like it never happened." She offered as advice. He smiled a bit at Mami's forwardness.

"I just want for all of us to be able to hang out with each other again without awkward tension." The confession was out and he sighed as he dropped his head on the table. Mami nodded in agreement.

*Ring* *Ring*

The final bell rang and Mami gathered her belongings. She looked at Tsuyoshi with intensity.

"You should talk to Akito. I mean, he is your best friend. When a person pushed you away, it's when they need you the most. He's going to be stubborn, but you and Sana are the only ones who have ever been any good at getting through to hum."

With a final piece of advice, Mami disappeared into a sea of students and left Tsuyoshi watching in bewilderment.

"You should talk to Akito. I mean, he is your best friend."

Mami was right. It was time he did something. With a newly kindled flame, he stood up and raced towards the door.

What a chat with an old friend could do.

City- 6:23

"This ice cream is soooooooo GOOD!" a delighted voice screeched.

"Sana… what did I tell you about being loud?" a commanding voice questioned as she dug her spoon in her cup.

"Aha. Sorry Fuka!" she apologized with mouth full of ice cream. Fuka shook her head in unbelief.

Their day was full of adventure. Sana felt giddy and happy as she walked on the sidewalk of the park. The sun was slowly setting and the cold air was coming in. She really had to thank Fuka for helping her escape from her own prison.

"One more stop." Sana turned to see her best friend running towards the inside of the park. A sort of nostalgic hit her and she felt her stomach churn.

"Wait Fuka!"


"Why are we coming here?" Sana asked as she trailed behind the teenager.

Fuka paused for a second. "Just to relax."

Fuka ran ahead and Sana ran behind her. She didn't know what Fuka was up too. Her best friend always had crazy ideas running through her head; but Fuka was always the rational one. She was the absurd and weird one.

Snow was beginning to slowly escalate from the sky as the two girls arrived to an old playground. Sana smiled a small smile as memories from her childhood entered her mind.

"I use to love coming here with everyone during the summer!" Fuka exclaimed as she sat on one of the swings.

Sana followed behind her and sat in the swing next to her. "I did too! We always had so much fun!"

Fuka and Sana laughed as the reminisced about their past and their silly adventures along the way to this point in their life. Snow slowly piled and the air became a bit thicker. Nonetheless, the girls sat on the swings, cherishing their memories and bonding once again after so long.

"And remember when Tsuyoshi tried to be superman and jumped in to save Aya but ended up getting knocked out cold instead!" Fuka gushed with laughter as a beach trip surfaced to mind.

"Hahahaha! YES! And we forced Akito to jump in and save both of them! Hahahaha!" Both girls laughed hysterically as the memory was fresh in their mind. They both remembered Akito karate chopping Tsuyoshi more than a million times. Akito did not want to get soaked all over again, but had no choice.

Fuka looked over at Sana and saw the tears fall from her eyes, but not sad tears, tears of joy; tears of laughter. She was delighted to see her best friend smiling and savoring the time they spent together. She was shocked to see how easily she was able to speak about Hayama without losing her cheery demeanor.


"Yeah Sana?"

"Thank you." Fuka smiled at the pop star.

"You're welcome girl."

Silence kicked in and both teenagers sat rocking back and forth on the rusty old swing. Sana kicked her feet, watching her feet as if they were the most interesting thing on the planet. Fuka gripped the chain bounding the swing to the set. She rested her head against the chain and stared into the coldness.

"I want to talk to him… but I'm scared."

Fuka looked over at the teenage idol. Her hands gripped the chains tightly as they trembled.

"I see him and my heart feels like its breaking. I smile at him because I can't just ignore him. I haven't talked to him in almost four days and it's killing me. I want so badly just run up to him and hug him. I want to hug him and tell him that were going to be okay; that we can get through this together."

Fuka sat in silence, absorbing the auburn girl's confession. She knew Sana was strong; but she knew that she was hurting. She knew she would need someone to open up to. And she was glad it was her that she came too.

"But… I can't get over what he said to me. It really… hurt. Just hearing him say those cruel words and seeing him turn that way again made me scared. I'm scared to be around him. I don't know why but I feel… I feel like if he touched me, I would break."

