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Chapter 1 So it came to be that I am in a boy's school

Sakura was grinning to herself as she walked through the gates of her new school. It was late in the first semester but she finally had everything straightened out and could finally come. She had already gotten her schedule and was walking to her new home room with somebody named Kakashi. Opening the doors she walked straight through and stared at the class full of boys. After all this was Konoha's boarding school for boys. Some of the boys stared back and that was only natural as she did have pink hair. She grinned at all the guys and walked up to a blonde haired boy who seemed to be in a very deep argument with the raven haired boy next to him, albeit the boy seemed unaffected by the ranting of the blonde. "You always were loud baka." Then the blond looked at her and smiled ear to ear.

"SAKU! What are you doing here?"

"What do you mean what am I doing here? Were you not the one complaining to me for the last half of summer how you wish I came here? I guess I could leave …."

"NO! It's just I'm surprised is all."

"Haha Naruto I don't think you will ever change and that can worry a person sometimes." Then they noticed all the people staring at them.

"Allow me to introduce you to my pals. The one with the pineapple hairdo is Shikamaru he's really lazy but crazy smart. The one with the pale skin is Sai. He's a complete jerk and rude. The one with brown hair is Neji. Yeah he's pretty smart and tries to act all cool. The guy with the tattoos is Kiba. He thinks he's a player and the one next to me is the conceited, emo, ice prince Sasuke." All the boys were glaring at him but he didn't seem to care."Guys this is Saku Haruno. We've been friends since forever. But be careful looks are deceiving. This guy is really a monster and can be like the hulk with the smashing and the…" He got punched right onto the floor."OW we just met and you are already hitting me!"

"Well you should learn to keep your mouth shut sometimes or else I wouldn't have to always save your sorry …" Then a silver haired man with an eye patch came through the door.

"Hello everyone sorry I'm late I had to help a cat get out of a tree."

"LIAR!" screamed Naruto. Then the teacher seemed to notice her.

"So you're the new student. Come up here and introduce yourself."

"Hello you all can just call me Haruno and only that idiot in the back can call me differently. My hair is naturally pink so I won't take any crap from people who seem to want to mess with it. I find a lot of things annoying and I like very specific things. So don't mess with me and I won't have to hurt you." All the guys were staring at her. She took a seat next to Naruto. Some of the guys were still staring at her but she didn't really care.

At lunch it was very loud. "Saku how have you been? I mean it's been awhile and I didn't think that you would really come." She merely gave him a side glance before returning to eating the ramen that was in front of her. Naruto already had 4 cups in front of him. Kiba decided trying to talk to the new student.

"So you're the one that he's always talking about."

"I suppose." She then started to glare at Naruto. What did you tell them?

"Ha ha don't worry what he says is interesting." She then gave kiba the look of disbelief.

"How is that suppose to comfort me?"

"So how old are you anyway?"

"I'm seventeen." It was his turn to give her a look of disbelief. Naruto then started to laugh.

"Ha ha don't be upset Saku it's not your fault that you stopped growing." She then got him into a chokehold. "OW OW what did I say? It's the truth! I can't breathe!"

"You know I say for you to be honest but sometimes you just need to SHUT UP! Also there is nothing is wrong with my height! It's actually amazing that I'm this tall!" this time Shikamaru spoke up.

"Why did you come from a family of midgets?" A demonic aura could be felt by all the guys. Then Sai decided to speak up.

"Why are you so upset? You are shorter than the average guy not to mention you don't have much on you, except that forehead of yours." He smiled. Naruto was panicking; these guys really did have a death wish.

"Shut up Sai he's going to kill you!" But then Sai and Kiba and Naruto found themselves all hanging upside down off of the statues outside the cafeteria. The other guys and Sakura all looked at them dangle. Kiba was traumatized a little.

"That. Is. A. Monster."

"OH come on Saku! Why am I up here?" Shikamaru just sighed.

"Troublesome." Naruto was wriggling back and forth.

"HEY SASUKE get me down from here!" Sasuke just gave him a bored look.

"You do know that if you keep moving like that you will fall and I will not catch you." Naruto seemed completely deaf to what the raven haired boy said because he was still wriggling and swinging back and forth off the statue. Unknowingly to the boys that were hanging Sakura had bound the ropes together so if one broke they all did causing the people to all fall down and sure enough Naruto snapped his rope and all fell down.

"WHY did none of you guys help us!"

"Because," Neji said "you deserved it." After much untying lunch was over.

"So Saku now you are going to realize why I always complain about this class."

"You have complained about every class to me Naruto."

"Well yeah but this one especially."

"Really? Why?"

"It's gym."

"Oh, I don't have that class." All the guys stared at her. "Is something wrong?"