Sana looked down at her lap and kept a death gripping hold on the swings as she confessed her inner feelings and her deepest fears. She was petrified of him. She did not understand why but she just was.

"Is it weird that I feel like that? I mean, I know Akito would never hurt me physically. He's always been gentle with me which is why I don't understand why I feel so terrified of him." It was out in the open. She could no longer hold it in. The burden on her shoulders felt a slight sigh of relief but they were still carrying so much. She knew why though; she had to speak with Hayama. That was the only way she could feel at ease.

"Love can conquer anything Sana. If you two really loved each other, I have no doubt in my mind that you can work this out." She knew Akito was still deeply in love with Sana and he would always be. She knew he would never be happy with anyone besides her.

"So I should talk to him?" Sana suggested.

"Yes." Her breath hitched and her hands trembled. She was feeling that fear once again. Her mind was racing a million thoughts. Akito would never hurt her right? He was just angry that day. They both were.

"You got this Sana. There's nothing you can't accomplish." Sana rested her hand on Sana's pale white one. Sana eased her hand and she smiled at her best friend.

Maybe she should ditch more often.

School- 5:39pm

"Stupid Akito." A restless voice mumbled under his breath. Tsuyoshi was irritated and ready to explode. Friday's were supposed to be good days. How come today just kept getting worse?

He searched up and down this school and there was no sign of the infamous boy. He was about to call it quits and forget about Mami's advice until he remembered about Akito's favorite hide away spot. That was where he was heading to at this moment. He was practically stomping his way there.

"When I get my hands on him, I'm going to kill him." He muttered with annoyance.

He climbed up the stairs leading to the roof of the school. He sighed as his hand reached for the knob. "Here we go."

The glass eyed boy slowly pushed open the door and came to see a sun setting down slowly over the city. It was a beautiful setting. But that was not his purpose for being up here. His purpose was to find Akito and talk to him. He closed the door behind him and turned towards his left.

"What the?" he stood in bewilderment as he found his best friend laying down with a text book covering his face and his body relaxed as he slept. Tsuyoshi walked over to the notorious teenager and kicked him lightly.

No use.

He kicked him a little harder.

Still nothing.

He bent down and grabbed the text book, holding it up slightly, giving him enough access to his ear. He smirked as he brought his mouth next to his ear. Oh this was going to be so good.


Tsuyoshi jumped back quickly as Akito swiftly awoke and jumped up with urgency. His eyes shifted quickly to defense and his body language was set defensively.

"Tsuyoshi? What the hell are you doing here?" he questioned.

"I should be asking you the same question mister! Is this where you have been the past four days!" Tsuyoshi asked with a bit of frustration straying in the back of his voice.

Realizing it was only Tsuyoshi here, he returned to his normal body structure and dug his hands in his pockets. The blonde ignored the question and collected his school supplies.

"Heyy! I'm talking to you Akito!"

"It's none of your business." Hayama spat. Tsuyoshi hit a breaking point. He let out a frustrated scream that even surprised Akito. He looked at the glass eyed boy in puzzlement.

"I'm SICK and TIRED of everyone telling me 'it's none of your business!' It is too my business! You are my best friend Akito! Anything that concerns you concerns me! So stop being so damn stubborn and tell me what the hell is going on through that damn mind of yours!"

He panted slightly and the fire in his eyes flickered. Hayama watched in astonishment. Was this how Tsuyoshi was feeling this entire time?

"Now… are you going to stop being hard headed and talk to me?" he asked once more.

"You're really angry." Tsuyoshi sweat dropped. How could he be so smart yet so dumb at the same time!

"Yes because you keep shutting me out." Hayama stood silent.

"I don't want to talk about it."

"Why don't you just talk to her?" Tsuyoshi asked first, pressing the conversation.

Hayama scowled. "I just said I don't want to talk about it."

"What are you so scared of? You've had all this time and you still haven't done a thing? Your 5 year anniversary is tomorrow Akito."

"Dammit Tsuyoshi, I don't want to talk about that or her!" The golden eyed boy yelled with outrage.

"Stop acting like a child and grow up Akito! You're avoiding her and everyone else! You're running away from your problems instead of facing them head on!" Tsuyoshi was getting to him. Good. That's what he was aiming for.

"Shut up will you!" Hayama yelled once again as he grabbed Tsuyoshi by the collar of his uniform.

"Are you okay with losing her? Because you're doing a real good job of making sure it happens. Next thing you know, someone else is going to come along and POOF! She's gone."

Something cracked in Hayama. That was the last straw. His anger was over flowing and he did something he never wanted to do to his best friend.

He punched Tsuyoshi square in the face and Tsuyoshi went flying. Akito panted as frustration coursed through his veins. The thought of Sana being with another boy caused him fury. The thought of her being hugged by another boy, being teased by another boy, being kissed by another boy drove him over the edge.

Tsuyoshi rubbed his now sore cheek. He felt the blood swell in his mouth. He knew he pushed Akito but that was exactly what he wanted to do. He didn't care if Akito hit him; he wanted him to realize time was running short.

"Only you can fix this; just you and Sana. Do you think you can stand seeing her with someone who isn't you?" Tsuyoshi suggested as he stumbled over towards the raging blonde.

Akito's eyes grew as his heart clenched. He tightened his fist and dug his nails into his palm. He would not accept that. He would never. She was his. She was nobody else's.

"Why are you holding back so much?" The glass eyed boy asked with sympathy.

"She's… she's scared of me." Tsuyoshi was taken back a bit.

"How do you know that?"

"I can tell… she never allows herself to close to me. She's always keeping a distance. She can't look at me for longer than 2 seconds." He hung his head in shame.

"She's hurt Akito. You have to understand that."

He was the one who hurt her. He was the one who made her cry.

"Just man up and talk to her."

Akito slumped and sat against the ledge. A million thoughts were racing through his head. A thick blanket of silence covered both teenagers. He didn't know how long it was, but the air was starting to grow colder by the second.


The brown haired boy looked over at his long-time best friend.



Tsuyoshi smiled in victory. It was about time. Both boys stood up and walked towards the door to exit the rooftop.

"I owe you one."

Tsuyoshi laughed at his forwardness. "You betcha!"

Hayama smirked. Come Monday, things were going to be different.

It was Saturday, December 24th. There was a fresh blanket of snow on throughout the city as the morning came. Birds were chirping, the city was silent of city traffic, shops were opening, and people were sleeping.

After all, it was Christmas Eve.

A certain famous auburn haired girl sat in her bedroom, tucked under her sea of blankets. She was exhausted. This week drained her of energy and left her feeling dead. She needed recuperation time. And today was her day to do it.

*Knock* *Knock*


"Mmm." She feebly called out.

"It's time for breakfast." The voice on the other side of the door stated.


Silence. Sana hesitantly pushed the covers off of her and walked towards her bathroom to start her daily routine.

As she looked herself in the mirror, a million thoughts processed through her brain. She looked older. The baby fat in her cheeks disappeared. Her jaw was a lot stronger and filled. She never realized just how much she changed; how much she had grown and matured.

She exhaled deeply.

Today was the day. The day Akito and her first started dating. The day where her life had changed forever. But now, it's just another day on the calendar. It's another day in her life. It was ironic really. The day that was supposed to bring her happiness only brought her misery.

But she wasn't going to dwell on it anymore. She was going to get on with her life, but not until she talked to him. That was the only way they could move on, together or not.

By the time she arrived to the kitchen, a sweet aroma of food engulfed her nostrils and her stomach growled with anticipation.

"Good morning daughter." The estranged author greeted as she sipped her morning coffee while reading the newspaper.

"Morning Mama." She yawned as she replied. She sat down and rubbed her eyes to wake herself up.

"Here you go dear. Your favorite." Shimura placed the plate of food in front of her. When the smell of her favorite blueberry pancakes hit her nose, her eyes gleamed.

"Oh man! Thanks Shimura!" She dug into her food rapidly and ordered quickly or seconds.

"I made a whole stack just or you." Sana drooled as the pile of pancakes was set in front of her.

"Oh man! You're the best!"

"Daughter, if you don't slow down on those you might choke." The author advised.

"Yeshhh Mama!"