"Yeah why don't you have gym?"

"Since I'm a junior I have already in my previous school completed all my years of physical education and so it is unnecessary for me to take it." Then the bell rang. "Well I'm off to anatomy with Ibiki so see you guys later."

During gym the guys were talking about her.

"Pretty interesting friend you got there Naruto."

"Yeah he's the greatest! We've been friends since we were little. Oh that reminds me, ARE YOU TRYING TO GET KILLED!" the teacher Gai came along.

"What is the matter Naruto? You should be putting your Power of Youth more into the warm up rather than screaming at your classmate."

"Sorry Gai sensei." Then the overly cheerful teacher left.

"What are you talking about Naruto?" asked Kiba.

"Let me just tell you a little something about Saku. First don't ever make fun of his forehead. Second don't even think about picking on his hair. Then third try to refrain from commenting about his height and physicalness."

"So basically refrain from commenting about his appearance."

"Exactly!" Sasuke just gave him one of his so stupid looks.

"You could have just said that in the first place, stupid."

"Sasuke you don't understand how scary he can get and believe me I've seen what he can do to others." The guys were pretty skeptical but after seeing him tying up three guys and flinging them over the statue they couldn't doubt him completely. They were all interested in to see how Haruno became friends with the blonde.

"So how did you meet Haruno and become friends with him. I mean he seems actually pretty smart and the only thing you two seem to have in common is that you both seem a little hard headed and stubborn sometimes, not to mention weird."

"Hmm well it was when I first moved and went to a new school I was about eight."

Flashback. 9 years ago

A eight year old Naruto was in the park and he was staring at a pink haired kid fighting with two boys. The pink one was winning. One of the boys was talking to her as they were both backing away after realizing that they couldn't defeat the kid."You're a freak Haruno and we will get you back!" They then ran off.

"WIMPS," called the pinkette. The other kids were now leaving but Naruto could hear what they were saying.

"Wow he's kind of scary."

"Haruno is really strong."

"He always wins." Naruto was really impressed by his skill and walked up to the kid. They were wearing some shorts that kind of looked loose and were more like capris and a shirt with really long loose sleeves. No doubt they were supposed to be short. The hair was short and cropped and looked more like a bad haircut for a guy. He smiled.

"Wow is your hair naturally pink?" He then met the glare of the child who then punched him.

"So what if it is! Do I have to beat you up too?"

"What? No I mean…" he had to think of something quick or else the kid would kill him," I thought it was interesting. I like it though. What I really wanted to say was that you're really awesome with how you beat up those kids." The expression changed on the kid. First it was confusion and then it became a look of happiness, with a smile. Getting up Naruto was now grinning. "My name is Naruto Uzumaki and I think ramen is the GREATEST THING EVER." The kid laughed.

"You're really loud. Did you just move here I haven't seen you before?"

" Yeah. You're Haruno right?"

"Well my name is Saku…" then they were interrupted, by a man.

"Hey come on we have to leave!"

"Coming dad! I'll see you tomorrow Naruto okay!"

"Alright Saku!" Then they left.

End of flashback

"We've been friends ever since." The boys were silent. Then Kiba spoke,

"So you say hi and he punches you."

"Well I did break one of the cardinal rules and made fun of his hair."

"But you didn't. You were just commenting on it."

"Well Saku and I have been through a lot together. I mean he's tutored me and stood up for me."

"Yeah but he doesn't seem very concerned if he's the one that hits you."

"What are you guys talking about? Aren't you the same?" Everyone sweat dropped. "Yeah but I understand what you guys think about him looking a little weird. Sometimes I thought he was a girl but nope he's not."

"Did you see proof?" asked Sai. A long silence.

"WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT YOU PERVERT!" Needless to say by the end of that class Naruto was sent to the principal's office.

The rest of the day went by smoothly, except for the small outbursts from Naruto and Sakura putting him in his place. But also the boys didn't have a bad feeling on the new guy. But Sasuke couldn't figure him out. Every chance he got that day he made it a point to down talk to him or completely annoy him. He gave him nicknames like "chicken head" or "duck butt" or "Prince" which he said in a horrible sweet tone. He couldn't understand but there was a rivalry going on between the two. It ended up with a challenge that tomorrow they were going to play against each other one on one in basketball. He didn't understand how the guy could get under his skin. There was something strange about the person.

In the sanctity of her own room Sakura finally relaxed. She had come to this all boy school because she felt alone in the other school. She really didn't mind people thinking that she was a boy. She never told anyone that she was but then she never denied them saying that she was too. She had to forge some papers when she applied but she did get into the school through a scholarship, all expense paid. She didn't take P.E. and she didn't have a roommate. So it was all going to work itself out. Or atleast that's what she thought.

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