"Don't speak with food in your mouth either!"

They all laughed as Sana chocked on her food. Both older women smiled at Sana's antics and cheery behavior. The usual bright and joyful demeanor in the house has been diminished by the depressing break up. Her smile was replaced with a heart breaking grim line. Misako didn't know how to handle it or how to help her daughter, but somehow or another, she slightly better.



The teen sensation gave her adoptive mother a soft smile. "I'm sorry for worrying you these past few days but I'm going to be okay now." She paused. "Everything will work out."

Misako smiled and nodded her head slightly. "Well I'm glad to hear that."

The hazel eyed girl stood and patted her stomach as an indication. "Well thank you for the wonderful meal Shimura! I'll be on my way now!" She ran off and stormed upstairs.

"Well she's quite full of energy today." The maid commented.

"Yes. Yes she is." The author watched as her daughter disappeared in the staircase. What was she up too?

A few miles down the road, a certain blonde haired boy was working out intensely in the realms of the spare room in the back of his home. It had been a while since he had a good work out where he could feel the soreness in his muscles, the sweat continuously running, and his mind completely blank.

He was quite the experience fighter now. He had long ago received his black belt and kept growing stronger and faster in all aspects. He had won a few local tournaments and placed in nationals. He had quite the reputation.


Natsumi Hayama opened the door to the spare room and found her brother practicing his karate. She smiled slightly since she hasn't seen him practice in a long time. Now that she thinks about it, she really hadn't seen much of her brother all week. He didn't eat with them during dinner, he was either locked in his room or just not home, and he avoided them at all cost. Today was the first day all week she saw him for more than a second.

"Yeah?" he answered as he continued his practice.

"Wow. You're actually speaking to me? What did I do to deserve the pleasure?" Natsumi teased with a look of surprise. The golden eyed boy stopped his exercises and shifted his gaze towards her.

"Guess you didn't completely forget I was still around huh?" she decided to press on. It was fun messing with her little brother.

"Shut up you idiot." He retorted.

"Make me you little brat."

"Who you calling 'little' you short old hag!" Nastumi gasped in shock. The nerve of the boy!

"You asshole!"

"I'll take that as a compliment." He smirked.

"Cocky bastard."

"Whiney bitch."

"Pig-headed jerk!"

"Control freak!"

Both siblings were now in each other's face and glaring daggers at each other. Natsumi was ready to pound her brother in the face and Akito was ready to shut his sister's trap.

"Ungrateful ass."


"What the heck is going on in here?" Both siblings turned their head to see their father standing in the doorway with amusement and confusion written on his face.

"Uhhh hi dad." Natsumie said first, ripping away from Akito's glare.

"Are you too arguing?" he questioned.



"I'm happy to see that." Both teenagers fell in shock. Natsumi could not believe the words that escaped her father's mouth and Hayama could only stare in disbelief.

"You-your what!" The brown haired girl shouted.

"I'm happy to see you two are conversing with each other considering Akito hasn't really been around much." He explained. Akito scoffed. Natsumi smiled slightly. It was kind of fun picking on her little brother.

She then wrapped her arm around her little brother's neck and grabbed him in a head lock. He scowled at her as she rubbed his head a bit rougher than she made it seem.

"Of course! I'm catching up with my little brother duh! Right Akito?" she said sweetly but deadly.

"Well that's good. Lunch will be ready in a few minutes so wash up and hurry onto the kitchen." He then closed the door and his footsteps faded.

"Dad's making lunch? What the hell?" She questioned to herself.

"Let me go ugly." Akito said as he struggled to get out of his sister's hold.

"Oh my god Akito! Dad's making dinner!" She released him of his hole and dropped him to the floor. Akito looked up to his sister and glared a hole in the back of her head.

"Come on you idiot! Let's go!" She then grabbed his hand and hauled him behind her.

Nightfall kicked in quickly and the streets were growing empty. Shops were closing and the air was growing colder. It hadn't started to snow yet but it would come soon. Christmas cheer filled the entire city and families were at home celebrating the festivities of the day.

One certain family was holding a small gathering with few friends and family. The house was decorated in Christmas spirit. Food was assorted from main dishes to assorted desserts and varieties of drinks.

Sana was enjoying herself as the party went on. She danced with some of the neighbors, played different Christmas games, and handed out gifts to all those that attended.

She walked into the kitchen to relieve herself and relax from the festivities occurring outside the room.

"Enjoying yourself?"

Sana turned around to come face to face with an old friend: Naozumi Kamura. He was standing there in the flesh with his light blue eyes and his purple hair combed neatly.

"Nao!" She yelled in excitement as she hugged him. She hadn't seen him in a few months due to his movie project.

"How have you been?" he asked as he pulled back.

"I've been… better." She said with a smile, not wanting him to know.

"I heard." He admitted. Her smile faded.

"You did?" He nodded his head. She bit her lip at first then smiled.

"It is what it is, but I'm going to talk to him one last time."

Naozumi looked almost disappointed. He wasn't going to lie, when he heard about their tragic break up, he was happy. Sana was his everything. He wanted her and the chance was their again as bad as it may sound.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes." She closed her eyes. "Nao… I still love him. These feelings I have for him are not something that can simply disappear." She confessed.

"Well… if it's what makes you happy Sana… then go for it." He gave her that movie star smile and she smiled back at him. Hearing her say that broke his heart. Why him? Why did it have to be Akito and not him? But, he couldn't deny her her happiness. That's all he wanted for her.

"I'll always be here though Sana. Remember that okay?" The blue eyed boy offered as comfort.

"Thanks Nao. I appreciate it."

"Anytime Sana." Sana looked up to the clock.

"Sana I-" but he was cut off when Sana's phone went off.

"Oh hold on a sec Nao." Sana checked her phone as a text message arrived. Her eye brows twitched forward as she read the message and her heart stopped.

"What is it Sana?" Naozumi asked as he tried to take a look at her phone.

Sana held the phone to her chest and looked up at Naozumi.

"Oh nothing! Actually, Nao I'm really sorry. I actually have to go somewhere right now. Thank you for coming! I appreciate it so much!" She gave him a hug and ran off into the living room to let her mom know she was going out.

Naozumi sat, contemplating in thought about what just happened. She was going to see him. He just knew she was. How could he be so stupid to think he could win Sana's heart when she was clearly in love with Akito Hayama? He was truly the biggest fool on this Earth. Sana was never going to be his. He could reach his hand out so far, but he would never grasp her. He was endlessly running towards her but he would never reach her.

He chuckled to himself as he scent lingered in the air. Friends. That's what they would always be. They would always be friends. Nothing more, nothing less.

How bittersweet life was to him.

The cold bit as his skin as he walked down the sidewalk. He was not in the mood to stay home anymore. It was rather nice spending time with his family and having a nice dinner, but now, he wanted time to his self. There was only one place where he could just sit back and think to himself; a place where he could not be bothered by anyone.

The sky turned black and the dark grey clouds were hardly visible. He bundled himself in a thick winter jacket with a fleece sweater under and a cotton long sleeve. These low night temperatures were too much sometimes during the winter.

As he heard the soft crunch under his feet, he knew he arrived to his destination. He wandered into the park and shifted his gazes from object to object. He was truly just buying time because even though it was a place where he could clear his head, it was a place that brought him pain.

But it was too late now, he was here. He was at the gazebo where he and Sana shared a few of their most cherished moments.

And someone was in there.

She was in there.

His heart stopped.

Now what?

Sana sat in the gazebo with ease. It was her favorite spot to go to when she needed to think. The message she received was not one she expected, but she was glad she did or else she wouldn't be sitting here at this moment.


She heard a small crunch and looked behind her immediately. Her eyes widened as the figure stepped into the gazebo. Her heart fluttered, but her body froze. She did not expect to see him there. He was the last person she thought she would see.

What would she do now? It was now or never right? This was her chance. This was the time to see where things would go with them.

"Hey." His deep, hoarse voice said to her softly. Her heart skipped a beat.

She smiled at him. His body tensed. "Hi there."

Both figures were engulfed in silence. The air was thick and the cold was deafening. Akito Hayama stared into the luring hazel eyes of the girl he loved. He hadn't looked into those eyes for almost a week and it killed him. Sana Kurata was caught in his spell. She was lost in the golden orbs of his. They were all to hypnotizing.

'How does he do that?'

"Sana…" She tore her gaze from him. She couldn't handle it. The way he said her name was too much already. When did she become so weak against him?

She stood up and backed away from him. Why was she so scared? Why?

"Akito… I-" her voice trailed off and her back was towards him. She was really scared. She feared him and that angered and pained him. Her sweet voice called him to her. He was already entranced by it, but to see her turn away from him broke him from the inside out.

"Are you afraid of me…" she swiftly turned towards him and was shocked by his question. His fist was clenched and he was trembling slightly.

"Is that why you can't come near me?" he spoke in a hush tone.

"I- Akito I-"

"…." He exhaled sharply and bit his lip. It took all of her will power to stop herself from hugging him.

"I am." He looked up at her with distress. The truth was out.

"I know you wouldn't hurt me physically Akito. I know that. But, I can't help but feel afraid. I have never been afraid; even back when I had to stop you in sixth grade. I was fearless, but now, now that we've been through all this, I feel…" she couldn't find the words to express her thoughts.

"Sana." She didn't want to look up at him. But his voice was too alluring.

"Look at me Sana." She didn't. She couldn't.

"Please." She bit her lip as she shut her eyes closed. He was begging her. When did he ever beg? Never.

She looked up.

"I would never hurt you. I would kill anyone who tried touching you. If I would to hurt you, I would never forgive myself do you understand? I would never harm you." He paused and came closer. She stepped back.

"I know I was a monster. I know I was terrible. I know I caused pain and I hurt many people. But I'm not that person anymore." He confessed as he looked her straight in the eye. She was trembling now. He was bringing up his past; something she knew he hated to do.

"Do you want to know why I'm not that person anymore? Do you want to know why get along with my sister? Do you want to know why my family is fixed? Do you want to know why I'm living the life I'm living now?" he whispered as he came closer to her. She didn't back away this time. She stood straight and watched him carefully.

"You." Her breath hitched.

"You're the reason I'm a different person. You're the reason I'm not a monster. You're the reason my sister and I get along. You're the reason my family has team dinners. You're the reason I'm standing here today." He reached out for her slowly and hesitantly.

He shut her eyes closed and felt her eyes filling with something she didn't think she had in her anymore.

"I was an idiot that day. I said hateful words. I said things I know you can't forgive, but I hope one day, you can." His words lingered in the air and she bit her lip in frustration. Why? Why was this so difficult? Her eyes were swelling with tears that she thought had dried up long ago. Her heart clenched and her chest tightened.

His hand was close to hers. He was almost there. He could already feel the body heat emitting from her body. He wanted so badly to touch her; to hold her and to hug her and never let go. Would she let him hold her? Would she flinch away? Would she slap him? Would she run away? Too many questions, not enough answers!

"I-" she couldn't speak. Her heart was tight and her stomach was in knots. Her throat was dry and a huge lump was stuck in her throat.

Something soft touched her hand; something warm. She opened her eyes and tears that she thought she was dried off spilled from her eyes. She looked down and saw a huge, strong arm touch hers softly. She looked back up at the boy standing in front of her. He was looking longingly into her eyes as the tears she had kept in for so long ran endlessly down her face. Her caressed her hand and brought his right hand to her face to wipe away the tears.

"I'm sorry." He muttered softly. She closed her eyes shut and quickly ripped her hand away from his hold. She fisted her hands at her side, He looked at her in concern.

"Why! Why do you do this to me! Why do you come in like this! Why is it that you're always the one in my head! Why are you always in my damn head!" she pounded furiously on his chest over and over while he looked down at her. She hit his chest over and over while tears continuously poured down her face.

"Why do I fall for you over and over! Why does my heart always stop when I hear your name! Why does my body freeze when I see you! Why have I fallen head over heels in love with you!"

She stopped hitting him and clenched his jacket as she sobbed into him. She couldn't take it anymore. She had so much anger and sadness built in her, she needed to release it.

"Do you feel better." She nodded her head in his jacket. He wrapped his arms around her. He buried his face into her neck and was engulfed in her scent.

They both felt it. The electric pulses coursed through their veins as the hugged each other. It was this that they both missed; the longing to hold each other after so long. They felt complete once again. The hole in both their chest was filling once again.

"Will you forgive me." He whispered in her ear. She buried her head deeper in his chest and murmured something inaudible to the blonde.

He pulled his head back and used his hand to pull her head out of his chest and tilt her chin up to him.

"What was that?" he asked as he closed in on the space between them. Sana looked into his eyes as he came closer. She could feel his breath on her lips and it sent chills down her back.

"I already did."

He closed the gap between them and kissed her.

She already closed her eyes and kissed him back. She already knew she couldn't live without him. She already knew that he was the only one she wanted in her life.

It was a simple, yet loving kiss. All their fears, doubts, and emotions were poured out and they both knew at that moment that they could get past this and go on with their life.

He broke away from her and rested his forehead on hers. Both had their eyes closed and breathed silently.

"I love you." He murmured as he went back in for another kiss. He missed her. He missed kissing her. He missed holding her.

She felt the tears stream down her face once more as he told her those words. How long now has she been waiting for him to say that? She wrapped her arms around his neck and he wrapped his around her hip, bringing them closer together.

"I love you too." she answered back into his lips.

This kiss was more feverish. It held more passion as they poured all their feelings into it. Akito could taste the salt from her tears but ignore it as he moved his lips with hers. She obliged without hesitation.

He didn't know how long they were standing there, making up for lost time. The snow was already falling and piling up on the ground. It was well past both their curfew time, but they didn't care. They fixed it and now they could go on with their lives together.

"Akito…" Sana called out to him as he continued kissing her.


"Akito wait.." He groaned as he pulled away from her.

"What?" She giggled as he pouted.

"Boy, you must really like kissing me huh?" A wolfish grin appeared on his face.

"Yes I do." She blushed terribly at his words.

"Well I need to go home before Mama kills me." She expressed as he let her go.

"I'll walk you home." Sana gleamed at him.


"Wait." She stopped walking and turned towards him.

"What is it?"

"Happy anniversary." He muttered softly as he pulled a necklace from his pocket. She gasped and covered her mouth with her hands.

"Akito you didn't." She said as tears welled in her eyes once more.

"This is our promise Sana. No matter what happens, I will never leave you." He said as he clipped it around her neck. She looked down at the heart shaped necklace with the blue stone engraved in the middle. She looked up at Akito and smiled.

"Thank you. I love it! It's beautiful."

He smiled at her. Only she could bring this smile to his face. He bent down and kissed her soundly. She returned the kiss with eagerness.

"Common, let's go." He said as he grabbed her by the hand pulled her behind him.

Sana grinned from one ear to another. She was never letting go of this hand holding onto her. He was the only one she could imagine that would bring her happiness. No one else came close.

Akito was thinking the same thing as he entwined her fingers with his. This hand was his to hold. No one was going to take her away from him. No one.

They both couldn't wait to go to school on Monday.

December 2011

"People are so nosy." A man said while throwing the magazine on the table as he sat on an old, rusty couch.

"Hahaha oh common now. It's kind of funny don't you think?" A petite woman said as she sat next to him. She gave out a long and tired sighed.

"Tired?" he asked.

"Just a little… long day between the photo shoot, the other interview, and the director's meeting." She idly explained.


"Hmm? Is that all you got to say?" she asked, slightly annoyed.

"Uhh… yeah?"

"Ugh! You think you could be a little more considerate!" she stated as she abruptly stood up. He raised a brow as he looked up at her.

She looked down at him a send hima glare. "Why are you so upset?"

At that moment, she had fire coming out of her ears and she clenched her fist tightly. She turned sharply and was now standing in front of him, hands on her hips and a fierce glare plastered on her face. She bent down slightly so that she was face to face with him.

"Because my boyfriend is being such a jerk!"

He smirked. "You tend to get angry easily."

A small vein popped out on the corner of her forehead.

"I'm going to wipe that stupid smirk off your face!" She yelled. She whipped out a small toy mallet and thrust it right across his head. He flinched slightly. As she flailed her arms around him to punch him, he caught both her hands and closed his legs to trap her and keep her from moving. Once she realized her predicament, she stopped moving.

"Hey! Let me go!" she cried against his hold.

He smirked in victory.

"Stupid jerk!" she struggled and struggled until, she finally lost her strength.

A small chuckle escaped his lips. The woman looked up and glared.

"What's so funny!"

"Haha you never cease to amaze me." He confessed as he pulled her closer to him. She fell against him and was now pressed onto him. He let go of her arms and wrapped his around her body.

"Ahh..." she blushed.

"You get so upset over the stupidest things and you throw the biggest tantrums." She growled.

"But it's cute."

She blushed even deeper this time.

"Ahh..." 'Cute?'

She eventually relaxed and wrapped her arms around his neck and settled into his lap. She closed her eyes, savoring the peace and the moment with her loved one. She softly stroked the hairs on the back of his neck while he stroked her back gently.

"Oi." She propped herself up and was now face to face with him, only centimeters apart. She looked into his eyes and saw the warmth, comfort, and love burning all together.

"What?" she whispered. In that moment, he leaned in and kissed her. It was slow and gentle. He pressed himself softly next to her and moved slowly against her lips. She could taste his sweetness. The roughness of his lips and the way they slowly moved with hers. It was everything she's ever dreamed of. She never wanted to lose it.

He pulled back slowly, going back for small pecks. She giggled slightly and obliged. They sat in pure bliss, like nothing mattered. He laid his forehead against hers.

"Be mine."

"What?" she asked confused.

"Be mine." He repeated coolly. She pulled away slightly.

"I kind of thought I already was?" she nervously stated.

He chuckled slightly.

"Idiot… be mine… forever." She sat dumbfounded. She was utterly confused. He sighed. She was never going to change.

"Baka..." he whispered into her ear as he placed his hand on her hips.

"Hey! That's rude you big meanie!" she yelled… again.

Instead of another rude comment, he sealed her with another kiss. She was caught off guard and pulled away quickly.

"You kiss monster!" he moved forward with her and captured her for another kiss.

She shut her eyes and hesitated. After realizing she wasn't going to respond, he left her lips and went to her neck. Her eyes this time screwed shut and she gripped tightly onto his button up shirt.

"Ah-ahhh…" she panted as he continued working his way down her neck. He planted small, butterfly kisses and nipped at the spot where the shoulder and neck met.

"Sana…" he murmured into her neck.

"Yeah?" she answered absentmindedly.

"Be mine forever." He said again as he made his way back to her lips. He kissed her again and she happily responded.

"I already am." She responded soundly.

"Good." Caught in the moment, she didn't notice the small, cold silver band being placed on her finger.

She then looked down and gasped at the small ring on her finger. She stared at it quietly, not knowing that small tears were forming in her eyes.

"Why are you cry-"

"Yes! Yes! Yes! I say YES!" she repeated over and over as she hugged him tightly. Slightly surprised, he just chuckled. He hugged her back.

"I kinda thought you already did when you said 'l already am'." he said quietly.

No one would have thought that they would have broken up. No one thought they would stay apart for so long. But everyone knew they would get back together because they loved each other too much to stay away.

Love isn't something that is forced. It isn't something found easily. It's an abstract feeling that comes naturally. And once it's found, it's something one must hold and cherish. This feeling of love is one of the most amazing things in the world. No one can ever replace it.

So when they heard that Sana Kurata and Akito Hayama were getting married, it wasn't a surprise. Those two were what true love was. It wasn't easy, but they worked through it.

"Your mine." He whispered at the altar. "I'm yours."

She giggled. "I do."

"You may kiss the bride." The pastor said.

And with that, he captured her lips in a sweet yet passionate kiss. He couldn't hear the cheering in the back, the whistling, or any noise. It was all blocked out as he focused on kissing his new bride. They broke apart and he smiled timidly. It was small but she saw it. The small smile on her face grew into a grin. She threw herself around him and he hugged her.

Do you remember we were sitting there by the water?
You put your arm around me for the first time
You made a rebel of a careless man's careful daughter
You are the best thing that's ever been mine

The End

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